The BIG Holiday Giveaway!

23 December 2012

The third day of giveaways is here! In honor of the holidays I have teamed up with some of my favorite brands to bring the ultimate (and biggest) giveaway yet on Flashes of Style. Giftcards up for grabs and more from these amazing online shops. The value of the grand prize is over $900, and one lucky reader will win it all. A pretty great way to ring in the new year right? So lets get started!

What you will win:

1.) A $200 giftcard to Raven Denim. Enough to pick out a pair of their amazing designer denim. Love the fit of their skinnies!
2.) Starry Line & Dot dress from Maude Boutique. One of my fav shops from the town I went to college in, Fayetteville, AR! So cute with tights, a cozy sweater and boots.
3.) $100 giftcard to Tailor & Stylist. Such a cute and elegant vintage inspired shop. 
4.) Chevron Necklace from Gorjana Griffin. A beyond delicate and sweet piece.
5.) $100 giftcard to 2020ave. I love how edgy this shop is, so many cool statement pieces
6.) $100 giftcard to BonLook. Good for one pair of prescription glasses or shades. Pretty sweet right?
7.) $100 giftcard to ChicWish. I adore this wonderful little shop. Girly pieces galore... lots of the items on my blog come from here!
8.) $100 giftcard to SheInside. Basically where I get all my holiday-inspired sweaters. So many unique pieces!

With that being said, here are the rules:

1.) Leave a comment with your contact info below.
2.) Go to all the shops and let me know your favorite pieces!
3.) Like me on Facebook here.


1.) Like ALL the brands on Facebook! Links are: Raven Denim, Gorjana Griffin, Tailor & Stylist, Maude Boutique, BonLook, 2020 AveChicwish, SheInside

Good Luck to all and hope you enjoy this giveaway! Please only enter once, or twice if completed extra steps. Giveaway ends 12/31 11:00pm EST


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Javeria said...

Liked all the brands on FB!

Unknown said...

Omg. such an awesome giveaway! super awesome! loved it loved it.

1. Raven Denim - The MIKA deco jacquard

2. Maude Boutique - Fever pitch Seychelles Suede Boots

3. Tailor & Stylist - Wear your heart on your dress Such a unique design

4. Gorjana Griffin - Ellington Clutch

5. 2020ave - Cross front skater dress

6. Bonlook - Gold captain thunder

7. Chicwish - Golden cross Stamped velvet dress

8. Sheinside - Pink Sequined Shoulder Sleeveless Dipped Hem Dress

Name: Jacqueline Hwang
I have liked your facebook too! ;)
Have a great day. Happy holiday and Merry xmas.
Thank yoU!! ;)

tynette said...

THis is pretty awesome!


Tynette Jones

Doris said...

I so want to win this awesome prize!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Such a great giveaway and these shope will definetly be such a surprise if i ended up winning! :D I wish myself and all the others good luck!

1. Raven denim seems to be such a great company. I completely adore the ankle skinny in jet black. I'm very short at 4'9 and I find that ankle skinny fits me best!

2. Oooh, this shop looks very promising! I might even order from here if I don't win! Lately my obsession is ankle boots and the Mulberry Seychelles booties. I think I might ask for these for my birthday very soon!

3. What a lovely little shop! Taylor and Stylist is so cute! I love the Best Boyfriend Sweater! It combines two of my favorite things - stripes and elbow patches!

4. Gorjana Griffin has a refined taste for jewelry. I love delicate pieces like the chevron necklace you are giving away but I ADORE the Astrology necklaces. I'm eyeing the Aquarius one. ;)

5. Bookmarking 2020ave NOW! Such a fun site! I'm loving their trendy pieces! Especially the Leather Strip Leggings . So edgy, so chic, yet surprisingly versatile. I'm looking into this piece...

6. I've been wearing the same prescription glasses for years! I love the Cavalier shape in black.

7. Chicwish has definitely become one of my favorite shops to browse on lately. It's quirky and feminine. I'm really digging the Sweet Peter Pan White Lace Dress. It's so romantic and perfect to take to my trip to Paris this summer!

8. And as for Sheinside I'm loving the Green Lapel Long Sleeve Back Lace Hollow Blouse It combines yet another pair of my favorite things - lace and sheer material.

Such a grand giveway! Thank you for hosting this!

I've also liked you on Facebook. :-)

Lacy Thompson said...

I love the hooverville glasses from bonlook and the aztec open knit cardigan from chicwish! so cute!!
I liked you on facebook!

TRACYbaby. said...

Liked all pages on facebook!
Name: Tracy Joannah Nye

1) MIKA Envy in every color!
3) Glam Slam High/Low Tweed Wool Coat
4) Bleeker Studded Tote
6) Bonnie & Clyde in black
7) Black Velvet Dress with Faux Leather Skirt
8) Gossip Girl Double Button Blue Coat

Jana said...

Hi This is such an amazing giveaway...hope I win...have liked you on facebook!

Here are some of my favourite poieces from all the different shops

Raven denim - Ankle skinny – Mika in garnet
Maude boutique – Laced lady dress
Tailor & Stylist - Broadway Bound Jacket
Gorjana griffin - Acacia Small Earrings
2020 ave – wear your leather on your sleeve and the mini satchel sling
Bonlook – Bonnie & Clyde in Black
Chicwish - Faux Leather Tweed Quilt Sleeve Hooded Coat in Black
SheInside - Grey Batwing Long Sleeve Deer Print Sweater

Have liked all the brands on facebook for an extra entry too !

Jana said...

Oops sorry I forgot to leave my contact info. Its

Have an amazing new year...thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the Orange Double-Breasted Wool Blazer from Chicwish!

Alexandra (

Kirsty Eirinn said...

Amazing giveaway! Okay here goes:

Raven denim: Remy in either scotch or paprika

Maude Boutique: The dress is gorgeous, also love the Give your heart away Seychelles Boots

Tailor and stylist: The Tara purse

GG: That chevron necklace is amazing. I also love the Kaia ring

2020ave: Too hard to choose just one favourite here. I love the woven stripe shorts, the mishmash button up, and the chain weight cardigan

Bonlook: Drink the kool-aid in black and clear

Chicwish : Shredded denim boyfriend jacket and the handknit delicacy of crochet dress

Sheinside: Again SO hard to pick. Adore the navy cat yoke knit dress, the pockets color metching v neck chiffon shirt, and the beige long sleeve geometric diaper sweater.

Liked you on fb as well.


Kirsty Eirinn said...

Also liked all the brands on fb


Unknown said...
Lola V.
Loveee it!

Unknown said...

loved ALL the pages!
Lola V.

Anonymous said...

The Allessandra Wool Coat from Tailor & Stylist, just perfect!
Raven Denim would be perfect for a new pair of denim, because I'm bored with my old ones, but my mom won't let met buy a new pair...
Maude Boutique has really cute dresses, such as the LEILA SILK CHIFFON CHARLOTTE TARANTOLA TUNIC DRESS, and really cute models :p
The Acacia Charm Bracelet from Gorjana Griffin immediately caught my attention, so beautiful!
I've been looking everywhere for a new pencil skirt, I just adore those, and the LACE PENCIL SKIRT from 2020ave is just gorgeous & perfect!
Bonlook is my ultime sunglass-website because it also offers size small, and the BARBARELLA SUN GOLD would be just perfect for me!
ChicWish is such a cute website, it has all sorts of nice things, such as Wine Red Backless Pearly Velvet Dress, velvet <3 *-*
And goshhh, I just love SheInside! If the delivery would be better, I would definitely buy their whole shop, but I got kind of disappointed with them when it took them 5 weeks to deliver a dress, the Black and White Bow Round Neck Elegant Dress... Besides that, amazing shop, and I just ADOOOOORE my dress I bought there :D
Every one of them is an amazing webshop, so I will keep my fingers crossed for a complete week to win :D
+ I liked your fb :D
xo Noor
noor.01234567 [at]

Anonymous said...

+ I liked all of their facebooks :D
xo Noor W.
noor.01234567 [at]

Piia Õ. said...

Oh my, this has got to be one of the best giveaways ever!

So, here are my favourites:
*From RD I'd pick Remy in carbontop
*From Maude I like the Gracia scallop skirt
* The riding boots from T&S are just perfect!
*The Ellington clutch from G&G is so pretty!
*The mini satchel sling is one of many great items from 2020ave.
*From Bonlook I think I'd pick the Cavalier in Burgundy..
*I also really like the Stud Trim Faux Leather High Waist Skirt from Chicwish
*And from SheInside I think I'd choose a coat like the white coat with leather sleeves.

That took some time, but I hope it was worth it!


Piia Õ. said...

And I also like'd every shop on FB.
FB: Piia Õunpuu

Unknown said...

Hi bonnie! I read your blog everyday and always look forward to your new posts! my email address is 'liked' all the stores on facebook and here is what I like from each: maude: by the low back with bow dress
ravin: rita skinnies
Taylor & stylist: wear your heart on your dress in red
gorjana griffin: vintage fan hair pin
2020ave: leather leggings
bonlook: cavalier style
chicwish: navy blue lace pleated dress
sheInside: blue slvls rhinestone floral dress

Hope I win!! Thanks!

Megan staker

Unknown said...

Summer Otey

I just liked all the sites on facebook!

Anonymous said...

Awesome contest!!
I liked you on facebook as Corinne Keegan

My favorite items are:
Raven Denim: The MICKEE jean in butterscotch
Maude: Dearest lace Up Seychelles Bootie
Tailor and Stylist: Wear Your Heart on Your Dress
Gorjanna Griffin: Blake Gem Double Chain Necklace
2020Ave: V-Neck Open Knit Sweater
Bonlook: Coquine Women's glasses in black
Chicwish: Owl Pearly Cut Out Pearly Shoulder Sweater
SheInside: Black ZigZag Striped Geometric Pattern Jumper Sweater



Unknown said...

Janeen Mickayla

faves: rita in covet from Raven DEnim, Apricot Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater from SheInside

Fee said...

I've been looking for the perfect denim jacket for ages now and I really like the KORA jacket from Raven, so that would probably be my choice.
All the stuff they are offering at Maude is astonishing! I really like the Glam Brocade Ladakh Dress, the little cut out gives an extra bonus.
The Coventry jacket from Taylor and stylist is adorable!
Gloriana and griffin did a good job offering the chevron necklace, it's absolutely georgeous!
Could buy everything from 2020AVE, but if I had to choose I would go with the Aztec tunic cardigan.
Always wanted to try out this nerdy look, I'd probably take the la marquise tortoise cateye glasses from bonlook.
Always been a fan of chicwish...but I can't decide between the camouflage military jacket or one of there cute capes.
Can't get enough of galaxy print so I would want one of the galaxy print sweaters on SheInside.

This giveaway is awesome, never won any giveaway, but maybe this time, would definitely make my day :)

Liked you on Facebook.


Fee said...

I also liked the other facebook pages.


Joana said...

Woow, this is the most amazing giveaway ever!

Contact info:

Favourite pieces:

1) Raven Denim -
2)Maude Boutique -
3)Taylor & Stylist -
4)Gorjana Griffin -
5)2020ave -
6) BonLook -
7) ChicWish -
8)SheInside -

Liked you on Facebook.
FB: Joana Abreu

Joana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joana said...

I also liked all the stores facebook pages!
FB: Joana Abreu

contact info:

Kmarotta said...

What an amazing giveaway!

My email is :

1. I love the REMY jeans in ash!
2. I really like the Starry Line & Dot dress and the Alice Wide Pleated shorts are cute too!
3. The Pearly Delight Shirt is so delicate and feminine.
4. The Chevron Necklace is so versatile! I also like the Morgan Triple Wrap in amber.
5. I love the Open Back Lace Dress!
6. The Cobson glasses in tortoise are adorable.
7. Chicwish is one of my favorite shops. I really like the Faux Leather Pleated Skirt in black!
8. I just bought a sweater from SheInside. I love the Nude Sleeveless Cool Summer Dress.

I already like you on Facebook and I liked all the brands on Facebook for an extra entry. Thanks again for the great giveaway!

Sonja Lazukic said...

I love:

I like you on facebook. :)
FBname: Sonja Lazukic

Sonja Lazukic said...

And I liked all shops :)
FBname:Sonja Lazukic

Michelle | said...

I adore the coquine in purple from Bonlook!

sockie 182 (@)

Cindy said...

Many thanks to you and your lovely sponsors for offering such generous giveaways. Happy Holidays!

1. The Doris in Garnet is an absolute must have! I am putting those trousers on my want list even if I don't win this giveaway.

2. Boots, boots and more boots! Slap On the Wrist Leather Seychelles Tall Boot -

3. Elbow patches are so cute! Best Boyfriend Sweater -

4. I am in serious need of a new black handbag. Perry Crossbody -

5. A snuggly V-neck Sweater Tunic for only $9.00!? Yes, please!

6. A gal can never have too many sunglasses. Midnight Express
Tortoise -

7. I think I have fallen in love with a coat! Chicwish Drape Red Cape -

8. Love this site! They alsways the best sweaters. Apricot Sweatheart Neck Union Jack Pattern Jumper Sweater -

Cindy Aiton

Cindy said...

I also 'like' all the brands on Facebook.

Cindy Aiton

Unknown said...

Amazing giveaway!

From SheInside, I'd LOVE this cool tribal sweater:

From BonLook, I'd choose the Bonnie and Clyde Black and Blue glasses:

And from Raven Denim, I'd pick the Remy pants in olive:

Happy Holidays!


elle said...

Thank you so much!
julylightning at yahoo dot com
fb: elle jee

elle said...

liked all on fb: elle jee
julylightning at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Whew. I already liked BonLook, ChicWish and SheInside on Facebook, but I just liked the rest!

Fingers crossed! ;)


Unknown said...

Hello Bonnie! (: Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful giveaway and I hope that you're having a happy holiday! I listed my contact info, my favorite pieces, and liked your page on Facebook!

Contact Info:
Chelsea Miller

Below are the pieces from the stores that I loved!
1) Raven Denim: I've always been a lover of skinny jeans, especially since you mentioned these fit wonderfully, and I think having a good pair is such a nice staple piece! I was drawn to the Remy jean in the Magnolia wash, its the perfect blue that you can either dress up or dress down.
2) Maude Boutique: I really enjoy wearing collared shirts, so when I saw the She’s a Lady Ladakh Top, I though it was adorable. Not only does the shirt have a collar, but its has cute polka dots on it, which makes it very cute and playful. It would be so easy to wear with jeans, or skirts, or to layers under sweaters and because of the print would add a bit of fun!
3) Tailor&Stylist: When I was browsing the tops I saw the Best Boyfriend Sweater, and fell in love! I probably but have way too many striped pieces in my wardrobe but this is too adorable! I love not only the stripes but the elbow patches, it seems likes the nicest sweater to slip into for a cozy day.
4) Gorjana Griffin: The chevron necklace is dainty but adds a geometric touch to outfits!
5) 2020Ave: So many pieces are, as you said, great statement pieces! I thought that the High Waisted Leather Leggings would be the perfect way to add a but of edge to an outfit. You could easily throw a big comfy sweater on top and be casual, or wear them out with a pair of wedges or boots and a chiffon top!
6) BonLook: I’ve actually been wanting a pair of frames from here for quite a long time! The Honeybadger frames in Chocolate Tortoise are my favorite as the frames are square but with a little bit of a cat eye and the tortoiseshell is a color that goes with many different skin tones.
7) Chicwish: One thing I;ve been hunting for is a nude dress and when I saw the Crochet-Embroidered Sleeveless Dress in Nude I thought that it was perfect! The embroidery is gorgeous and very elegant. I think that pairing this with some fun jewelry would be a great look for NYE!
8) SheInside: Although there are a ton of a cute holiday sweaters (I know where I’ll be shopping next year!) what really stood out to me was the Black Long Sleeve Batwing Wool Pullover Sweater. I think the shape is very cool and would be great to throw on over anything for added warmth. The knit adds texture and I think the lovely heather of the sweater would make it pair well with anything.

Unknown said...

I also liked all of these wonderful stores on Facebook for an extra entry!
Thanks again Bonnie (:

Chelsea Miller

Glitter49 said...

1. From Raven Denim I love the Mika jeans in Envy.
2. The Mimi Polka Dot Cardigan and the Boomerang earrings are my favorites from Maude Boutique.
3. The minute I spotted the Flat Strapped boots on Tailor and Stylist I fell in love!
4. On the Gorjana Griffin website the Perry Large Foldover is my fave.
5. I love the Coco Chiffon Back Top from 2020ave as well as the Gold Edge Clutch.
6. The Drink the Koolaid sunglasses in Black and Clear from BonLook are perfect for me!
7. At ChicWish I love the Navy Blue Lace Pleated Dress.
8. The Beige Animal Geo Pattern Cartoon Shaggy Sweater from SheInside is adorable!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
-Hannah G

Unknown said...

This is such an awesome giveaway!
My Favorite pieces are:
the REMY jeans in carbontop so beautiful and practical!
The Peter Pan star print Mini. I think this is one of the most wonderful dresses i have ever seen!!
The Pearly Delight Shirt,
the owl stud earrings, they are so adorable!
The Spiked Suede Flats! but they have so many cute things! it was hard to decide.
TORTOISE glasses
Tulle Tours skirt in ivory
Light Khaki Deer Fair Isle Christmas Pattern Oversized Sweater
It was so difficult to choose my favorite items, because I loved so many things!
I liked you and all the stores on facebook!

themidnighthour said...

I love the Raven Denim Rita Jeans in Covet! I’ve been needing more blue jeans! I have a lot of grey and black ones, but barely any blue! Maude Boutique is so pretty and I’d have to say that my favorite piece is their Gwyneth Button Down top. I’m also really loving the Best Boyfriend Sweater from Taylor and Stylist. I really like the Pyramid Stud Hair Pin from Gorjana Griffin. The Studded Pointy Toe Flats from 2020 Ave are awesome! I really need a new pair of glasses that also look good on my face shape, and Bon Look has round ones, particularly the Chocolate Tortoise J’Adore pair, that would be perfect! The Wine Red Backless Pearly Velvet Dress from Chicwish would be such a great dress for New Year’s Eve and holiday parties next year. I love the Light Khaki Deer Fair Isle Christmas Pattern Oversized Sweater from SheInside for next year’s holiday parties as well!

Kelsey Frey at
Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!! Happy Holidays!

themidnighthour said...

Also liked you and all brands on FB! :)

Dana said...

danalynn827 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Such a great giveaway! :D

1. Definitely the REMY in Myth jeans (although I also like the Remy in olive, hmmm...)
2. love the color of the Egyptian cut out dress!
3.the Best Boyfriend sweater is adorable, especially the elbow patches!
4. the Roman Coin Ring is awesome
5. I really enjoy the Watercolor Tiger top!
6. the Hooverville black glasses are cute
7. I love Chicwish! Right now I'm drooling over the Fur Collar Double Breasted Coat in Olive
8. The Red Batwing Long Sleep Asymmetrical Mohair sweater just seems so cozy for relaxing around home!

And liked on Facebook! :)

I'm so excited about this fantastic giveaway. Happy Holidays!


an ika said...

1/Raven Denim- Doris
3/Tailor & Stylist-Glam Slam High/Low Tweed Wool Coat
4/Gorjana Griffin-Bleeker Studded Oversized Clutch
7/ChicWish-Hand Knit Lavender Daisy Dress
8/SheInside-White Pearls Embellished Band Collar Overlay Grey Lace Blouse

liked on fb-annushka s.


an ika said...

liked all pages on fb-annushka solovey


nilay said...

1- MIKA in vintage kelly
3- Coventry Jacket
7- Sugared Sweets Quadrel Necklace & Bug and Diamond Ring Set & Belt It Up Bracelet
8- Black Batwing Long Sleeve Skull Print Pullovers Sweater & Red Long Sleeve Ripped Tassel Pocket Sweater & Pink Striped Long Sleeve Anchor Print Mohair Sweater & Green Hooded Long Sleeve Drawstring Pockets Fleece Coat &Navy Fur Hooded Zipper Embellished Fleece Inside Military

nilay said...

Liked on FB!

Unknown said...

Jessica T said...

Liked everything on Facebook!

Unknown said...

Hello! My name is Catarina Elaine. I liked you on facebook. My email is

Here are my favorite pieces:

1.) Raven Denim.
Remy Bordeaux Cord - I like how this skinny comes in different colors, and corduroy is my favorite!

2.) Maude Boutique.
Laurel Peplum Lace Dress - so cute, and its my favorite color. I love all the oxford flats in this shop also!

3.) Taylor & Stylist - such a cute shop!!! I loved the Take a Bow Peplum Dress.

4.) gorjana-griffin - The Perry Large Foldover is a perfect day bag.

5.) 2020ave- Bubble Bubble Necklace, such a cute fashion statement!

6.) BonLook. I wear eyeglasses so the Bonnie & Clyde seems like it would be a perfect frame for me!

7.) Chicwish. Red Wine Backless Pearly Velvet Dress. Sooo cute for the holidays.

8.) Sheinside. Beige Rose Flowers Print Ripped Distressed Long Sleeve Jumper- so cute for winter.

Thank you, and I hope you had a merry christmas!


Jessica T. said...

1. PIPER in indigo broad stripe
2. Infinity Ring
3. Best Boyfriend Sweater
4. Caramel gorjana Perry Crossbody
5. Teal Catrina Skull Scarf
6. Hooverville Brown
7. Kawayi Cat Ear Ring
8. Red Hooded Long Sleeve Striped Cat Print Pockets Sweatshirt

Thanks so much!! :)

Unknown said...

I also liked all the shops on facebook.

Catarina Elaine Williams

dianareulet said...

Ah this is an amazing opportunity!

Few favorites of many:

Ahh, and you're liked on facebook and so are all the awesome places.

Unknown said...

My name's Calia and my contact info is:

My fave items:

Raven Denim:

Gorjana Griffin:

Tailor & Stylist:

Maude Boutique:


2020 Ave:



And I already like you on Facebook! I am under Calia Minassian on Facebook.

Kristina said...

Such a great giveaway! :D







Liked you on FB and all the brands :)

Anonymous said...


For the Raven Denim, I love the Mickee skinny jeans in butterscotch. For Maude, I love the Peter Pan Star Print cute! For Taylor & Stylist, I would get the Take a Bow Peplum Dress. For Gorjana, I like the Vintage Fan Hair Pin.For 2020 Ave, I would love the Hardware Flats. For Bonlook, I like the Bonnie & Clyde in Green. For ChicWish, I like the Faux Leather Sleeveless Pleated Dress in Black and the Golden Cross Velvet dress in Purple. For SheInside, I like the White Cat Face Print Round Neck Pullover Sweatshirt.

Anonymous said...

oh, and i liked you on FB! forgot to put that in the other comment!

I liked all brands on FB too!

Hermi said...

Such an amazing giveaway my goodness!!


Let's see some of my favorites..
1. The Mika vintage sorbet are super pretty!
2. In love with the Trustee Ladakh dress, but the Starry dress would be so cozy!
3. The Isabella dress.. and everything else!
4. The Isis necklace is simple & perfect for layering
5.I've never worn sequins but I love the V-Back Sequin Dress
6. hooverville blacks!
7. I looove this shop but have never ordered anything! Love the Crochet Cut out Collar dress
8. Any of the oversized pull over sweaters are great!

Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful pieces!

Sonia D. said...

Sonia Duenas

1. The Kora denim jacket looks amazing! I've been on the lookout for a good denim jacket!
2.EAGER BEAVER BC FOOTWEAR GLITTER HEEL BOOTIE (I've had my eye on these for a while)
3. Wear your heart on your dress is absolutely adoooorable!
4. Dig the Chloe small stud earrings. Simpleee!
5. I've been on the look out for some leather skinnies, and their foldover highwaisted leather leggings are pretty close!
6. all of the glasses are adorable! I'm thinking bonnie and clyde in midnight blue!
7.Mint Classic Cable Knit Cardigan! cute! (so hard picking one favorite)
8.Grey Zipper Side Dipped Hem Loose Sweatshirt (can't ever have too many comfy pull overs!)

Sonia D. said...

Liked all the pages! :)))

Lo-Lovely said...

1. The Blaire Blackout Jeans
2. Iris Velvet Peplum Top
3. Britney Shorts
4. Anchor Earrings
5. Wear Your Leather on your sleeve Top
6. La Marquise Black Sunglasses
7. USA Flag Black Cardigan
8.Blue Contrast Black Geometric Tribal Sweater

Great Giveaway!
My email is
I liked you on fb aso!

angeliquenikki said...

What an amazing giveaway!

•Raven Denim- Vita in Viola
•Maude Boutique- ARYN K Deep V-back Chevron Dress
•Taylor and Stylist-Audrey Dress in Red
•Gorjana & Griffin- love their rings especially the Kennedy Chain Ring
•2020ave- Leather Tank Party Dress
•Bonlook- Marlowe in Grapevine
•Chicwish- Sweet Peter Pan White Lace Dress
•SheInside- Navy Contrast Lapel Long Sleeve Lace Blouse

I already like you on FB!! ☺


Lina said...

Thank you very much for the giveaway! It was fun choosing the items i like :)


I've liked you on Facebook!

mama fish said...

Ahhh I am dying for some bonlook glasses! Pick me pick me! Great giveaway :)

Lior said...

Hey,My Name is Lior and I loveee this giveaway!!I liked you and all of the facebook links for an extra entry.. My email is

1)Raven Denim-
2)Maude Boutique-
3)Tailor & Stylist-
4)Gorjana Griffin-
5)2020ave- and

Thanks Bonnie, you're amazing :))

Olivia said...

I saw this post last week and I've been meaning to enter because it's such a great giveaway but I keep forgetting! Right, now I've finally got my act together:

1) I love the ORLY high rise jeans
2) The brilliant blue Blossom Bell Sleeve Dress
3) The Stanthorpe purse
4) The beautiful green leather bracelet
5) Ooh, the ribcage tank top
6) The Charcoal aviator style sunglasses
7) The floral wool skirt from Chicwish
8) the double breasted navy coat


Olivia said...

Aaaand liked them all on Facebook :)

[Olivia Harding]

Carolyn said...


1. Love the boy fit denim from Raven!
2. Maude has a great selection of dresses!
3. Tailor and Stylist has a wonderful silky glitter dress.
4. Gorjana & Griffin have a lovely Westside Scarf
5. 2020Ave, love the leather striped legging pants!
6. The Aviators from bon look are wonderful
7. I'm really loving the outerwear from Chicwish
8. The blouses from sheinside are killer!

Thanks for this opportunity!

Sammi said...

1. Love the Rita Skinnies in Covet
2. LOVE Maude Boutique (I'm from Faytown)
3. The Glam Slam High/Low Tweed Wool Coat is absolutely beautiful on Tailor and Stylist
4. Love the chevron necklace
5. I could really use the Studded Ankle Rainboots from 2020ave, along with the Tweed Motorcycle Jacket
6. I love Bonlook & would want the Nomad frames in Chocolate Tortoise
7. ChicWish: Love the Retro Cozy Up Woolen Sweater
8. So many great things on Sheinside...but I really like the Coffee Lapel Long Sleeve Epaulet Buttons Coat

And I liked FofS on Facebook :)

Sammi said...

AND! I like allllll of them on Facebook. Fingers crossed!!!

NoNeed said...

I liked all the pages on facebook!
contact info:

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought you were me for just a second while reading your blog, you seem to have very similar ideas and taste. I LOVE everything fashion, have to remind myselfo often to be careful so my pocketbook dont hate me, lol. So now I share my favs from each store. I am super lovin' wine and mustard colors currently so of course my favs will most likely favor those colors.
My fave from Raven Denim is the wine colored skinny cords.
Gorjana and Griffin, gold chevron bangles.
Tailor and Stylist, the great and black pointy toe boots with red buckle, so cute.
Maude, CAN YOU SAY MUSTARD CARDIAGAN, whoooohoo, bought it yesterday, love it!
BonLook, I am super lovin the Raspberry rimmed glasses from KMS.
2020Ave, black and gold studded ankle bootie rainboots, suppper cute, hadn't seen this style yet, very original.
Chicwish, wine colored velvet skirt, would be great with leggings.
She Insider,Black Deer and Snowflake Geometric Pattern Open Cardigan Sweater
WHAT WONDERFUL STORES, I enjoy browsing each. YAY, Thanks for the links :)
Hope I win, I can be contacted at or cell 479-466-9064

NoNeed said...

Thank you for the giveaway!
Favorite pieces:
Raven Denim: MIKA in garnet
Maude: Eddie Ladakh dress
Tailor and Stylist: Sheer splashed polka dot tights
Gorjana Griffin: Chevron gift set
2020AVE: triangle hand chain
Bonlook: captain thunder onyx
Chicwish:Scrolled Trim Shorts in Oxblood, Diamond Decor Halterneck Tulle Dress in Oxblood, Knitting Yarn Burgundy Cardigan
sheinside: Black Lapel Long Sleeve Back Zipper Pocket Blouse

Contact info:

Audrey said...

liked on facebook

Tailor and Stylist: Pearly Delight Shirt



Chicwish: Double Peter Pan Contrast Collar Dress

SHEINSIDE: Too many sweaters to choose from that I love!!

Raven Denim: REMY Houndstooth

Kim B said...

1. E-mail:

Liked you on FB!(Kim Bentley)

Favorite pieces:

Raven Denim: "Mickee in Butterscotch"

Maude Boutique: "Chloe Silk Color Block Blouse"

Tailor and Stylist: "Kensington Bow Wool Hat"

Gorjana Griffin: "Kaia Long Necklace"

2020ave: "Sleeveless Tweed Coat"

BonLook: "Marlowe Midnight Blue"

ChicWish: "Double Peter Pan Contrast Collar Dress"

SheInside: "Red Lapel Long Sleeve Chain Embellished Blouse"

Extra Entry: Liked all of the stores FB Pages!

miss teacups said...


I love the Rita denim in Covet by Raven Denim. The 'Best Boyfriend Sweater' from Taylor & Stylist looks SO cozy! The 'Color Dots Fluffly Sweater in Blue' also looks so freaking cozy (holy moly!) from Chicwish but it's really hard to choose they have so many cute things!

& I like you on Facebook :)

Amazing giveaway. My fingers are are my toes :)

Juliette V. said...

It's a really good idea! Thanksss.
I liked you on facebook.

I also like all the brands on FB for the extra entry.

Soooo. My favorites pieces:

1. Raven Denim: Vita BlackTop
2. Prime Suspect Leather Wedge
3. Wear Your Heart On Your Dress!
4. Anchor Bracelet
5. Wow. I didn't know this shop and I really like it and it's not expensive!! Favorite Piece: (hard choice!!) Doodle Tribal Leggings
6. Drink the Kool-Aid (Brown)
7. Faux Fur Aviation Jacket in Wine Red
8. Is my favorite website ever. I want everything. But especially the Light Khaki Deer Fair Isle Christmas Pattern Oversized Sweater. Love It !!

Bria OC said...

FB name: Bria Crawford

Fav items:
Raven Denim: MICKEE in butterscotch
Maude Boutique: Noel Sequin cropped line and dot jacket
Taylor & Stylist: Kingston Glamour Dress
Gorjana griffin: Taner Dagger Tiered Necklace
2020ave: Crochet halter skater dress
BonLook: Bonnie & Clyde Midnight Blue
ChicWish: Purple Floral Stitch Jumper
SheInside: White Long Sleeve Zipper Pockets Coat

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! So glad I found out from Maude Boutique. They trend some of the cutest affordable items. Its fun to find someone who appreciates AR too!! I'm in LR. Hopefully whoever wins this will be spot on with their fashion.
PS Maude has some super cute chevron pants I'm dying for right now! I liked your FB page to see what's new.
Abria V

Anonymous said...

Oops. FB is Abria Vansandt

Anonymous said...

Kimie -
Already liked you on Facebook!
Is this heaven?

- I love the Everly from Raven Denim in Toast, perfect for a warm day here in San Diego, paired with some cute heels!

- Loving the Alice Polka Dot Scoop Back Dress from Maude Boutique in Brown. It's perfect for any occasion and can work well in any season.

- I can't resist the very first thing that catches my eye, The Audrey Dress in White! So elegant and clean looking and can easily match with a wide variety of jackets, shoes, and accessories! The Bootie - Chloe is unlike any shoe I've seen. These will stand out with any outfit that will certainly give a lot of attention. They also look comfortable (which is sometimes the most important thing for shoes)!

- The Hammered Heart Small Hoops from Gorjana Griffin are so beautiful and simple. I love the details on the heart!

- I LOVE the Sequined Collar Mini Dress from 2020AVE! I would wear this dress for every special occasion! It's edgy and show stopping, and would look great with nude or tan heels of any style!

- I've always wanted some cute glasses like the Peacock in Dark Chocolate from Bonlook. These can always give a little something extra in an outfit. Whenever I feel like I'm missing something in an outfit I can always try finish it by adding these!

- I adore this store! And I am in love with the Crochet Cut Out Collar Dress in Nude. This is just perfect for me, I swear! It's a gracious dress perfect for everyday use. And the detail on the collar is divine.

- The Beige Lapel Long Sleeve Owl Pattern Sweater from SheInside!!! SO CUTE. I love the lace-like sleeves, and the owl is adorable. This is great for those winter days when you want to be comfortable, but still fashionable! I simply just love all of the sweaters in this store.

Liked all of the stores on Facebook!
I'm so happy that I now know so many more stores thanks to you!

Nerea said...

Oh! It is a great giveaway! Thank you :)

I love:

1)The Logan Epic shorts
2)The Slap On the Wrist Leather Seychelles Tall Boot
3)The Bag-o-holics Doc
4)The Bleeker Tote Bag
5)The Chain Weight Cardigan
6)The sunglasses La Marquise Tortoise
7)The Classic Cable Knit Puff Sleeve Sweater in Navy
8)The Black Long Sleeve Zebra Striped Pullovers Sweater

FB: Nerea Brito

Nerea said...

... and I completed extra steps :)

FB: Nerea Brito

Annika Victoria said...

Well of course I have to enter this!!!

1. from Raven Denim, my favourite are the Gamet Red ankle skinnies.
2. From maude boutique the lanette contrast dress is SO nice. That collar! GAH
3. I LOVE the wear your heart on your heart dress from Tailor and Stylist. This is actually also just an amazing store so thanks for helping me find it!!
4. Gorjana's Kaia long necklace is right up my alley
5. 2020ave's Striped bodycon dress is too cool
6. I reaaaally want some cat eye glasses from bonlook in tortoise shell
7. The sweet peter pan white lace dress from chicwish is a classic
8. Sheinside's Bambi photo-print skirt. I love this so much.

"Liked" as Annika Victoria on facebook :)
and you can contact me on xx

Shelby said...

This giveaway is truly amazing! Thanks for the awesome opportunity Bonnie!

1. Loving the REMY skinnies in houndstooth.
2. The Mulberry Seychelles Leather Short Bootie most definitely!
3. The Northcote Cloche in brown. Love it!
4. That chevron necklace is perfectly delicate!
5. I am loving the Stud Patch Sweater.
6. The Whisky frames in Tortoise. I have been wanting glasses like this for forever!
7. Definitely have to go with the Front Pleated Maxi Skirt in black.
8.The Coffee Lapel Long Sleeve Floral Pleated Dress please.

And I have liked you on facebook!


Shelby said...

Also liked all these awesome shops on Facebook!

JBalloon said...

I like the Remy Henna from Raven Denim, the Lanette Contrast Lace & Mesh Collar Dress from Maude, the Scalloped Chocolate Shorts from Tailor and Stylist, the Aubrey Ring from Gorjana Griffin, the Crochet Halter Skater Dress from 2020ave, the Coquine purple from BonLook, the Lace Collar Tan Dress from ChicWish, and the Black Half Sleeve Zipper Back Floral Lace Flare Shirt from SheInside!


Anonymous said...

This an amazing giveaway, these are some of my favorite items:

From Raven Denim, I absolutely love the Doris trousers in garnet. From Maude Boutique, the peter pan star print mini, the collar and the print are perfection. From Taylor and Stylist I love the Kensington bow wool hat. I love the Harrison leather double wrap bracelet, perfect for layering. The spike suede flats from 2020ave. From Bonlook, I would definitely buy the J'adore in chocolate tortoise. From Chicwish, I love love loved the Hand Knit Delicacy of Crochet Dress. And from SheInside the Black Soft PU Slim Jacket.

Also, liking on Facebook.

Edie said...

Hi! Great giveaway! A couple of my favorite things were the Navy Contrast Lapel Embroidery Cat V Metallic Yoke Knit Dress at SheInside and the Double Peter Pan Collar Sleeveless Navy Dress at Chic Wish.


Anonymous said...

Such a great giveaway!!
1. MIKA Blacktop!
2. ALL of the collar dresses & vintage jewelry
3. Their skinnies. They are so stretchy & comfy!
4. Chevron tops & necklace!
5. Spiked Flats! I love them.
6. The cateye glasses look.
7. The wedges, most definitely!
8. The long coats that cover the thigh! Elegant look.
Email me at

Kimberly Grace said...

I love huge giveaways like this! So many great shops, and half of them I didn't know about.

My favorite pieces are the rita in envy from Raven Denim, the laced lady dress from Maude, broadway bound jacket from Tailor and Stylist, the chevron tribal cuff from gorjana griffin, the native fringe cardigan from 2020ave, honey badger from Bonlook, the peter pan collar dresses from Chicwish, and the green lace dress from Sheinside.

kimberlygracesolove at gmail dot com

michy said...

wow its so hard to choose from so many pretty choices...
1. mika ankle skinnies in sunfaded
2. rebecca silk/velvet skirt
3. mini whimsy skirt
4. morgan triple wrap bracelet
5. striped cropped turtleneck
6. hooverville brown frames
7. stud detail sleeveless dress in red
8. black high waist contrast pu leather skater skirt


thanks for the giveaway! :)

Britley Clarke said...

Liked the fb page. :) Fingers crossed!

Andreea said...

Hi! I liked your page on Facebook with the nickname Andreea Cretu and you can find me at the adress:
Here are my picks:
The Kaley jeans are perfect for me because I need a pair of skinny jeans with elastan. It's hard to decide between the two colors, because they are both interesting
in combining.
I would definitely wear these two pieces together. I found them perfect for a photo shooting somewhere at the country side.
This top is my favourite because it reminds me of the girls in Mad Men and the 60's.
In about 4 months i am going to graduate college so I need a cool outfit. I would love to wear this clutch.
5. I love their shoes. They got so many models and it's hard to decide which is my favourite. However, I like these two:
6.I'm a huge fan of sunglasses. I own almost twenty pairs. Anyway, I would like to add this pair to my collection:
7. I regret that i didn't know this shop before. They have incredible pieces, with interesting shapes. I am impressed by the pullovers and my favourite is:
8. As I already mentioned, I am having my prom soon, so I found a perfect dress:
Great giveaway! Thank you!

Lina said...

I've liked all the brands on Facebook! I've commented earlier on the things I've chosen :)

Nisauliams said...

Hi! My name is Annisa Aulia Maghfirani Sudarmadi
1. Raven Denim
2.Maude Boutique
3. Taylor & Stylist
4. Gorjana Griffin
West iPad Griffin (
5. 2020ave
Griffin Black or Grey
7. Chicwish
8. Sheinside

Nisauliams said...

Hi, my name is Annisa Aulia Maghfirani Sudarmadi and I've liked all of the brands' pages.

Nisauliams said...

I've been following all of your accounts too (pinterest, bloglovin, twitter, facebook, tumblr) :)

Laura Jude said...

Wow what a killer give away!

Here are my favs:
1.) Remy in Aztec
2.) The starry dress is awesome, also love the Blanche open back bow detail dress
3.) Tailored Tara Purse
4.) love the chevron necklace, also the Kala Ring
5.) Suede Toe Cap Buckled Pumps
6.) Cavalier in Burgundy
7.) Faux Leather Sleeveless Pleated Dress in Black
8.) Black Long Sleeve Contrast Sheer Mesh Yoke Dress is perfection. so are all the sweaters... especially love the Black Embroidered Cat Sweater

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