Chillen in my apartment, florals are everywhere, I promise.

My shoes to the left, my roommate/the coolest person ever's shoes to the right.

learned how to make sushi, using a friend of a friend's rice grown organically in korea!

My new room!

...and one of my new favorite purses I have ever thrifted. :)

Well as my digital camera is still in the "hospital" here are more
snapshots of my life recently on FILM! I have seriously been dying to
take outfit photos on the digital, but for now here is some of my
amateur photography/a look into what i've been wearing/what I've
been up to. Camera should be fixed by the end of the week, and my exuberance
is about to explode!


anon said...

Love the brogues and loafers! I have a secret love for photos of shoes.

Film has its charms though!

Sabrina Marie said...

Great shoes, and great purse!! I have one kind of similar with more of a floral pattern with the chain handle and it works so great for going out! Fits just the essentials. Love the blog!

Sabrina Marie

Lexie said...

i love your film shots! the colors are so nice!

Molly Gertenbach said...

awesome photos, i love the angles of the shots! and your oxfords are gorgeous, i love that shade of leather.

M. said...

I love your film pictures, they are adorable! your room look so cute :)!!

lovelove, M.

Anna G said...

I like all these films shots. Homemade sushi is the best. Best wishes dear!

FashionHippieLoves said...

I like the first pic!
Especially the dress!


augustalolita said...

lovely photos!! yummy looking sushi!! and cute room!!

Taylor Sterling said...

fab photos girlie!!

Lucie - A Taste Of Vogue said...

Im not surprised your exuberance is about to explode is you can take film photo's like that! So beautiful! Where did you learn?


Lucie - A Taste Of Vogue said...

Im not surprised your exuberance is about to explode is you can take film photo's like that! So beautiful! Where did you learn?


kelsea said...

this is such a great post!! you look wonderful in pic #1 first of all, and if you're not careful you and your roommate might have a visit from a shoe thief-- muahhaha.
p.s. sushi and room look AMAZING too!!

le blog de leen said...

these pictures are lovely :)
your new room looks great! and i understand why you love this bag so much! it's really pretty!


Raquel said...

you look really good, and your new room is beautiful!

Piter said...

Faboulous pics! :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I love your thrifted purse.. and those heart tights! I really need a pair of those!

Mai said...

hahah I love the first photograph! It's so funny!

Unknown said...

I love the wall of ur new room! all the pretty things hanging from it!


noura. said...

great tights

donna said...

Them girls with the cool shoes. Love 'em. And the sushi look delicious!

And I'm lovin' your wall. =)


Anonymous said...

I love your room! Its so beautiful.

Ljubica said...

wow, so much to say about this post!
the photos are so beautiful!
this purse is an AMAZING find.. i'm so jealous!
and your room is so adorable!

Jenna said...

That first picture is soooo cute =]

And i love your room! The flowers on teh wall are so cool.

Unknown said...

lovely pics!!!!



aldonza zúñiga said...

i love the photos congrats for the new room look great
one kiss

Mademoiselle Ruta said...

Wow, amazing photos. I am so jealous of your tights.

Raez said...

adorable everything! from the cute pose in the first picture right down to the sushi and heart tights:)

hope your camera recovers soon!

xx raez

Striped Shirts said...

Loving the bag in this photo!

missDTM said...

love the pics!!!!

i haven't been checking blogs (it's been over a month!) but i'm checking again. love your posts...

kelley said...

Your pictures are always so pretty. I like watching you follow the footsteps of the film-photo-world. Maybe you should stick to it! And maybe you should call me soon!

Amelia said...

The first picture is so cute! And your room looks amazing. Wow. Nice pictures.

Zinta and Sylvia said...

I cant believe those photos, theyre amazing!!!
xx Sylvia

HoneyBunny said...

Oh, how lovely are these photos! Love the dress you're wearing on on the first pic<3

Georgia said...

Damn, that purse is a good find!
It would be mine

Unknown said...

congratulations! such a beautiful room! simple and pretty, and yoru shoes too!

Brown and Cappuccino said...

I really love your pictures, your blog it´s great :) much more than fashion, a true life :)

kiss from Portugal***


Anonymous said...

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TheMinx said...

I really like the way the film shots look! The picture with the shoes is great :)

Arushi Khosla said...

Majorly love the loafers.

LACY said...

your room looks gorgeous!! and both shoes are awesome :)

$ouLphate said...

your tights are soo cute! and making sushi is so much fun don't you think? oh and of course delicious too ahah

Christen said...

Loved every single one of these pictures. So glad to see/hear/read that life is treating you well :)

Megan said...

I love your design scheme, your room looks very delicate.
Both you and your room mate have wonderful shoes!

Kt D said...

aw I love this post! These were taken with film? I find that so super extra cool.


stephanie renee said...

such a great post, so glad I found your blog!

Kelly said...

I love love love your room & that sushi looks so delicious! That bag=absolute treasure. As you can probably tell, I love this post :).

Be Mode! le blog said...

i like this pictures

Shelby said...

Check out my blog, I gave you an award for being an awesome blogger! Keep up the good work!

casual jackets said...

Lovely pics! I love your tights and shoes!

Ashley Dy said...

Adorable as always! I'm craving for sushi now!

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Victoria said...

Such nice pictures ! And man, loove the shoes.. and how cozy making sushi - I looove sushi :)

michelle_ said...

those tights and shoes are sooor rad !
im following ur blog :D
hope you do the same for me too..

and im linking you too :D

where are you from love ?

t h a n k s . for your c o m m e n t s
hugs & kisses from

Unknown said...

I want those tights!!
Have a great day!
Emma x

simonesays said...

A few things.
1. That first photo makes me happy.
2. Your friend's loafers are too beautiful for words. They look like smooth, soft, buttery leather formed into these beautiful shoes. I can't get enough of them.
3. Your room is just gorgeous! It's everything I want in my home someday.

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