I wish I lived in the 1970's

29 April 2011

Friday is finally here! Thank goodness, because I have really been
needing a break. Although let's be honest... I still have to study for
biology all weekend! Oh well, I really cannot complain because I am
going to be completely finished in two weeks. Oh boy, oh boy!

Anyways, onto the outfit. I received this amazing jumpsuit from
Anarchy Street and I am completely obsessed! The long vertical stripes
make me feel super tall. And who doesn't like feeling super tall? I also
received this lovely bracelet/ring as well and I have been rocking it
with simple outfits to add a little flair lately. As for the bag, I was
eyeing it at the vintage boutique I work at for weeks! Just a bit
inspired by Becky-May's beautiful woven baskets as bags, I decided to
put my little twist on the trend.

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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wearing: Jumpsuit & bracelet c/o Anarchy Street; f21 hat; vintage bag from Grey Dog Vintage Boutique; Jefferey Cambell 'miracle' wedges

$25 Ruche Giveaway!

27 April 2011

Happy mid-week, yay! Things have been so busy lately. I feel
like I am always saying that, but it is oh so true. However, May awaits
and I could not be more excited. Lots of new things to come in May.
Once exams and presentations are over things will slow down for a
bit, and I absolutely cannot wait. Anyways, I have been waiting to
show you all this dress for literally months! I purchased it in the winter
months, waiting for a sunny day to bring it out. The print is so vibrant
and fun. It just screams 'hello summer'!

In other exciting news, Ruche is hosting a $25 giveaway on my blog!
If you are not familiar with Ruche, they are one of my absolute favorite clothing
websites. Completely vintage-inspired, feminine, and beautiful. Here are
the rules:

1.) Go to the Ruche page and tell me your favorite item and how you would
style it (this is more for my selfish reasons, I love to hear what you all
have to say, hehe)
2.) Follow me on BlogLovin'
3.) Leave you e-mail or another way to contact you.

This contest is international as well. Good luck loves!

PS- Remember to enter the Chicwish giveaway below!


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wearing: vintage dress & shoes via Grey Dog Vintage Boutique; H&M cardigan; cooperative hat; bag c/o of VJ STYLE

Bit O' Inspiration

25 April 2011

1970's YSL

Needing to look at something pretty on this drab and dull Wednesday.


Oh goodness. Is it Monday again? I am past the stage of denial. Really, I
just have so much work to do, making it somewhat difficult lately to
keep up with blogging! So I apologize for the little absence. Once this week
is over, things will get back to normal. These photos were taken last week
before what is apparently a new found 'monsoon season'. I made this
DIY headband on a whim, using a bow and a piece of fabric. Rain and
thunderstorm nonstop has rendered me lazy and hermit-like. Can't
wait for some sunshine!

Anyways, I am making this post to present to you a lovely
giveaway from CHICWISH! They are offering one $75 gift card,
and if the giveaway reaches 400 comments, they will give away TWO! I am
so excited about this giveaway, because they have the most lovely vintage
inspired pieces. Honestly, I can't see one not feeling pretty in any one
of their pieces!

So, the rules:

1.) You must like Chicwish on Facebook, AND go to the Chicwish page
and tell me your favorite item/how you would style it.
2.) Follow me through Bloglovin'
3.) Leave your e-mail or a way to contact you.

Good Luck!!
Can't wait to hear how you all would style an item :)


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wearing: vintage dress; Jessica Simpson 'Dany' platforms; kimchi blue bag; DIY headband.

In a Sea of Green

22 April 2011

Holy guacamole! Is it just me, or did everything turn green in the quick
blink of an eye? This is a spot where I took photos all winter long. Now the
photos are not even comparable, they look like two different spots. You would
think after living for twenty two years, the change of the seasons would not
continue to be a shock. My conclusion? Life is moving by WAY too fast and
needs to slow down! Anyways, on to the outfit.
This is definitely my go-to dress when
I want to get dressed with as little effort as possible. The giant bow is the back is
basically an accessory its self. It's so nice having pieces like that in one's closet.

So happy it is Friday, and so excited for the weekend to come. One of my
best friends is coming into town, and my lovely roommate Laura from Blorange
Dice is turning TWENTY ONE! Be sure to wish her a good one!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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wearing: silence & noise dress; bag via e-bay; sunglasses c/o of 80's purple; shoes c/o of Blowfish

High-waisted + Platforms

20 April 2011

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why I am updating right now. I have
to be in class in less than an hour, my coffee is not ready, and I have no
idea what to wear! This outfit above is what I wore a couple of days ago.
You might have guessed it... I am completely obsessed with this pale pink
color. Really anything in this color has been tickling my fancy lately. Ice
cream, blush, finger nail polish, I am on a pink over-load. Never thought
I would hear myself say that.

Well just wanted to drop in, but I absolutely must make some coffee
before I start my day. Hope you all are having a lovely week so far!

PS- the purpose of the close up pic at the end was to show off my new
bangs! What do you all think?


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Wearing: f21 top & skinnes; Xhiliration hat; Jeffrey Cambell wedges

Strawberries on my blouse

18 April 2011

Sometimes a printed blouse is the perfect touch of fun to an
other wise plain outfit. I recieved this blouse from Ruche (a super
adorable site that I think you should all check out) and instantly fell
in love with it. I will without a doubt be pairing it with shorts and
skinnies all summer long. Strange pairing it with red here,
but it just felt right. Well it is Monday again which means
another busy week. Less than a month of school left = things are
about to get extremely hectic!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and I wish you a
fantastic start to your week!


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wearing: top courtesy of Ruche; thrifted shorts & shoes; Kimchi blu bag

Who says you can't mix red and pink?

15 April 2011

I totally wish I could have gotten a better shot, but this skirt is actually a
pair of PANTS. Yes, that is right, flowy, billowy pants. Half of the reason that
I love them so much is that they are so fun to walk in. I went to the grocery
store in them (yesterday when I took these photos) and I swear getting milk and
cereal was 100x more fun. Easily entertained? Possibly, but maybe you
should try it out for yourself. I paired this pink top with the pants, not
realizing exactly how red these pants were. It's definitely a different color
combination for me, but I am very pleased with the turnout.

Hooray that it is Friday! I am
going to make sure that mine is relaxing, starting with a sushi date with
the boy tonight. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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wearing: Silence & noise cardigan; Cullottes courtesy of Romwe; platforms courtesy of Blowfish; thrifted bag; cooperative hat.

Looking for Something More

Friday AM inspiration via photographer Guy Aroch.

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