Chicago in a nutshell

29 July 2010

Hello, hello! After a week of amazing adventures in
Chicago, I am now aware that cities indeed
can be as cool as London (hehe). I had such
a wonderful time wandering around this city
with my boyfriend and a few good friends.
I went to museums, parks, stayed in two different
amazing hotels, saw friends I have missed dearly,
did the tourist thing, did the not-so-tourist thing, shopped,
and music!

I brought two roles of film with me, one black&white,
and one color. Here are a few to share with you all
before I start the grueling process of packing up
my apartment to move into my new house (yay)
on Saturday!

Once I get settled, I will be a good blogger
again :)

3D exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute. This covered an
entire wall.

view from my hotel one night

Don't be alarmed, Chicago is not in ruins! One night we happened
to be staying in a hotel that was right about the Transformers
3 set. I do not particularly like the Transformers series,
but I must admit this was very cool.

vintage purse and shoe store in Wicker Park! It was
abundant with lace-up boots, leather bags
and unique vintage pieces. Plus that dog was
just way too cute.

I just had to put this photo up of this beautiful
Chicago sunset. Plus I think he looks way
too cute in it to not put up :)

Chicago River! Of course I had to go shopping, and below
is my favorite find.

Pins & needles Tank

Home, finally! After the 10 hour drive. Goodness...

wearing: f21 top, UO skirt, vintage belt.

A special guest

20 July 2010

Meet Flashes of Style special guest: my roommate, Ally!
This lovely lady has some great style, and it's
about time her face makes an appearance
here. And after all of the countless (and I
really mean countless) times she has let me borrow
her clothing, I must show some appreciation. Anywho,
here are some things that are on my mind:

1.) I go to Chicago in a day and I have not packed AT ALL. I
need to get on this.
2.) I am ready for the fall. boots, scarves, coats & a
warm coffee cup in my hand.
3.) I need to read something new.
I just finished Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse
Five. A love story would be nice to read now. Any
4.) Inception!! Still must see it.
5.) One more year of college left. O-N-E.

As you can see, my mind is all over. Pardon me
in advance for my lack of blogging during the next
week. I will of course post Chicago pics, but they
may not be as prompt as I'd like. I hope you
all have a lovely rest of the week! <3

wearing: on me- vintage dress, belt, bag; Xhiliration heels
on Ally: f21 top; vintage dooney & burke bag

Simple Summer

16 July 2010

Hello Hello! I just quickly took these photos
right before a torrential down poor. Anyways,
I know cut-off Levi's were sooo two summers ago,
but I do not care. I have been living in these things!
It is such a perfect easy-going outfit for summer.
Also, I got these simple pumps from Urban
recently, and I just love them! They are (only)
3.5 inches and super comfy.

Also, thank you to everyone's recommendations
for what I should do in Chicago! You all were so soo
helpful. I can't wait to eat, eat, eat there and also
shop. Two things I do best.

PS- I am totally updating this post while
blasting Girl Talk and dancing. Feeling a little silly
about now.

PPS- Please entertain me with your lovely questions- !

wearing: vintage levi's; UO top & shoes; vintage bag

Shoe Lust

Balenciaga loafer heels

Cynthia Rowley heels

John Galliano heels

Shoes that are quite quirky, that I quite love. A lot.

via: shoelust

Black & Blue

12 July 2010

Hello hello! I made a quick outfit post today
wearing something other than florals, wahoo.
Also, I got this belt today from a lovely 60
year old woman getting rid of her AMAZING
vintage wardrobe. So wonderful. Also: I straightened my hair
(kinda) for the first time in a long time. What
do ya think?

I do not have very much
at all to say today, except that I am going to Chicago in
a little over a week. So with that said, anyone who has
recommendations for things to do in the city, please
let me know! And of course, I'd love to know about
any cool vintage shops.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I can't
believe it's already the middle of July.

wearing: H&M dress; vintage belt & bag; Xhiliration wedges.

Blush Tones

07 July 2010

Say hello to my new absolute favorite thrifted
skirt. From my favortie thrift store in Texas actually.
Surprisingly, this skirt was floor length when I
purchased it, but some simple hemming fixed that.
I love a feminine pink, and when I can work
it into my wardrobe I am always quite pleased!

Other good news: I will soon be moving out
of an apartment and into a house! With two of
my lovely friends. It has the most beautiful green
backyard with a deck that leads to a creek.
It will make blogging so much easier by not living
on the third story of an apartment. Wahoo!

wearing: thrifted skirt; f21 blazer & bag; Steve Madden clogs


Alexa Inspiration! Because who doesn't love her, and who
can put together dresses and heels better?

via: weheartit.

pants, oh my!

04 July 2010

I have not worn lipstick in ages, and my does
it make me feel that much prettier. I threw
this simple outfit together today in hopes of
creating a pants outfit I feel comfortable in. As you
can tell, I have difficulties incorporating pants into
my wardrobe! As silly as it sounds, I feel so
much more feminine and comfortable
in skirts/dresses. I think if I work at it,
slowly but surely I will not be such a dress-freak.

Oh and below is a little short video I made on my NEW

Its all in the details

02 July 2010

It's all in the details, and accessories are perfect
for making any outfit unique. Especially
in the summer when it is way, way
too hot to layer! No wonder I have an addiction
to shoes, bags and jewelry!

This past week has been so relaxing for me.
I have finished summer school, and I have
had the chance to come home to Texas for a
week to see my family and friends. Home sweet

wearing: f21 dress; thrifted bag & heels & belt; UO necklace.

home inspiration

Who says fashion can only be inspired by clothes
and magazines? Definitely not me! Inspiration
for me is rooted in the places and things that I see
around me everyday. So in honor of that,
here is some of my favorite home inspiration!

via: Flea Market Style & Hand-made Homes

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