In Drapes

12 February 2009

This entire outfit is so flowy I feel as if I could float away. Billowy skirts have seemed to lost their place in my wardrobe, and I plan to bring them back. Also, I'd like to integrate a maxi skirt/ dress into my wardrobe somehow. Just need to find a way to Bonnie-fy it.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a lovely week! Friday is almost here my dears, and when it is, I am going to celebrate. I had five tests this week, yes that is FIVE tests. So I hope your week has been better than mine. :)

Wearing: Roomie's vintage scarf; my vintage riding boots; target tights; free people tank; f21 skirt


Katrina said...

wow, amazing outfit!
love it!!

Helen said...

love love love those boots

Seeker said...

Thank you so much for being at my blog and left such nice note.

Your outfit is very nice and cute.

Keep in touch if you feel like it.


jakubowa said...

what a lovely style! You look fabolous!
Greetings from Poland! :)

Raquel said...

thank you! you look so cute too! and now we can see your pretty face! :)

Maria said...

Like this one. The best thing? The colours. *

MJ. said...

Thanks Bonnie!!
I must say that outfit looks so comfy and so chic!
The colors match perfectly!!
You've got a pretty serious sense of style girl!:P
So jealous u got to study there...:( but glad I could help u with ur shopping!:P


zoë said...

friiiiiiiiday ♥♥♥
so soon i can almost taste it .

& by the way your blog rocks my world !!
i can't believe i'd never seen it before .
stay in touch doll xx.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Great outfit. Flowy things are so if only it could be spring and I didn't need layers on top...

miss large said...

I love your scarf

Amelia said...

Great outfit! The scarf is really cool. Billowy skirts kind of intimidate me--I never know what to do with them. I should work on that.

I hope your tests went well. I had 2 tests this week, which seems like more than enough.

Eeli said...

lol thats a really sweet comment. Your outfits are all really well put together dear. I've been fantasising about the maxi skirt incorporation for a while now. Just to find the perfect pair theat doesn't render me looking preggers ;)

Happy celebrating too!
Eeli xx

The Stylish Wanderer said...

OH lady, I love it, once again.

William Street Store said...

I adore this entire outfit.
You look beautiful!
I hope your tests went well :)
Almost the weekend!!

Gorgeous blog :)
Have a fabulous day

FASHintuitION said...

Well done! Go celebrate :) you must deserve it (with five tests)!!!
BJS *keep it stylish*

Theresa said...

love the boots!! :)

Ida said...

I am enamored by the boho vibe of your skirt, scarf and boots. Gorgeous!

Enjoy your test-free and well deserved weekend:)


Pola Ilowicz said...

OH! You look great!!! I like your style!

Nia said...

love the boots, and the scarf is beautiful!!

yiqin; said...

THe scarf & the boots made the outfit! You are perfect <3

STARR said...

Probably one of my fav looks of yours. I loove that scarf!

Merily said...

happy valentine's day, darling! :)

אדוה&לימור said...

you look great!!
amazing scarf..

Syed said...

Loooove the scarf and those boots look fantastic :) And I hope the tests went well!

Vi said...

I bet we're around the same age, but your style is beyond your years. It's amazing! I love this outfit. Oh dear, FIVE TESTS?! Same here :(

Samantha said...

This outfit is realllly cute I love that scarf and skirt! =^.^=

Unknown said...

love love love that scarf!!! its soo pretty!!!

Marissa said...

i really really like your skirt and boots!

Winnie said...

That scarf is lovely, I like how it picks up the reddish tone in your boots.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Unknown said...

oh my eff. i think we have the same parents because you look like my twin. no joke.
love the clothesies.

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