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04 March 2009

Well, Since I have been the world's worst blogger as of late, and have had absolutely no time for outfit postings, here is a little list of a few things I love. Thinking of these pretty things is what gets me through a busy day like today! Hope everyone is having a lovely week, and hope you enjoy these random bits about me.


Hello Kitty anything! The Hello Kitty MAC collection is my latest obsession.


She & Him. Zooey's voice is amazing and he is a genius.

Ringpops! One of the only things I spend money on these days

Even though I cannot understand a thing, this is my absolute favorite magazine. I cannot even tell you how many clippings I save from it.


Audrey the great!

Carnations. My mom and I's favorite flower, and the first one's I ever remember having a love for.


FASHintuitION said...

She&Him is completely aproved!
Oh, and ringpops bring me childhood memories :)
BJS *keep it stylish*

Joyti said...

I haven't seen She & Him...it looks adorable though. Nor have I checked out the Hello Kitty collection.

Anouk said...

yes, yes, yes 'she&him' and audrey. well done.

MJ. said...

The Hello Kitty for Mac's add is sooooo so cute!!
Do they still sell ringpops?? It's been centuries since I ate one!! I'm gonna make "Buying a ringpop" my objective for today!:P


Larissa said...

Like you and Carrie Bradshaw, I've got a thing for carnations too. Audrey and ringpops are great too


STEFANIE said...

That videa is so sweet ^-^ love it =)
Great post!


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