It's finally here

13 March 2009

Oh spring break, you could not have came any sooner. I'm ready for the most carefree week. All I packed is shorts, tanks, dresses and skirts. Texas I am coming home to you!


May Kasahara said...

oh man I MISS spring break!

lly jyn said...

have fun! great pic :)

Helen said...

oh i wish my easter holidays were here already! (although i have so much work to do before they are...)

shimu's holiday said...

so lovely!!!
so happy picture!!
my ideal weekend!!

Pan's Holiday

Ayesha said...

oh that picture sums up spring perfectly!
Enjoy your break!


Anonymous said...

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Jim Rhodes said...

This photo is so awesome! I hope it was a blessed spring break for you. You can get a research essay here, by the way.


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