Stringy Scarf

28 October 2009

This is quite possibly the first time I have worn red on my blog. It must
be the only red thing I have in my closet, in fact. I love it for two reasons: 1.)it's elaborate construction, 2.)My lovely dad gave it to me!This photo was snuck on my
way to class the other day. It's becoming harder
and harder to take outfit photos these days, since daylight savings has
already taken place here in london. I shall try my best though to
continue with them.

In other news: I have been updating my flickr account
regularly as of late. I am such a scatterbrain, with ideas constantly
zooming in and out of this crazy head of mine. Photography is a
great outlet for whatever you can call this jumbled mess of thoughts
I have. My canon 35mm has been my best friend.
Here are a few I have posted recently:



Sunny skies

25 October 2009

Say hello to my favorite vintage dress ever.

To my surprise, weeather in London has been fabulous (reference photos of the sky for your visual understanding). This lovely weather has permitted me to wear this outfit above sans shiveringand excessive goosebumps. It's a shame that I have been the world's greatestprocrastinator since school has started and I have to work on homework
all day. I'm still fascinated by the city and feel the need/have to explore it every
single day. I guess today I will have to sadly take a break.

And PS- I'm still obsessed with these tights and I wear them all
of the time.

wearing: vintage dress; f21 blazer; random tights; miss me boots

Double Knit

22 October 2009

Yay for the end of the week! I do not have classes on Friday, so today begins
my weekend. This week was super busy, but very great. Highlights of my week: I went to numerous art exhibits, booked my trip to Paris, learned how to take the bus instead
of the tube, and went to a vintage market. Everyday in London is an exciting
one! Below are a couple of my favorite photos that I viewed from the Wallace
Collection. This lovely exhibit is FREE and about 2 seconds away from my school.
I'm definitely going to pop in again sometime soon.

PS- Thank you all SO much for Paris advice! It was all so helpful, really.
I leave in 3 weeks :)

The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard

No Love Lost- Damien Hirst

Wearing: primark knit top; f21 heels; boutique bag


Yep... there are absolutely no words needed. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING 2010


Cozy & Comfy

19 October 2009

Hello All! I hope everyone is having a great start to your week. Mine
has already gotten off to a very busy start, hence the comfy
and cozy wear above. This is my favorite sweater in the entire
universe, and on lazy days like this when I am swamped with
school work, it is the perfect fit.

In more exciting news... I am currently planning my trip to Paris! I
bought this key chain for my house keys because I found
it to be completely adorable and I knew it would make me excited
for my trip. I would LOVE every and any suggestions that all of you
lovely fashion bloggers have out there. Let me know.

Oh yes! And look forward soon to: Shop Flashes of Style!

I have already ran out space in my suitcase for my clothing. So I sadly
have to part the pieces I brought to Europe (which are mostly my
favorites). The shop will hopefully be up by the end of this week.

Wearing: thrifted top & dress; boutique bag; aldo flats

Inspired by...

...Chloe and all things Chloe. Lately a more simple and natural look has been
inspiring me quite a bit.


13 October 2009

I will say it once and I warn you I am going to say it about one million
more times. I am in love with London! Absolutely in love with this city.
Everywhere I turn, a new idea or some form of inspiration is thrown at my
face. My fashion classes are quite amazing, which is no wonder. So much
at my fingertips! I don't have class on Wednesdays so I have declared
this to be official "Bonnie exploring London" day.

Please excuse me for the lack of posts as of recently. I just started
school last week and you can imagine how busy I have been! It's quite funny
actually. I have been taking loads of outfit photos, but I just simply have not had
any time to post them. So now that things have calmed down, expect many
more soon. Above are my Topshop booties, and probably my
favorite thing I have acquired so far.

On a side note- I went to Edinburgh, Scotland to celebrate my
21st birthday and had the most wonderful time! The city is so
gorgeous, and I was fascinated by its rich history and ancient
buildings. A few of my favorites from the trip are below.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and best of luck for this
week to come.

All of the buildings are so gorgeous and old.

gorgeous cathedral in Edinburgh. I have been so many, but its still not enough.

beautiful greenery!

wearing: vintage blazer, AA dress, topshop booties & tights


I have been incredibly fascinated with dark lipstick lately. Paired with
something elegant and soft sounds like something I would
really quite like to try in the near future.

photocred: weheartit

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