Black Lace

26 August 2009

Hello all! I hope everyone's weekend was as great as mine. It's almost impossible for me
to balance the weekend's fun with blogging as well but
hopefully I'll master that someday hehe.

Once again this top was thrifted at the same thrift store in my town where
I find all my favorite pieces. I knew I had to pair it with something simple, so
I chose these jeans, which are my favorite skinnies that are

Well...hope everyone is having a lovely monday!

Wearing: Thrifted top; f21 jeans; h&m shoes; Jenny Yuen 'Gia' bag

Cut-out Blazer

I don't start school in London for about another month or so, but I know alot of other people are already back to school or about to be. If I were starting school this week, this would be my ideal 'back to school' outfit. I had yet another succesful thrifting trip and picked up this blazer. The cut-outs on the sleeves is what attracted me most.

Anyways, I hope everyone who started school this week is having a good one! Meanwhile I'll be working my soul away to save money for my studies abroad.

Wearing: thrifted bag, blazer; f21 skirt & shoes; target socks

Playing With Light

24 August 2009

So here I am, testing out my brothers professional photography lighting and my new leather skirt. I've wanted one for quite sometime now, and decided to finally add one into my wardrobe. I'm not quite sure where to place the light yet or how to use it properly but it was fun playing with nonetheless. :)

wearing: f21 leather skirt, shoes; walmart tights

Pretty Tights

So I saw this picture on Garance Doré, and immediately fell in love with it. I have always loved Tennessee Thomas' quirky style from The Like, and this photo made me like her style even more. I have been on a search for tights like these too. Anyone know where I can find some? Pretty please let me know! :)

Summer Sunflowers

23 August 2009

As promised, I decided to go to the Texas country side to take a few photos. There is just something so peaceful about it. Anyways, I finally decided to bring out my boyfriend blazer. I've had enough of the heat and now I'm just deciding to dress however I'd like!

PS- Does anyone know how to fix all of my photos from previous entries to show up again? The bandwidth has been exceeded and I am just so sad!

EDIT- I fixed my photos...phew. And also, I added these last two photos taken from my Canon 35mm camera.

Wearing: f21 dress; thrifted blazer & bag.

Shoes shoes shoes!

I am very bored of my current shoes. Anyone want to buy me some exciting new ones like these ? I'm dying to try boots that are taller than the sky!

Pictured: Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, Stella Mcartney boots

Drive-in Day

17 August 2009

I have been all about knee-length or longer dresses and skirts as of late. Once again, I am wearing another uber-feminine outfit. Maybe it's the romantic summer mood that is inspiring it? I am not sure, but I can't get enough of it lately!

I wore this dress to the drive-in movies in a beautiful wide open field in Texas. One of my favorite thing about Texas: so many wide open spaces. There is something fulfilling about seeing miles into the distance in all directions surrounding you. Soon I'll take some pictures to share the beauty with you all :)

wearing: f21 dress; vintage bag; H&M wedges

Lazy Day Attire

15 August 2009

I title this post: Lazy Day Attire. When I'm lounging around the house and I have no work or cares I love wearing this flowy white piece. It is extremely over sized, but with this studded belt it is just perfect. Also, in the beautiful sunlight it seemed like the perfect thing to wear :)

wearing: Anthropologie shirt; old navy shorts; UO shoes.

Runway Inspiration

I have not posted anything runway related in quite sometime. Above is Luella Fall 2009, a line that I have grown quite fond of. All of the quirky pieces really fit my style and I cannot wait to incorporate things like these into my Fall wardrobe this year. I know it is only August, but I am just so anxious for the cold weather!


Feminine feel

10 August 2009

Hello all! I just got back from a great trip to say goodbye to my friends at college. Being away for an entire semester will be extremely tough, but I know that studying in London will be worth it. Anyways, I did not have internet all week and barely any time to spare. My apologies for being the worst blogger ever again. Below are a few pictures from my trip. First picture is a window from my house and the next two are a few natural beauties I was lucky to capture.

I've once again been drawn to feminine pieces lately. I think no matter what, that will always be my favorite style. Bows, flowers, ruffles- you name it. I just can't get sick of it.

PS- You can see my scars on my dreadful scars on my knee in the 3rd photo. I was a very clumsy/adventures child.

wearing: f21 pants & shirt.

All cut up

03 August 2009

I saw this cut-out detail tank and I simple could not resist it. I do not have anything like this in my wardrobe and mixing it in was very exciting to do. I obviously had to wear my hair up, to display the lovely detail! The past few days have been very relaxed for me and I have finally had time to really catch up again with blogging. What a lovely feeling!

Wearing: UO tank; f21 skirt; Go Jane shoes.

Gems & Jewels

01 August 2009

Exciting news: Today I just purchased a Canon Rebel 35mm! I have been playing and experimenting with it all day long and decided when is there a better time to display my favorite jewels? When it comes to jewelry I cannot help it, I am instantly attracted to gaudiness. Gold for me is almost a must, and floral inspired pieces are favorable.

In case anyone is interested in future experiments with my new film camera, here is my flicr account: bonniecakes

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