5 Things That Make Me Happy

08 May 2012

1.) My room. Still tweaking it to make it completely my own and the newest additions are this
ruffley comforter and floral pillow cases.

2.) This song. Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do by Donovan . I have seriously been searching for this song for ages. The tune was in my head but the words couldn't seem to form. This morning Christina played a cover of this song by SoKo so at last I have found it! Go listen to it if you like pretty folk songs.

3.) NOODLES! I am noodles obsessed. The spicier the better.

4.) The city in the rain. As much as everyone complains about it, I find  something soothing about a gloomy day in the city. Whether I am indoors with a book or trudging along the city dodging puddles there is something about it that leaves me at peace.

5.) TUMBLR . So I am indeed tumbling again and have really been enjoying cataloguing my current inspirations. Fashion, music, quotes, photography can all be found on my Tumblr. Also I added the 'ask' feature, so go ahead. Ask me anything!

Hope you all are having a lovely day! 

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Lia said...

you are too cute with the noodles! hope you are enjoying nyc!

Glass of Fashion

Unknown said...

lovely post. i have to agree that all 5 things are wonderful. the photo of you with the noodles is also so cute!

<3 rae


Unknown said...

Hey Hey.... what number am i?! Floozy.

Bodil Loïs Huisman said...

your lamp is so cool!
and noodles.. jummiee


Trendy Mandy said...

And my huge inspiration is YOU, Sweetheart! ;*

jennifer said...

i feel the same about rainy city days :) although it has to be that perfect type of rain and gloom...
love your room , it's so beautiful! xx

Natasha Fatah said...

Oh those noodles made me so hungry! :)

~Natasha Fatah~

Jana K said...

Your room looks pretty. I like the vintage sort of vibe. I'm redoing mine right now.

Live-Style20 said...

fine pics


sip-n-wear said...

Im listening to the song and i like it... :). If youre looking for a spicy noodle dish, go for Shin Ramyun. Its instant korean noodles... Thats all we eat at home when we crave something easy and fast... Not healthy, but tasty!

Jan said...

Your room looks amazing and so pretty! Have you tried Neoguri? It's the BEST instant noodles!


Charmaine Cowland said...

Your bedroom is beautiful! The lamp stand is so unusual and it all looks so homely and sweet..


Marlen said...

i love that city shot, it looks so foggy and kind of romantic. and your bedroom looks so cute with the little feminine touches

Natali said...

I can relate to you in every single thing that makes you happy! That photo of you with noodles is so cute :)


Unknown said...

wooo hast du diese geile lampe her?!?! die ist einfach unglaublich <3


Panty Buns said...

I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful set of pillows and bedspread in my life! What detail! The floral tapestry, the lamp and the night table are amazing too. Your taste in music is so familiar to me. I love noodles too - all kinds of pasta. I haven't been to Manhattan in what seems like eons but that great photo makes me feel like I'm right there again. Amazing.

Yajaira said...

great photos
love the photo of the city
I'm a city girl


Jessica said...

i myself am quite obsessed with noodles in any form


FashionFlirt said...

Nice post! :)



ytoc said...

LOVE the floral pillows! i neeed some too. ahh!

la vie quotidienne said...

Thanks for sharing your personal info...absolut crazy with your BLOG =)

XOXO from Munich
La Vie Quotidienne
I open my SHOP please visit.

Unknown said...

You have the cosiest room (well the picture simply shows a corner of it but I can pretty well imagine what the rest looks like!!) I am completely in love ♥ It's exactly what I would have imagined your bedroom to look like.
Greets, Anna


-Stephanie said...

I love the pillow cases that you have in your room! the floral print is so charming!

Anonymous said...

Hello, from New Zealand, I love your blog, where did you get your pillowcases and comforter from? I love them!

SoFashionistica said...

redecorating is always a fun thing to do, I am doing that myself so i can relate to you saying how you would like your place to feel more like you, like a home. It definitley takes some time to be able to see what you really want, but when you finish you are able to see yourself in it.

Joanne said...

If you like spicy noodles, I recommend trying Korean ramen :) extremely spicy and addictive.



Collections said...

My BF makes the best spicy noodles and your bedroom looks so comfortable.


Laura Pulgarin said...

I love this. What a lovely list of things that make you happy. Love the way your room is set up.

cloé said...

lovely post like always ! thanks :)

karen marie said...

that bedroom swoon! I'm currently trying to redo my bedroom, def a work in progress.

Ms.Fashionista said...

Love that first shot! Such pretty florals. I love noodles too! I think that that is raman and I kind of hate raman but I loveee noodles!



Holly said...

I couldn't get the video to play, but I searched for the song, found it after a few clicks and LOVED it! I don't believe I'd ever heard it before either.

You're adorable, and I like your blog. ♥

Anonymous said...

I agree! The city in the rain is so soothing.. makes me happy!


Unknown said...

pretty obsessed with your room! looks like the perfect place to relax and escape.


Leah said...


Danielle Urban said...

Can i just say im in love with your blog. You are one of the people who inspired me to create my own blog. Much love,


LyddieGal said...

I am in love with your lamp!! where is it from?
Chic on the Cheap

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

miss annie said...

loving the noodle-photo! you look so lovely!

Ayappe said...

i agree with no 4. and your bedroom so cute.

Christina said...

haahaha.in the picture with the noodles you look hilarious!!!!!!!!

miasmode said...

yes the spicier the better i agree on that one. awesome pic by the way. the rain no way i hate rain :D


Indri Tanny said...

noodles lover too..
you should tried indonesia "mie ayam"

love your bedroom pics..
so comfy


miranda_plant said...

It's a rainy New York day today. Enjoy the puddle splashing!!

Carolina Krews said...

pretty room on the first pic :)



Sausan Hanifah said...

i love noodles sooo much <3

btw I'm a blogger from Indonesia, visit my blog : sausanhanifah.blogspot.com

Kristel Louisa said...

So inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty little post. I LOVE noodles (as a matter of fact I might have to make me some now!) and folk songs, and tumblr except that I've been pinterester lately :P Your room photos always look so lovely, inviting and I really love these new additions of yours aswell.

Oh and I love rain too ! Hopping from puddle to puddle with rubber boots is so much fun, and I'm 25 already haha. :)

x Satu
Indie by heart

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

Such a lovely post, my room is my little sanctuary! Love spicy noodles and I need to get back on tumblr! There is not enough hours in the day!

Lucy Loves To Blog

Yu Yu said...

OMG, "noodles the spicier the better" is literally what I tell ppl too!!!
Love and hate relationship with rain though....
Love this cute post ~~

Courtney said...

Your bed is gorgeous! I am dying over the headboard. How pretty.

Agnes Deer said...

Love the room, love the rain in the city, even more if I'm inside my car driving. And of course, I love Tumblr!

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