29 June 2010

Well thank you all so much for the advice about my camera!
I in fact do have a warranty on my camera so I suppose
I will have to send it in again. It is such a shame.
BUT until then, my mother has ever so graciously lent
me her camera which is just as good as mine! I am
sadly very picky about cameras,
but hers fits my standards. But hey, I think it's
okay for a girl to know what she wants.

Lately I have been loving the whole socks with
shoes/heels thing. I got super inspired after the UO summer
catalog and after the first time I felt
brave enough to wear it out, it has come so naturally
to me. Can't wait to wear thigh high ones in the fall!
(Yes I am focused on the fall already).

wearing: f21 shorts; polka dot leotard; target socks; Aldo heels

Summer Essentials

27 June 2010

So... I finally got my camera back, hurray!

Except for one little thing. They totally
ruined my lense, and now photos taken
from a distance turn out blurry! For example:
the second picture. Blurry right? Please tell me
your opinions so I can know whether I am being
a perfectionist or not.

Anyways, the accesories in this photos are
my current summer essentials. Straw hat,
vintage brown leather bag, and clogs!
I have basically been living in these things, I
am truly obsessed. I wore this outfit to
a wedding and have grown quite smitten with
this dress as well. Can't wait to dress it up/down.

What are your summer essentials?

Wearing: Francesca's Collections dress; f21 hat; vintage bag; Steve Madden Clogs

Oh Goodness!

21 June 2010

Hello Blogland, I am not dead! Just overwhelmed with
Chemistry, sleep deprived, sad, and STILL DO NOT
HAVE MY CAMERA BACK! It's been in the hands of
a certain repair service (I'd rather not rant about the specific company)
for almost an entire month! I hate
to be a baby, but blogging is quite difficult without a
digital camera. Also, today I was informed that my camera
possibly got lost during the whole repair process. If so,
I get a new one, but still... I miss my baby!

Anywho, I would love to say a big thank you to Tieka
from Selective Potential for choosing me as her
featured blogger. It is such an honor! To those of you
who are checking out my blog, I promise I update more
when I have a camera :)

So sorry for the sulking, and hopefully I will
have my lovely camera back by the end of the week.

Bit o' Summer Inspiration

13 June 2010

OH MY GOODNESS! I just must say that I am absolutely
dying without my digital camera. I have had so much
free time and have really wanted to take some outfit photos.
I actually have so many new thrifted finds that I would just
love to show you all.

Anyways, since I can't take any photos, I decided to
post some mid-summer inspiration. After all of the very
structured styles of the past few seasons/80's vibes, I
am really into free and flow-y feminine styles.
Even a slight bohemian feel has sparked my interest this
summer, for a change!

In the meantime while I am waiting for my camera
to get fixed, I am trying to think of new things to
do on my blog. Anyone know a good collage maker online
or one to download? I love making them
out of magazines and putting them on my blog would be great :)

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

via: weheartit

craving this

03 June 2010

Gaaah I have been obsessing over these MiuMiu heels for
months now. MONTHS! How is it possible for a shoe
to leave such an impression? Anyways... the
only thing I want on my foot as of late, is a chunky heel.
Perhaps a Chanel clog look-a-like is in my future?

via (aldonza)


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