Cut-Out Back

30 May 2010

Eeep! I know this dress is semi-scandelous, but I think
it is just so neat. For several reasons, but mainly
because it can transform into a shirt, skirt
or dress! The little buttons around the waist
separates it into two. I have already worn it
in all the ways that you can. Adding the bow as
an accessory was the perfect girly touch.

Also, I am now a proud Ambassador of!
It's an online community where the members vote on
clothing for Sway to produce. There is a 24 hour
sale of the winning item, where the users can
buy it at a discounted price! This will
launch in the fall, but be sure to be a part of it now!
Sign up here : .

Also, you get a 10$ gift card when you buy a dress :)

wearing: UO dress; charlotte russe shoes; thrifted bag

What I've Been Up To (Part II)

27 May 2010

Absolutely no editing done on any of these!

Summer adventures. Cut short by allergy attacks unfortunately

experimenting with new cameras

Finding dream necklace... and rice krispie eatin'!

Hi, my name is Bonnie, and my talent is
severely damaging digital cameras. With my track
record of having to send in my digital for repairs,
I'd say I'm a pro at breaking it. Or just way too clumsy
to handle one haha. The bad news: I wont get my
camera back for about 2 weeks. The good news:
my 35mm is working lovely, and I have cameras
to borrow, wahoo!

So... here is my second "What I've
been up to lately", which is my life as of late
taken on film. Enjoy!

PS- I just made one of these things. Ask me
anything! .

wearing: UO necklace, UO tank

Florals,Stripes and Everything Nice

22 May 2010

Wow, was today was beautiful! The first very, very
warm day of the Summer and I loved it. Of course
without my allergies it is a whole new world, Aladdin
style, haha! Anyways... this skirt may look quite
familiar, and it is because I wore it in a previous
post as a dress. I have now cut and hemmed it and
transformed it into a skirt. One of my favorite hobbies
is transforming garments and making them my own.

Oh and I have also come to the conclusion that
more than half of my wardrobe is stripes, florals.
So here is a combination of my two favorite

Hope everyone is having a lovely, lovely weekend. :)

wearing: thrifted skirt, wetseal top

Hats Off

Wanted: the perfect Summer hat! The more absurd, the better.
And an ideal summer bicycle would not hurt either...

(via weheartit)

Classic Look

14 May 2010

Nerd Alert! Just kidding. But these are my real glasses
and due to EXTREME allergies, I must wear them.
I don't hate them, but to be honest I am not very fond.
Let me know what you think. I could not help but pair
this navy striped tee + bowler hat + loafers. It
just reminded me of the classic London Town look
that I miss ever so much! I took these photos adventuring
around my apartment again. There are so many good
photo-op spots here, I cannot wait to go out for more.

Anyways I hope everyone had a lovely week, and Happy

Summer Dress

09 May 2010

This dress is making an appearance once more! Except
this time accessorized and summer-atized. Everything
is so green around me these days. I really love
being in a place surrounded by trees, it is really
quite inspiring, and it fits my mood much better
than a busy city at the moment. Anyways, below is an
awesome new band I have discovered called "The do".
They are a french and finnish duo and they are more
adorable than words!

The Do - Stay from THE DO on Vimeo.

Lazy Spring Daze

02 May 2010


La,la,la, exams are over and I am so happy! As you can tell,
I have been straight chillen these past few days. Also,
for once I am actually excited to wear skirts, dresses, and
shorts, without tights! I somehow am finding the
challange of not layering, quite refreshing. I grew way too
accustomed to dresses and blazers and cardigans this winter.
Anywho, these pictures are taken on film once again. I really
need to stop though... it's getting quite expensive.
But for now, enjoy!

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