Grey Day

31 January 2011

First of all, I wanted to share with you this lovely
drawing I received yesterday from Bipolar. I was
absolutely amazed at how intricate and detailed all
of her drawings are. Check out her work and the drawing

Secondly, apparently tomorrow is going to bring the ice/snow storm
of the century to my town, and I say bring it on! I took
these photos yesterday just as the gloominess began to set in.
Today it is foggy which is one of my favorite kind of days (I
know I am wierd). I can't wait to finish class and go take
some outfit photos in the beautiful mist! Anyways, this outfit
is very basic, and I felt that this dress has enough character that
a lack of accessories is appropriate. I received it courtesy of

As you can probably guess from the tone of this post,
I am indeed feeling much better and my cold is almost
completely gone. I hope everyone else is having as lovely
as a Monday as I am!

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wearing : dress courtesy of; f21 hat; Kelsey Dagger wedges; vintage bag

Prim & Proper

29 January 2011

Hello and happy weekend everyone! This post is going to
be short and sweet for one simple reason: I have the worst
cold in the entire world, making my thoughts very foggy and
brain very tired. Basically, my head feels like a balloon. And
with that being said, I have been pretty out of it the past couple
days. I took these photos two days ago when I was in a much
more sane state of mind. This outfit is quite simple, but I
paired it with these patterned tights to add a bit of
uniqueness. I also couldn't resist pinning this bow to my
sweater for a quirky/cute feel. Oh and the last photo is very
silly, but I just had to show off my coral ring.

Okay that's all I can bare to say for now. Hope everyone
is having a lovely weekend and hope you will find me
in better spirits next post!

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wearing: thrifted sweater & belt; skirt courtesy of club couture; urban renewal bow; kimchi blue bag


27 January 2011

Sometimes there is a piece in your closet that it does not
matter what you pair it with. You are confident whether you
pair it with jeans or an elegant skirt. For me, this it that top.
I am in love with the pattern, And it is also extremely silky/flowy.
I can't wait to mix it with a printed skirt or shorts, because lately
my mood has been a little crazy which might be reflecting
off my wardrobe. Good crazy though.

Okay I am most definitely in my ramble phase now, but
I leave you with a huge favor to ask. I have decided to enter
the Refinery 29's 'Next Big Style Blogger' contest. If you
feel that I should be a candidate please vote for me! I am
on the most recent page right now. All you have to do is
click the heart!

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wearing: Grey Dog Vintage blouse; Heritage shorts & hat; BDG cardigan; Jeffrey Cambell 'miracle' wedge

Sunny Winter Day

24 January 2011

Happy Monday, everyone. New week, new beginnings. Today
was absolutely beautiful. Near the end of the day when the
sun was shining bright, all I had to wear was this sweater
and I was not even the least bit chilly. The lighting was absolutely
beautiful, and the second photo wasn't even edited at all. The
slightly warmer weather was quite a nice change. I opted
for this menswear-inspired outfit today, as my outfits have been
heavily feminine lately. It's nice to mix it up every once in a

Thank you all so much for all of the sweet comments I have
been getting lately. All of the positive feedback has been so
lovely and I appreciate each and every single word.

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wearing: f21 sweater; pins & needles denim; thrifted top; BDG bag

First Real Snow

22 January 2011

As promised, here are some photos of the snow we got
two days ago! I had two snow days, and they were both
fabulous. The first snow day, I had a mini-party at my
house and would-you-rathered for about 3 hours and
drank wine. Yesterday my classes were canceled, yet I was
still able to get around, so me and my boyfriend got breakfast
at this amazing local bread company, thrifted, looked for
records, and looked at cute cats. I wore this outfit above
on the random adventures I had yesterday. I think I got
some odd looks, and even my boyfriend said I look like
a "spring flower" or something like that. I just think colors
look best against the beautiful white snow!

Anyways...I hope everyone has a lovely weekend

PS- Every single thing I am wearing, I have worn before
on this blog. With a little innovation, you can be a
fashion blogger who doesn't have to go shopping
all the time :)

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wearing: thrifted top & shorts; UO bag; Topshop shoes


20 January 2011

Good afternoon! You will find me in good spirits, as
today is a SNOW DAY! No school, so work, and I am
snowed in at my little house on a hill with wonderful
people. So today I am going to be a child and make the best
of this beautiful snow day. Expect to see (many) photos
in my next post. As for the outfit I am wearing, I
of course wore it yesterday but just found time to post it now.
I thrifted these little red ladies over the summer, and they
have just sparked another interest in me. They even have a (GASP!)
kitten heel which I normally hate, but in this case it is more of a
50's housewife style. And I just love the combination of red + camel,
so of course I had to try this out.

Oh and thank you for all of the kind words you all
left me on my last post! You have no idea how much they
all mean to me. I really appreciate your support
and will keep up my blog this summer to update you all
on my endeavors. Even if you are not having a snow day
today, I hope it is as magical as one!

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wearing: thrifted dress, shoes, coat, bag; BDG tights

New Beginnings

18 January 2011

Yet another strange color combination from yours truly. In the
past few months I have really opened up to playing around
with various color schemes/colors I never used to wear. Brown,
black and pink just seemed to fit today. Anyways, I have found
something that genuinely makes me feel "cool". Not cute or neat,
just cool. And of course it is these Warhol shades I received as a
gift from 80's purple, 80's collection of sunglasses. They were
so kind to send me these and 6 other pairs as a new years gift.
Looks like I'll be set for the Summer. The other gem I have
been waiting to show you all is this vintage dotted sweater!
The pom-pom detailing definitely reeled me in. I have been
in search for something like it for quite some time.

Anyways, I titled this post 'New Beginnings' for a few
reasons. First of all, today I began my last ever semester
of school. The reality of it has not sunk in yet, and honestly
I don't think it will for a while. And secondly, I found out some
really great news today. As some of you guessed it, I went to
Philly a few weeks ago to meet with Urban Outfitters. Anyways-
I am going to be their Styling Intern this summer! I have
been so anxious about it for weeks, so as you can imagine I
was ecstatic when I found out the news. I'll let you all know
when I know more details. I still cannot believe I get to work
with the most talented people this summer.

Okay.. enough rambling. I hope you all are having
a great start to your week!

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wearing: Vintage sweater via Grey Dog Boutique; Asos peter-pan collar dress; Cooperate Skirt;
f21 bag; 6x6 No. 6 booties
; warhol shades, courtesy of 80's Purple

My "crazy" shorts

16 January 2011

I don't care what anyone says, I love these shorts. I
thrifted them 2 summers ago and did a warm weather
post. Instantly I got a lot of mean anonymous comments,
namely one about my granny style haha. Anyways, it's
great to be able to wear them two years later in the winter!
I contemplated mixing them with another pattern but then
I decided- too crazy for me. Anyways, I had a great weekend and
tonight a few of my friends are coming back in town so its
going to be a SUPER girls night yay! Those are always

School is starting up again for me on Tuesday, so things
will start to get quite busy. With school, my internship, and work
things might get a little crazy but I solemnly swear to keep
up with the blog!

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wearing: thrifted shorts; pins & needles sweater; BDG bag.

I see the world through rose colored shades

14 January 2011

Happy Friday everyone! Even though I have been on winter
break for the past month, there is always something about
Fridays that is just exciting. I have been road trippin' again
this weekend and right now I am in Missouri. It is FREEZING
here, but oh-so-beautiful. Trees as far as the eye can see.
I am staying with my boyfriends family, and we are about to
go get coffee/flea marketing yay! But before I go I had to
share this lovely vintage 60's dress with you all! I got
it the other day from my favorite vintage shop, The Grey
Dog, and I just cannot get enough of it. The peplums are just
incredible, and the unique print is what reeled me in. Sometimes
you just know, haha.

Well I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Go on an
adventure, do something you have never done before. Or
just cozy up and watch a good movie. Whatever it is,
I hope its s good one!

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wearing: Vintage dress; Topshop oxfords; Silence & noise bag


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