Fancy Pants

30 November 2009

So being in the center of London, I have obviously been exploring
the night life and had my fair share of nights out so far. Here I am wearing
a typical outfit which I would wear out. I simply paired a
trapless dress with a see-through lace top.Like the location? I went
my friends rooftop the other day and just had to take advantage of
the great view.

As of today I have one more week of school. In the next week I have
a trip to Belgium, loads of school work, a photoshoot, partieeees, and finally
a trip to Italy! It will be a busy one, but I am going to try my best to update
with a Vlog!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

wearing: f21 dress; thrifted lace top; f21 heels

Grandma Sweater

29 November 2009

Yes, I am totally aware that this sweater frighteningly resembles that of
a grandma, but hey what can I say... I dig the grandma chic. Hehe I got
this vintage sweater at Brick Lane market. Or in other words I
got it at Bonnie's heaven. It's been raining non-stop here in London,
and it gets dark at about 4:15, so it has become quite difficult to take
outfit photos. I'm trying my best though!

Oh yes, and who's bored only blogging through only
photos and words? Look forward to... a video post soon! :)

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wearing: vintage bag & sweater; f21 tank and skirt.

Pretty Tights

26 November 2009

I don't know if it is obvious, but my addiction is: patterned tights!
I can't get enough of em. Answer to all my patterned tights
needs=living in London. Almost every clothing store has millions upon
billions of different unique patterned tights! This inspired me to have my
focus for my fashion styling class be none other than... TIGHTS!
Below is an experiment photo for my project. Anywaaays,
This sweater I am wearing is basically a blanket and I plan
on living in it on all of these cold winter days.

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Wearing: Topshop tights (in both pictures); h&m wedges; h&m sweater; vintage bag.

Winter Florals

22 November 2009

...and underneath

Oh florals. How I love you, and how I will never get sick of you. I found
this little dress from Topshop and immediatly fell in love with it. It's
shaped like an ice-skater's dress and it has a scoop back, which is my
ultimate favorite part of any dress. I've been swamped with school work
as of lately, but I snuck away to Selfridge's to purchase this on a study break.
And oh how good did it feel. What can I say? I'm sadly a participant in what
you call "retail therapy".

Oh yes, and as a reminder- Check out my new SHOP!!

wearing: Topshop dress; primark scarf; target sweater; fioni boots; thrifted bag

Feminine feel

Oh how I wish I could take little bits and pieces from these compilations
to add to my wardrobe.

Happy Friday

20 November 2009

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone had an ever so lovely
week. It's been a stressful one for me. The end of the term never fails
to deliver loads of stress/projects/uneasy feelings. Good new is: I only have
a few more weeks until its all over. It's almost December,
and that means Christmas parties! This is definitely the type of thing I
would wear to one. Sequins=Happiness, Happiness= The Hoilidays.

Also... there is just one thing that I would like to address. In
the past few months I have received loads of "annonymous" negative
comments. I've chosen to ignore all of these until I received this one:
someone telling me i should lose some weight. I mean, really?
I find this highly disgusting. I'm a perfectly normal healthy weight,
and it's people like you who think people should resemble sticks and twigs that
cause millions of girls around the world to feel result to unhealthy matters
to look "perfect". It's just very sad to me.

Excuse me for the rant... anyways I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
I couldnt resist taking this photo pairing my gold sequins with
heart-shaped sunglasses. Something about it screams vintage
Hollywood glamour, and sometimes it's just really fun to pretend.

And last but not least... introducing: SHOP flashesofstyle!
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Wearing: f21 skirt; Sequin dress; thrifted sunglasses, H&M heels


My feelings toward Demi are indifferent, but WOW did she rock
this Balmain dress! Ah, Balmain is truly amazing.

leopard at last

17 November 2009

First of all: I LOVE London at night time. There is nothing more magical
than seeing all the buildings shining bright. Truly a breath-taking
sight that I'll never get sick of.

Secondly: I am proud to say, that this is the first leopard print thing I own.
Can you believe it?! I have always loved the print, but never found
anything I truly loved. This mini dress was found at Topshop, and I
simply could not resist it. I know the last photo is a little blury,
but the scoop back is what sold me, so I just had to post it anyways. And
don't worry. I only had my jacket off for about two seconds, I will
not be getting a cold :)

wearing: Topshop dress; H&M parka; f21 heels; vintage bag


Stockholm Streetstyle. Never ceases to impress. What comes to mind
when I see this photo:

1.) I am in dyer need of something tailored and fitting like these gorgeous
2.) How am I supposed to rest when I know stockholm is just sitting
a few countries away in my reach. Mission: make it to Sweden!

photocred: Stockholm streetstyle

Busy Bee

08 November 2009

So, literally I have locked myself away this entire weekend doing projects upon project,
and papers upon papers! Well... okay... I did go out at night a few times, but other than
that, there has been absolutely no time for outfit posts or anything like that!
Anyways, I had to work on my portfolio for fashion styling, piecing together
clippings of things that tie in to represent my "style".

I think I made about a trillion
collages, but here are two that I think depict my style perfectly. Girly
by nature, inspired by edge. I find myself constantly pulled towards
dresses, bows, hearts and bows. It's been this way ever since I was a little
girl. The glamour of a dress was something I fell in love with even before
grade school. My mom tells me I insisted upon wearing dresses, and dresses
only, and for as long as I can remember, this has been true. My curiosity
though gravitates me towards more bold pieces, molding my thoughts
and ideas every day. Ah, one's personal style. It's such an ever-changing thing,
isn't it?

What inspires your style most?

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend, I have yet another busy week again.
I shall try my best to outfit update, but with Paris in a few days I may
unfortunately be too busy :(. If not, expect Paris pictures soon!


04 November 2009

I love LOVE London in the fall! Everywhere I turn, there are pretty leaves
on the ground grabbing my attention. Today was very cold and rainy and
it was the perfect day to bundle up. Layering is my ultimate favorite thing
about winter. Mixing and matching... oh the endless possibilities
of winter fashions!

My first few weeks in London I went absolutely insane shopping, but
the past few weeks I've calmed down so that I can save for things
I really really want. Newest things I'm in search for: a vintage brown
fur coat, crushed velvet/velvet anything, and bulky knits like this
scarf I'm wearing.

Yay for Fall and yay for winter! Hands down my absolute favorite time
of year.

wearing: f21 coat; H&M wedges & top; Topshop Jeans; Primark scarf

One More Red

02 November 2009

Like mother like daugther. I found this dress out of my mom's closet
a few months ago and instantly fell in love with it. It's smooth, silky,
and fits like a glove. It's so funny how my mom's style in the 80's
has shown to be quite similar to mine 20 years later. I definitely miss
her closet over here in London! So yeah to any annoying anonymous
"skinny" comments... petite runs in the family.

Now I know it's a day or two too late, but I wore this dress for the
first time the other night for Halloween! I was none other than
Minnie Mouse.

wearing: vintage dress & ears, H&M wedges, f21 cardi

Model I love

GORGEOUS! New model I love. She is soo so so so beautiful!

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