Almost Here!

22 June 2009

Well, it looks like tonight, It's on! I have been counting down, like every fashion lover im sure, to the premiere It's On With Alexa Chung. I'm ready to get inspired, view in lust and hopefully learn a thing or two more about my favorite fashionista.

PS: Expect more outfit posts to come in the very near future. I think its a combination of life, being uninspired in the suburbs, and my lack of desire of dressing in the heat. What is your favorite thing to wear when its too hot to even think? I'm in desperate need for something new and refreshing!


Electric Shorts

10 June 2009

I stumbled upon these bad boys while at goodwill the other day! I hardly hardly ever wear shorts so when I come across a pair that I like, it is quite a treat. Expect many more vintage pieces on my blog soon. I have been having the best luck on numerous thrifting trips in the past week or so. Namely a studded dress and four (yes four) purses.

PS: Like my orange nails? I found a place that paints them for only five bucks. The nail color called "Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It" by OPI.

And if you have not yet, enter to win an Elizabeth and James tee here !

wearing: thrifted shorts, random white tee, target boulder hat.

Contest Time

09 June 2009

I hereby present to you all the first contest that I will be featuring on my blog, thanks to! About a week ago I was contacted by this website, and I just could not wait to present this contest to you all. Chickdowntown is an online shop which offers designers such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jill Stuart, See by Chloe and Citzens of Humanity. I will be giving away this Elizabeth and James destructed tee. I think it is a perfect piece for the summer to dress up or dress down.

Entering is simple: Just leave a comment below!
The contest will be up for about two weeks. Also, the prize can only be shipped in the US.

floral habit

07 June 2009

I think it is some unwritten rule of mine that I need to wear some type of floral every week. Something about the pattern just always draws my eye, and I have found myself on several occasions refraining to purchase yet another piece. Hmm... I'm going to make it a point to have a "new floral" in my wardrobe. It is always fun to mix things up!

I loved hearing what makes you all happy in the comments on my last post. Another thing that makes me happy: All of you sweet people with your continuous kind words. I love you all so much!

Wearing: f21 vest, target shoes, thrifted bag, random knee socks

All that glitters

04 June 2009

wearing: f21 romper, thrifted blazer & bag, target hat.

On a note completely unrelated to fashion: I have been quite fond of making lists. Lists about things to do in the next month, grocery lists, books to read lists, favorite recipe lists, top songs lists, things I want to do in the next year type lists... etc, etc. Continuing with this list making trend, I present to you my most current list of things that are simply just making me happy.

1. Discovery of the most simple dessert in the world: graham crackers and whip cream.

2. Seeing live music tomorrow in Dallas (Animal Collective). Nothing beats the feeling of being completely lost in a melody.

3. It is June! June is my favorite month of the summer.
. BLOGGING. I cannot even begin to explain the feelings of fulfillment that this medium of expression brings to my life. I also am so thankful that this blogging community is so supportive. the creativity and inspiration that bounces back and forth between all of us is just such a great thing to be a part of.

And lastly...

5.Great news was bestowed upon me today. I was notified that a house that me and my best friends at school/ future roommates have had our eye on, has opened up for next semester. No more living in dorms, Hallelujah! And best of all... I will be living with the dearest, dearest, ever so dear, Laura from Blorange Dice.

Yes life is good. What has been making you happy?

In Disguise

01 June 2009

So... I have finally decided to wear something that requires a little thought. I find the whole dress thing a little boring after a while, and putting together separates was the perfect cure to my lazy repetition. Also, this outfit was fun because I feel like I am in a disguise! Its always fun to pretend to have an alter ego. I think my name today will be Margot.

Wearing: f21 top, hat; random jeans; thrifted booties.


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