Snow Storm

31 January 2010

So, this is me on the third day that I was snowed in at
my boyfriend's house... as you can imagine, I had to
improvise on the outfit and wear whatever clothes I happened
to have with me hehe. I believe that snow however can make
almost any outfit look pretty against it. Anyways, I love this floral
dress and I have probably worn it about one million times (including
on this blog already). I said it once and I'll say it again... you can
never go wrong with florals!

Oh! And I almost forgot... I am holding my most prized possession, my
beloved 35mm! This little beauty brings me more joy
than you can imagine. Here are a few taken on this camera on the snow days,
but to check out more photos see my flickr.

little critter

pretty girl, aka my roommate

Me and the boyf (pretending to) taking a lil nap.

wearing: secondhand dress; f21 coat & tights; Target sweater, Topshop boots

Floral Mix

29 January 2010

Welcome to my favorite spot in my apartment! The beloved
floral couch, found from none other than my favorite second-hand
store. I swear the best stuff comes from those places. Anyways,
I'm wearing these black lace tights here, but what I'm really
wanting is anything pastel-colored lace. Whites, creams, mint
green, lavender.... my list can go on and on! Looks like I'm about
to hit the thrift stores on a mission. :)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I happen to be snowed in
and do not have class today. Expect some snow pictures soon!

wearing: Secondhand dress; f21 tights

open up

dream dress

I sure do love an open-back dress.
photo-cred: weheartit

Paired Patterns

27 January 2010

As you probably figured, my camera has finally been fixed. Yay!
Back to blogging about my outfits and such. Most likely, they will mainly be in
this spot on the balcony of my new apartment! I know, I know,
not quite exciting as my London backdrops that I had last semester.
Soon enough I'll be back.

This vintage sweater here
has been one of my recent winter favorites. I love the print so very
much, and decided to pair it with this daisy dress and
ribbed tights. I've never really paired patterns together, but
I found it quite fun!

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. :)

Wearing: vintage sweater & dress; rue tights; f21 shoes & ring; Delia's necklace

Chillen in my apartment, florals are everywhere, I promise.

My shoes to the left, my roommate/the coolest person ever's shoes to the right.

learned how to make sushi, using a friend of a friend's rice grown organically in korea!

My new room!

...and one of my new favorite purses I have ever thrifted. :)

Well as my digital camera is still in the "hospital" here are more
snapshots of my life recently on FILM! I have seriously been dying to
take outfit photos on the digital, but for now here is some of my
amateur photography/a look into what i've been wearing/what I've
been up to. Camera should be fixed by the end of the week, and my exuberance
is about to explode!

Inspiration via Chloe

Now that spring is slowy, slowy approaching (and for some reason
it's been about 60 degreees here), it's time to start thinking
about the spring! I know Chloe will most definitely be inspiring me.

Snowy lazy day

13 January 2010

Saddest news of the new year so far: my digital camera has sadly broke.
I took it in a week ago for repair, but sadly it is going to take
2-3 weeks to get better! For now here are a few photos from my
35mm camera of how I've been spending my days.
I have been spending my days. The snow has been beautiful, and I
have just been enjoying it before things get too busy at school. The
second photo is of my roommates and great friend, and the
last is of me and my boyfriend :). The people around me make my life
so much more interesting.

wearing: f21 ring; h&m jacket; vintage bag

What's inspiring me

One of the most important forms of inspiration to me is none other than...
street style! I am so excited for the new Face Hunter book to come out.
Yvan will be signing it in Paris on January 23rd. Anyone who can go,

photocred: facehunter

New years eve!

01 January 2010

...Happy New Years!

I definitely rang in the new year the right way to say the least.
I hope you all had a great one as well! You can never go wrong
with a night with your best friends:)

These photos pretty much
sum up my night. They were taken with my 35mm camera and
came out beautifully.I really wish I would have taken a
full outfit picture, but somehow I did not. Just so you know,
I paired this dress with heart printed tights and some crazy
platform heels. Pictures to come soon!

Wearing: thrifted dress, f21 jewelry

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