Floral Shorts

30 March 2010

I know, I know... this blog might as well be re-named to
"floral addict" or something like that. But who can honestly
resist them in the spring and summer time? Or if you are like me,
even the fall and winter. Anyways... the weather has been
beautiful and even though I have one million things to do
that could really stress me out right now, I'm just going
to relax and enjoy it for a bit!

In other news... I have had this blog for a little over
a year now and I am quite satisfied with it, so now
I must as the question... What do you want from this blog?
Whether it may be more outfit posts, fashion/inspiration photos,
or closet posts, please let me know! I'm excited to hear what lovelies
have to say!

wearing: thrifted top & shorts & bag


25 March 2010

Look ma! I'm wearing pants!

So... I realized it has been a few months since I have posted
any pants outfits on here. Truthfully, I feel most comfortable
in dresses and skirts. On average I wear them five out of
seven days of the week. BUT... who doesn't love a pair of
perfectly fit blue jeans? I just purchased these at UO. They
are the super strechy skinny jeans and I must say, they
fit like a glove!

Also, I had to throw on these platforms in lieu of the Miu
Miu ones. I am seriously in love with those things. And
this top was actually a dress that I thrifted the other day.
Now its transformed into a flowy top, perfect for summer days.

wearing: UO jeans; thrifted top, bag, blazer; f21 heels.

Ditzy Florals

22 March 2010

Believe it or not, but two days ago this dress came down to my
ankles. I went on a major, major thrifting trip and found
about ten things that I am going to hem, like this dress right
here. I guess my inner (somewhat of a) seamstress is
going to have to pour out of me to mend these garments!
I suppose look forward to a few posts dedicated to my new finds.
As hard as it was, I strayed away from sweaters and focused
on finding those old summer clothes.

wearing: thrifted bag & dress; UO tights; H&M wedges


Holy Moly I would die for these Miu Miu heels.
And that is sadly an understatement.

dressing up

18 March 2010

I cannot help but to be inspired by all of the Alice
& Wonderland craze as of the last few weeks.
This simple girly outfit definitely reminds me of the silhouette
of the famous cartoon character! Also, I was really in
the mood to dress up today, so that inspired this as well.

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks... I
have been so crazy busy, but next week is spring
break whih allows much time for blogging! I will
also be going to the great Austin, Texas, so expect
some photos from the great south!

wearing: UO top; f21 skirt; h&m heels

what's underneath

10 March 2010

One of the best and worst things about the spring is the transition of the weather.
I love it, because it means layering, which leads to endless outfit possibilities.
What I absolutely hate about it, is feeling hot, then, cold, and then hot and cold
again. I mean, I would not be surprised if I took this sweater off about one
hundred times today! Anyways... sorry for the silly rambling. The weather
has been nice, and that is a good thing which I have nothing to complain about!

These are some of my favorite wedges, but to be honest, I've been quite
bored with shoes lately. What do you all think about the Chanel clogs?
I think I have mixed feelings about them... We'll see!

wearing: thrifted dress & bag; H&M sweater; f21 wedges.

White lace + pastels +florals = my spring inspiration.

source: weheartit

Spring is fleeting

05 March 2010

Okay so maybe this outfit decision was a little pre-mature, but Spring
is almost here and for the first time in a while I am actually
excited for the season. Winter is my absolute favorite season(and
I'm not going to lie, it's because of the clothes), and typically
I dread the warming up of the weather. But this year I am going
to embrace the fun colors of spring! And don't worry...I did wear
a blazer over this dress when I went out.

dress: urbanoutfitters

Yikes Bikes!

Bikes + Fashion... an interesting combination to say the least.
Who would have though that dressing immaculately would cross
ones mind when riding a bicycle? These women look amazing
while they are staying fit and helping our environment.

Source: JAK&JIL

Spring time florals

01 March 2010

Hello early spring! The weather is finally semi-warming
up, allowing me to leave the coat behind and just wearing
a light sweater. Personally, blazers were all the rage
for me this fall, so I think that this early spring I'll be more into
cardigans and light sweaters. I thrifted this one a few weeks
ago and just couldn't wait to wear it.

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend and Happy March!
Also, If you have tumblr be sure to add me to let me know of yours!

My tumblr.

Wearing: thrifted sweater & bag; Payless Fioni boots


I cannot say how much I like this dress/ad by Chloe.
After that past few seasons' emphasis on dark tones,
I think that the Spring 2010 line by Chloe is so refreshing.
White lace, like in this dress, is exactly what I'll be wearing
this spring!

photo cred: here

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