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30 August 2010




So it is the second week of school and I already happen to be
stressed! Following up on my resolution for
this school year of updating my blog regularly, I absolutely
had to make time for blogging! I got this blouse
on a thrifting trip a few weeks ago, and I have just
been dying to wear it. Thanks to the cool weather it has finally
been possible. Since the weather has been so perfect lately
(especially in the evenings) I have been so much more inclined
to do productive things outside. I have been taking several
walks, and doing more film photography again. It is so
nice to be able to walk outside and simply get inspired.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and a lovely
week. Can you believe it will be September in just
two days? My, does time fly by.

wearing: thrifted bag & top; BDG skinny jeans; Xhiliration heels

Back to School

27 August 2010

So of course my first week of classes I failed to update my blog.
Of course I would do that! Goal for this year: master time management
once and for all. I really think it can be done. Anyways... I
am sure you are noticing these yellow leaves on the ground,
right? This just has to be a sure sign that cooler weather
and fall is on the way. It seems like that is all I am
talking about lately, but I really am craving sweaters, scarves,
walks with a warm coffee in hand, and cuddling up in a
blanket to a nice book.

To everyone who has started school, I hope it is going well!
I am taking absolutely wonderful classes this semester. It may
even be my favorite. Among my favorites include: History
of costume apparel, Creative writing, and Intro to Buddhism. I
was lucky enough to have some extra room for one last elective
and I am able to take this Buddhism class taught by an
actual Tibetan monk. I just cannot wait to learn all of the philosophies.
And of course the History of apparel class will be so inspiring. I love
taking a look back into fashion's history.
Should be quite a spectacular semester.

wearing: thrifted skirt & bag; f21 blazer; UO heels

Swedish Style

Effortless Swedish style that I think the whole world should
learn from. How do they always look so flawless?

via: StockholmStreetStyle

An Experiment

19 August 2010

I did it! I have had this maxi skirt in my closet
for quite some time. After endless mixing and
matching, I have found a way to incorporate
it in my wardrobe in a way that reflects my style.
Pairing it with dots and a vintage bag seemed
to me that perfect way to do it. It is difficult sometimes
but fun experimenting with new fashions
while remaining true to ones personal style.
But much for fun than difficult :)

wearing: f21 shirt; H&M skirt; thrifted bag; Xhiliration platforms

I love layering

17 August 2010

I love layering! It really is so true. And is most
definitely one of the reasons why I like the fall
and winter so much. It is finally cooling down (just
barely) here. Anyways... I have been just dying
to wear over-the-knee socks, and today was just the perfect
temperature to do so. Wahoo!

In other news... for the last three posts or so I
have been using my new camera! It is a canon rebel,
and I just love it. Since I love this new camera
so much, I have decided to sell my 1.5 year old
Canon G10. I took all of my blog photos with this camera
from the month of May 09-May 2010. If anyone
is interested, I am selling it for 250$ (originally 500).
It is in lovely condition and needs a new home! Any
inquires, please e-mail me at .

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! <3>
wearing: thrifted top; f21 tank; UO skirt; Steve Madden clogs

Fall inspiration

... because in the world of fashion it is never too
early to start getting excited about fall/winter

*all images have click through links*

Time flies

15 August 2010

After countless times of making fun of my boyfriend's
love of wearing jean on jean, I have hypocritically
decided to try it out. A strange combination
it is, but I quite like it!

I have O-N-E week until school starts up again
for my senior year in college. I'm doing
whatever I can to enjoy this last week of summer
vacation. Last week ever.

PS- I do not really know why I always have
my hands on my face in blog pictures. Maybe it
makes me feel less shy in front of the camera?
Who knows, but this photo session has totally
made me aware of it.

wearing: f21 shorts & tights; urban top; CR heels.

Back To Old Habits

12 August 2010

Well I am not sure if you all, my lovely
readers have noticed, but it has been quite
some time since I have posted a look with
florals! Now do not get my wrong, I am still,
and always have been floral crazy. I just was curious
as to how long I could blog without wearing even a
single floral. Answer is: less than a month! Oh and also,
I found this vintage coach purse where I work, and
I had to snag it. I do not even like modern Coach very
much, but I must say I am a big fan of their vintage stuff.
This bag will be perfect to wear in the fall with cardigans and

Thanks for all of the music suggestions everyone!
I love hearing your feedback. I'll have some
new music just in time before school starts.
Less than two weeks for me.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

wearing: second hand tank, over f21 skirt; urban heels; vintage coach bag

Classic look

07 August 2010

Trouser pants! I have been wanting them for quite some
time now. The fact that these are high waters and I can
manage to wear them in the dreadful heat makes me that much
happier. I paired it with these stripes to create a simple,
classic look.

On a totally different note... I have found myself
in a music rut! When I reach for my ipod I am
simply at a loss as to what to play. Anyone have any
suggestions? A new indie band I should
check out? An oldie that shouldn't be forgotten? Please,
please, I am all ears!

wearing: thrifted pants & bag; Gap top; CR heels.

Hairspiration part 2!

Hairspiration Part-two! aka- I want to grow my
hair longer.

Room So Far

06 August 2010

Wowee, has moving been a chore! After doing much work on
my room, I decided to show you all my progress so far.
I am not quite finished, and wish to put more things on the
wall. Anyways- here is a peek into my world! So far atleast.

wearing:f21 lace top, urban black skinny jeans

A Change of Scenery

03 August 2010

First of all let me say- I am so relieved to finally
live in my new house! Packing and moving was such
chore, but it was totally worth it. Now I can get back
to blogging, and I finally have some nice spots
in my own yard to do it. Plus, I am living with my two
wonderful friends again in the most girly house ever,
which just suits the three of us so well.

Anyways- I have been such an experimenter with colors
all summer (well atleast in my opinion) that I simply
needed to put on something, well... simple. Also,
ice-skater dresses are my absolute favorite silhouette!
I am pretty sure I will be living in this dress this fall.

wearing: Xhiliration dress; Steve Madden Clogs; f21 purse


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