Natural Beauty.

31 May 2009

Just recently, I discovered this amazing website, the company of people, which features a compliation of art, among which include photography, illustrations, paintings, and sculpture. I've been browsing the site's pages quite often as of lately and came accross these breathtaking photos. I find these photos by Ellen rogers absolutely dreamlike, and their simplicity inspiring.

Say Hello

30 May 2009

Say Hello to my favorite Summer dress. I've had this puppy for 2 years now, and it has never failed me as being the perfect little summer dress. Easy to slip on and perfect for a care free day. Actually, this is one of my last days to enjoy the summer before I start my summer job! It is no understatement to say the search was grueling and endless, and now that I have finally found one, I am so thankful. So, I think its safe to say that the days of lounging-in-dresses-only-Bonnie will come to an end.

Oh yes, and this first photo is a picture of my genuine smile, when my mama made me laugh. Fact: I do not ( cannot ) smile with my teeth!

Wearing: secondhand dress

Stylish Mouse

My favorite mouse knows her style.

photo cred: russian Vogue

It's time for me to face the facts: I don't know how to dress in the summer time! I am a layering queen at heart, and when it is too hot to do so, I am at a loss. I simply could not resist to pull out this flannel to layer over my sheer tank. It will be perfect for the evening, I just know it.

Wearing: f21 flannel top, random tank, UO highwaisted shorts

Bit of Perfection

I would have to say that this is one of my absolute favorite MK photo shoot. It is nearly two years old from Italian Vogue, and still continues to inspire me.

Photo cred: olsen's twins news

feel the flow

I would love to be where this girl is. I'm pretty sure that for about half of the summer you can count on me wearing clothing like this. With the combination of my shopping ban, and the convenince of wearing a single clothing item in the heat... dresses are my best bet, and my new best friend.

Jaime Martinez

sea of color

22 May 2009

Well it is definitely safe to say that this is the most colorful piece of clothing that I own. I found this crazy item while thrifting a few weeks back, and decided it is perfect for those very hot summer days. Plus, with a blazer and tights, it can be dressed up in no time.

Wearing: thrifted dress, Jenny Yuen 'Gia' bag.

Summer Days

21 May 2009

All I have to say today, is that Texas in the summer is just way too hot for clothes. Hence the minuscule playsuit that I am wearing. In other news. today my friend and I discussed creating a video entry for my blog... get excited!

wearing: UO playsuit; f21 scarf

Little Doe is Love

New summe DIY inspiration? I think so. No idea where I'd wear headpieces like this to, but I imagine for frolicking through a field it is perfect.

found it!

18 May 2009

...remember the bad ass girl in Ferris Beuler's Day off, who played his girlfriend? Well growing up, that girl was my idol, and I have always had a silly obsession with finding the perfect white cowboy boots! I absolutely love the 80's vibe that they bring to the table. I can see myself over wearing these bad boys, but who cares? I've been searching for some all my life!

PS: the way I wore this outfit yesterday was exactly the same in San Francisco, except for cutoffs instead of leggings. Well for those of you who live there know how hot it was yesterday, so I wore the only shorts I had. As you can imagine, I met many new people, and of course told them that I am from Texas. You will not believe how many cowgirl comments I got. Note to self: florals+cutoffs+cowboy boots= simply not cool.

Oh and that flower is from my mom's garden. I could not contain my inner flower child.

Wearing: urban renewal boots; UO top, f21 leggings & jewelry.

If you're going to san fransisco...

Let me just say that I am in LOVE with the city of San Francisco! I just got back from my trip today, and I must say that this city is definitely a place I am considering about moving to when I graduate. Completely enamored by the great street style I saw, I just had to do a tribute post of wonderful sf style.

photo cred: thesfstyle


14 May 2009

Well first of all...

I miss my blog.

I would like
to tell life to stop being so busy, so that I can take two seconds to breath. Anyways, Los Angeles has been so great these past few days! It has been hectic non stop, but I managed to get through and tourist y taking beach pictures. It really is a shame that I had to be wearing the dreaded ( gasp! ) business casual clothing.

I head to San Fransisco tomorrow at the crack of dawn (literally) for some more appointments. On Saturday we have the whole day free though, so I would love any and all suggestions of places to shop/eat/ do stuff.

And lastly, I greatly apologize for being awful about responding to comments. Once this week is over, I should be back at it. I love you all so much!

Wearing: H&M skinnies; thrifted blazer; f21 top.

Summer is good

09 May 2009

Well it is my first official day of summer break. In honor of this great event, I wore my most summery skirt, and a braid in my hair. Subtle braids are most definitely a summer staple of mine.

Although I am on break finally, this next week will be super busy! I am going to Los Angeles, and San francisco to meet with some head honchos in the west coast fashion industry. I am beyond stoked, and just went on a shopping spree for a whole new business casual outfit. Eeep, this must mean I am getting old! Anyway, I will be quite busy so outfit posts will be minimal... but I shall do my best.

Have a lovely weekend all!

tweet, tweet.

Wearing: f21 skirt, AA scoopback dress, Payless fioni boots

I'm back!!

07 May 2009

Oh hello, earth I am back. For the past week I have been in insane-frantic-Bonnie mode studying for finals and tying up all the loose ends that the end of a year at college requires. I just simply could not multi-task and blog at the same time (shame on me). But I am back and ready to take the summer by storm, and cannot wait to fill my blog with all the greatness that is summer.

Any way... I'm about ready to get some balloons and my best friends are have a party. To all of you who still have exams, work , or stress of any kind, the light at the end of the tunnel indeed does exist. :)

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