Plan B One-Step: I’ve Got This!

13 May 2019

Personal opinions and thoughts within this post are my own. This post was developed in collaboration with Plan B One-Step

If y’all know me, you know I love pushing the boundaries and to me, no topic is off-limits. That being said, I’m so excited to partner with Plan B One-Step®  emergency contraception on the “I’ve Got This” campaign to open up the conversation about women’s sexual health with y’all! I pride myself on being completely open and honest with you guys, and I am proud to be a voice and advocate for women. So here we go!

Let’s talk for a minute about all the ins and outs of Plan B One-Step, commonly referred to as “Plan B.” Plan B is emergency contraception that helps prevent pregnancy BEFORE it starts by delaying ovulation. The sooner it’s taken after unprotected sex the better it works! Plan B contains the same active ingredient as many popular kinds of birth control pills, just at a single, higher dose, and it doesn’t hurt a woman’s chance of getting pregnant in the future. Knowing Plan B is readily available right off the shelf at all major retailers, without a prescription, ID or age limit makes me feel confident to say “I’ve Got This” should my regular birth control ever fail. I know I can head to CVS Health, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target and pick up Plan B, no questions asked!

For whatever life throws at me, I always make sure to have a backup if my original plan doesn’t work out… sexual health and birth control failure is no different! For me, my friends and women around the world, we RELY on having Plan B as a backup birth control option. In fact, I can distinctly remember a time in my early twenties where I felt ashamed to purchase Plan B in my conservative college town. I rushed into the store with my gal pal, hoping no one would see me – scared to admit to myself that my birth control failed. Now, I realize that there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG in making the responsible decision to take control of my reproductive health because I have all the information I need! So this is a message to 20-year-old me, and ALL women – We’ve Got This!!  

For more info about Plan B, visit Plan B One-Step.

Check out the “I’ve Got This” Right Off The Shelf TV Spot and how Plan B Helps Prevent Pregnancy TV Spot. I’m so pumped to be a voice in informing + empowering ladies that we ALL have got this.


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