31 January 2012

Currently... dreaming of dreamy pastels.

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30 January 2012

Still getting used to, but loving my new hair! The new layers have made it
much more wavy, and easier to manage. Hooray for a good change! Anyways,
I have been preparing for the other change in my life (a much more significant
one of course), and have finally began tackling the ugly task of packing.
Slowly sorting through my clothing, and narrowing down the favorites that
will be joining me on this adventure. A chore indeed, but it's coming along

Anyways, coinciding with my move I'd like to do a little sale in my shop!
15% off all items. Yay! Be sure to check it out here. This sweater is even on
sale too.

Have a wonderful day.

wearing: vintage sweater- For sale in my shop; blouse c/o Romwe;
MinkPink shorts c/o Hallelu; bag c/o VJ-style; Chelsea Crew
Wedges c/o LuLu's

Bang, Bang

27 January 2012

New hair! it's been quite some time that I've done anything significantly different to
my hair (I'm talking years), so this is very refreshing for me! So maybe I only cut off
2 inches of the length... but I got a lot of new layers and the bangs are a big step
for me! Since I've grown my hair out, I've been scared to change it in any sort of way,
so baby steps are always good. The stylist straightened it, and I really hate my hair
straight, so I put it up in a ballerina-esque bun.I have a feeling I'll be rocking this hairstyle much more often!

Anyways, enough about my hair! It's Friday and I am ready for a good one. Hope yours is great as well!

wearing: dress & jacket- Vintage; bag c/o VJ-style; 'Jax' booties- Dolce Vita

Slouchy Wednesdays

25 January 2012

Gloomy days = cozy days in my book. Especially days like today that are not only
rainy, but stormy. Growing up in Texas, I've always loved a good storm. Booming
thunder and lightening shows are the best. And nothing puts me to sleep better
than the sound of a blustering storm and the rain tapping at my window. Anyways,
as glum as it may look outside, I definitely don't think it should be a reflection of
my clothing choices. So I threw on this canary yellow vintage top with a deep
burgundy cardigan to complete my comfy look!

Anyways, I am getting beyond excited for my move to NYC. I've missed my east coast
friends like crazy, and of course the city life so much! I cannot wait to wander around
the streets and take in the magic of the 'hustle and bustle'. Oh and I'm so stoked to livewith my
new roommate Christina! A week and a half until the big move date.

wearing: top- vintage; cardigan- Urban Outfitters; skirt c/o ModCloth;
bag c/o Melie Bianco; Bass loafers- Free People

Two thing I love

24 January 2012

Two things that I will always love and that will always love me- clothes and food.
All taken courtesy of Instagram. Be sure to follow me at FlashesOfSytle !

Weekend Casual

23 January 2012

Over-size sweaters, cozy scarves, and oxfords are typically incorporated in my weekend
looks. These vegan Dr. Marten oxfords have been a staple in my wardrobe these days.
I am completely obsessed and love the way they toughen up any look. A bit more
interesting than the typical flat, but just as comfortable. In other news, I am absolutely
going insane trying to pack for NYC! Knowing me I won't really begin until a few days
before I go (I'm crazy like that). When I moved to London for my semester abroad I
literally did not start packing until two days before my flight. As insane as it is, I am
trying to limit myself to one suitcase. I know it's crazy, but hey it's an excuse to build
a whole new wardrobe.

Hope you all are having a lovely Monday!


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wearing: blue dots sweater c/o
Sheinside; Levi's cut-offs - vintage; bag - ebay; Vegan Doc oxfords- Free People


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