30 June 2011

I have worn this outfit on my blog so many times yet each time the outfit has been completely different. I just love remixing outfits creating something new and fresh each time. This skirt was originally floor length when I purchased it, but I really think that shortening it really spruced it up. Somethings are just way better as a mini than a maxi! Wore this outfit to a lazy Sunday picnic in the park with Dylana, complete with hummus, cherries, celery and peanut butter... YUM!

Well I hope you all are having a lovely week. I cannot wait for the fourth of July weekend! Fun times ahead.


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wearing: skirt- vintage
top & bag c/o Lulu's
shoes c/o Fancy French Cologne

Dressing for Comfort

28 June 2011

I seriously felt like I was floating when I wore this outfit on Friday. After a long day of work, the only thing I was thinking of was comfort. So naturally I threw on my most flowy skirt and called it a night. I love fuss-free outfits like this! Kim was nice enough to snap these photos of me on this old Philly street before we headed off to an art gallery opening. Such a fun night!

Well I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week and hope you are savoring the last few days on June!


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wearing: skirt c/o Poetrie
top- f21
bag c/o Lulu's
shoes c/o wanted

Saturday Stroll

26 June 2011

Oh boy had this been one busy weekend! I have thought it over and I think this quite possibly could be my favorite weekend that I have spent in Philly so far. On Friday night I met up with a group on friends on South Street for drinks on the rooftop patio overlooking the busy street. The night took us to a few other bars including one that had complimentary dum dums. We even saw a man walking around with his pet sugar glider on his shoulder which I have to say was the cutest thing ever! The night was complete when I finally got to try Lorenzo's pizza. Yum Yum! Saturday was another lovely day spent at the quirkiest pool you could ever imagine in South Philly, strolling the cobble stone roads of Old City (as pictured above), eating old fashioned ice cream, and watching fireworks from my apartment window.

About the outfit: after a long day at the pool I threw on this comfy outfit and spent the rest of the evening in it. This flowy top is just perfect for summer, and these new flats are totally ideal for adventuring around the city in! Plus the tan color fits in perfectly with my pastel colored summer wardrobe.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Enjoy these beautiful summer days while they last.


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wearing: top c/o Romwe
shorts- vintage
bag c/o VJ-style
Chelsea Crew flats c/o Fancy French Cologne
hat- Urban Outfitters

Carefree Summer

Mid Summer Inspiration. AKA all I want to wear lately are flowy fabrics, creams, crochets, and if I am whimsical enough, flowers in my hair.


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A Casual Afternoon

24 June 2011

Uhh so please excuse that thing on the top of my head. I could have sworn I was wearing a neat and tidy bun on my head but boy was I wrong. Anyways it has just been so hot lately that I have really been wanting to wear as little as possible/chop all of my hair off. AKA mini skirts/dresses and short shorts are basically what I have been turning to. These photos were taken by Dylana before heading to her place. This beautiful street is right next to both of our places. We are so lucky right? She made me an omelete complete with spinach and pesto. Yum! We even watched when Harry Met Sally while eating as well.

Anyways, I am so excited it is Friday! It's going to be a great weekend to be in Philly! hope you all have a lovely weekend.

PS- another summer mixtape to come soon :)


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wearing: top c/o Calico
skirt- Urban Outfitters
bag- ebay
shoes c/o Ruche

Picnic in NYC

22 June 2011

Who doesn't love a picnic? Especially one in Brooklyn on a beautiful sunny Saturday. These
photos were taken on the first day that I arrived to New York. Please excuse the crazy frizzy
hair/lack of makeup... it was one long day! But honestly I was having so much fun that I really
was just carefree. Half of the photos above are from the picnic for the Philly/New York blogger meet up, like the donuts... YUM! I could not bring myself to eat a whole one, but I sampled a few of them and they were amazing! From Peter Pan's in Brooklyn. The meet up was fun and a lot of sweet girls attended! After the picnic, Natalie and I ventured around SoHo and China Town and
spent a copious amount of time on the crazy subways going back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhatten. Luckily we got a delicious slice of pizza with Garlic-y crust in between to make out journey possible! If you're looking for some of the best trends for this season, then why not check out summer fashion and get some great ideas on what'll look good on you this summer.

So this was my last set of photos from New York, but don't worry... I will be back very shortly! Hope you all are having a lovely day.


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wearing: top, bag, shoes- Urban Outfitters
skirt- vintage

I (really, really, really) Love New York

20 June 2011


I am not kidding, I really fell in love with New York City! I think I was warned by about 100
people in my life that once I go there I would "fall in love" with it, so here it is from me, yes
I am smitten! The energy that this city carries is something so wonderful and I am so happy
I got to experience it this weekend. These photos were all taken yesterday while exploring
with Natalie, aka the coolest gal ever/my Manhattan tour guide. I stayed at her place too
where we had an epic sleep over complete with Blue Moons, Chinese takeout and a
traumatic experience killing a cockroach! She definitely was the one with the balls to
kill it haha. Can't wait to hang with this crazy girl again!

The outfit photos above
were taken by her in various parts of the city. The first ones were shot at Brooklyn Heights
which overlooks Manhattan. It was the perfect place to eat our breakfast, bagels with scallion
cream cheese (SO good!). We then did some more walking around Brooklyn and then caught
the subway to the East Village. Such a neat part of town! Grabbed some AMAZING Indian
food for lunch and then walked to SoHo for some shopping. Ended the day in China Town
with some yummy pastries. Definitely did not want to go home one bit!

Needless to say I cannot wait to go back! There is still SO much that I want to see in this city.
It is such a short bus ride away, so you better believe that I will be heading back soon! More
NY photos to come in my next post.


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wearing: top c/o Chicwish
Remy in 'Aztec' denim c/o Raven Denim
bag & oxfords - Urban Outfitters

Gloomy Daze

17 June 2011

Lately it has been so gloomy here in Philadelphia, but I have really been enjoying it.
Sometimes I think I am a huge freak of nature because typically overcast skies and rainy
days make me happier than sunny ones. Anyways for these cloudy days I have been
cozying up and watching movies after work and it has been quite nice! I was able to
slip a few outfit pictures in before totally unwinding though. In case you do not know,
I am really obsessed with socks. Striped, dotted or florals sock are my jam. So naturally
I fell in love with these pretty little flowered socks. They are from a brand called Ozone
socks and they have a ton of other pretty little socks for your pretty little feet. They also
have some great OTK socks for the fall too. Paired some floral socks with this girly
dress for a fun and quirky look.

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I am actually going to NYC this weekend
for this NYC/Philly blogger meetup with Veronika. I am totally stoked! Let me know
if any of you lovelies are attending. This will be my first trip to the big apple, actually
so I am really beyond excited. Many, many pictures to come!

PS- don't forget to enter the Lulu's $50 giveaway here!


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wearing: 'Merry in Marin' dress c/o Modcloth
sock c/o Ozone Socks
hat- cooperative
bag- Kimchi Blue
'Miracle Wedge'- Jeffrey Campbell.


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