28 September 2009

London is exactly what I have imagined except even better! I absolutely
apologize for being the worst blogger ever this past week, but I have a.)been
super busy with school, b.) moved into a new place and c.) moved into
a new place which does not have internet. We finally got it on Friday, yay!

I think every single day that I have been here I have done something
exciting. Above is a day where I spent it entirely at Westminster. It is so
beautiful here. I was lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day followed by this
gorgeous sunset. Sorry for the semi-boring outfits lately. I've been dressing
strictly for comfort on all of these days where I have been sight-seeing. :)

More exciting things to come soon. I bought a dress entirely covered
in sequins that I plan on wearing in a few days for my 21st birthday on
Friday! I've been shopping way to much.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and have a lovely week!

Wearing: target cardigan; f21 pleated skirt; AA top;


27 September 2009

Who knew that London is really good about having beatiful flowers almost
everywhere you turn? Well probably alot of you... but I documented these
lovely flowers anyway. I made it here yesterday and so far I am in loooove
with this city! Everything about it is wonderful. I wandered the city today
and saw the most beautiful breath-taking sunset ever. Pictures to come shortly. I
still have Ireland castle pictures to put up, but I decided that this entry was
more appropriate since I am just so excited to be here in London.

Oh! And I don't know if any of you remember me talking about how I was
in an endless search for heart printed tights. Found em! I got them
where I least expected it in some random boutique.

I start school soon so I may be getting busier, but I'll be sure to keep
on updating regularly :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Wearing: AA skirt; boutique bag & tights; f21 blazer & shoes

Out n about

26 September 2009

Well today is my last day in Dublin and tomorrow it's off to London! I have been
super super busy the last two days. Pretty much non-stop. I went to castles (pictures to come),
an irish music show, St. Patrick's cathedral, the Guinness factory, lots of
parks, and lots of shopping streets.

I wore this outfit when I went outto dinner and things last night.
This striped top is one of my Topshop purchases.
I love the classic look that stripes can bring to almost any outfit.
Needless to say after a day of all the walking I did, I was completely
exhausted. Lounging around my hotel and eating
Haribo was just perfect.

Oh yes! I know a while back I said I was living in Camden, but that has actually
changed to Bloomsbury. I think I'm quite happy about this change though.
I'll be about 15 minutes away from Oxford Circus. This may be damaging
to my bank account, but it will be lots of fun hehe. Anyone have any
recommendations for things to do in the area?

wearing: Tophop striped shirt; thrifted bag; H&M heels,

I made it!

24 September 2009

Walking through Merrion Square, where the Oscar Wilde Museum is

In front of Merrion Square

Pretty flowers in Merrion Square

In front of Oscar Wilde's old home

cute cafe where we had lunch

My first topshop experience hehe (I'm a nerd for taking a photo, I know)

First topshop purchases! (soon to come)

gorgeous sunset over River Liffy

Say hello to uber-tourist Bonnie. I can't help myself... I feel the need to photograph
everything! I'm in Dublin and really loving this city. Aside from these places pictured
above, I've been to the Ireland museum of art, National Ireland history museum,
The book of Kell museum, Dublin castle, shopped Grafton street, a Ghost tour, Pubs, parks and
more that I can't remember (or might have been too jet-lagged to remember). This
little holiday in Ireland (I've figured out that people here call it holiday
not vacation hehe) has been nice so far. Tomorrow it's castles all day long.

Wearing this simple outfit with comfortable shoes today was definitely a great
choice. I walked around SO much today. My feet feel like they are going
to fall off despite these comfy flats I wore. The fashion here is so inspiring,
I'm always walking around wide-eyed. Hopefully I don't look like a wierdo.

Anyways... more updates to come soon hopefully! i'll be here in Dublin
until Monday. Then it's off to London. ^_^

wearing: target cardigan; f21 tank; aldo flats; nordstrom tights, scarf.

Off I go

21 September 2009

So it's a day before I leave for school and I am going absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y.
I'm pretty sure I've checked my luggages about one hundred times and I
have definitely ran back and forth from probably all of the rooms
in my house, making sure I have not forgotten anything. To an outside
observer I most likely look nuts. This outfit photo above is most definitely
from last night when I was in a calmer, less frantic, state of mind. This rosette
skirt is one of my absolute favorites. I love feeling so feminine in it. My hair was
most definitely inspired by Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 hair stylings. To be honest,
it was probably my favorite part about the show.

I leave for Ireland tomorrow at 3:00 central time, and I will be arriving
in Ireland Wednesday morning (for a few days until school starts).
I'm anxious/nervous/feeling feelings I've never felt before. The blog
should be updated very shortly though, as I will indeed have my computer
and internet in my hotel in Ireland.

Anyways... Good bye America!

Hello London town!

Wearing: random top; thrifted skirt; miss me boots

Raining cats & dogs

18 September 2009

Wearing: thrifted skirt, bag ; f21 top; payless boots.

I decided to take a break from my insane packing mayhem and sneak in a few photos.
It's been raining non-stop in here in Dallas for about a week now, so anytime there is a
break I have to take advantage of it. Anyways, I have not had much clothing to wear lately
because most of it is sitting neatly folded (and crammed) into one of only
two suitcases I can bring with me. Yes... only two. The task of fitting all of my belongings
in such a small space is a dreadful thought, but I have slowly been conquering it.

In the next few days I will be quite busy packing, as I will be leaving on Tuesday afternoon.
First stop: Dublin! Any advice on Ireland must-sees? I have quite alot planned
already but I do not plan to waste a second while I am there.

Oh and while I'm in this little sharing-pieces-of-me-thing, I leave you with whats on my
latest on the go playlist:

1.) Owl Waltz- Seabear
2.) Candy says- The Velvet Underground
3.) All is Love- Karen O. & the Kids
4.) Bluish- Animal Collective
5.) Knock You down- Keri Hilson
6.) Owl Eyes- Devendra Banhart
7.) Ghosts- Laura Marling
8.) California Stars- Wilco
9.) Saturday in the Park- Chicago
10.) Kodachrome- Paul Simon

I'm known for making playlists to fit almost all my current moods. In fact I have
about 50 on-the-go playlists on my ipod, haha.

What song fits your mood right now?

Random Inspiration

Jil Stuart Spring 2010

Taylor Tomasi

I have a feeling that moving from little ol' Dallas, Texas is going to be
quite a whirlwind of new inspirations and ideas that will most definitely be shaping my style.
My style is still constantly evolving. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this and I sometimes wish I could stop being so indecisive and sporadic
in my tastes. Hopefullythe new change of scenery will be of great inspiration to me :)

Source: knight cat,Jak & Jil, We Heart it

Pretty Pattern

15 September 2009

So after taking these photos today, I realized... it might be nice to actually smile sometimes
in my photos. In real life, I am quite a happy and smile-y person, I promise! I think it's finally time I share some actual bonnie-having-fun photos. Here are some photos with my roommates/friends and my boyyy. Oh and just so it's known, the couch that my roommate and I are sitting on in the first photo is quite possibly my dream couch which we found at goodwill.

Anyways, I bought this jacket at my favorite thrift store and instantly fell in love with the color palette used. I'm naturally drawn to darker colors, so when I do wear color, darker ones like these are ideal. Plum, burgundy, forest green, and gray are some of my favorites. Once fall truly hits, these are the colors I will be reppin'.

And on a completely random side note, yesterday I completely re-decorated my room for the first time in ages. It is such a refreshing feeling! I suggest everyone move atleast one piece of furniture in your room. I swear you will feel 100 times better and fresher.

Wearing: thrifted jacket & bag; payless fioni boots; f21 skirt & tights

Fashion Week Spring 2010

14 September 2009

Erin Fetherston Spring 2010

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

Happy NYC fashion week! I hope you all who got to go are having a fabulous time. Meanwhile,
I will be constantly browsing the pages of style.com for the latest updates.

So far, my favorites are Erin Fetherston and Marc Jacobs. I love the nude tones in Erin's collection. The femininity of it all is wonderful as always. As for Marc Jacobs, I'm once again blown away by the creativity all of the pieces exude. I feel like rummaging through the deepest
depths of my closet now and doing some layering like in this show. Color experimentation is
definitely on my mind right now.

Simple Day

10 September 2009

When I really am not in the mood to spend time on what I wear, what is my fall back outfit? Black skinnies and a simple top. This combination has been my lazy day outfit for about the past three years now, and I am still yet to get sick of it.

I apologize for being the worst blogger ever this week. I am saying goodbye to all my friends at school this week, then I am back to Texas for one more week, then I'm off to Ireland for a few days and then... it's London time! I don't think I have ever been so anxious/excited for what is about to happen in my life over the next year. Hello change, I welcome you with open arms.

Wearing: f21 top; Gap skinnies; thrifted bag; Miss me boots

Sky High Knee Highs

06 September 2009

Umm so I may have violated my 'saving everything' rule again this week. With good
reason, I have purchased these over-the-knee boots. What's the good reason? I hear in London it gets tremendously cold. Colder than cold even. Its just absolutely and obviously vital for my calves to stay as warm as possible. Err... or something like that...

Shopping ban part two ( or three, or four) commences today. Also, thank you all so much
for the link requests! I will be updating my links immediatly. Hope everyone is having
a great labor day weekend. I leave you with a few pictures I took of my favorite thing- flowers.

Wearing: F21 top; thrifted bag; Chinese Laundry boots


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