35 mmm // Lazy Sunday

30 September 2012

All of these photos above embody what to me, makes up a perfect sunday. Hope you all have had a good one. 

photos by me

Outfit // Little Sailor

29 September 2012

A good brogue is something that I have been in search of for quite some time now. It is one of those accessories that goes with just about anything and is the perfect classic touch in my opinion. I had a pair that lasted me two years but I decided to retire them a few months ago once they were practically unwearable. So these babies are my new go-to brogues. They are a from a brand called Vintage Shoe Company and I must say I am absolutely smitten with their collection. When it comes to shoes I am all about quality and these shoes totally surpass all of my expectations. Finally my brogues search is over!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a fantastic Saturday. Enjoy the last weekend of September. October, I welcome you with open arms. 

wearing: dress & sweater c/o Romwe; bag- Cambridge Satchel; hat c/o Block Headwear; Ellen oxfords c/o Vintage Shoe Company

Giveaway // Bonlook

27 September 2012

It's Thursday... which means it's almost Friday, which means it is the perfect time for a GIVEAWAY! Today's giveaway is brought to you by one of my favorite eyewear brands BonLook. Since I am always wearing contacts you might not know, but my eyesight is quite awful! I am super indecisive and  have a hard time settling on just on style of glasses, so when my yearly eye doctor appointment rolls around I always end up picking contacts over glasses. Prescription eyewear can get so expensive, but BonLook offers adorable styles at a super reasonable price! They have become my go-to when I ever want to spice up my glasses collection. 

With that being said, I am super excited to offer you all a $99 giftcard to BonLook, which will get you a brand new pair of glasses (even prescription, too)!

Here are the rules:

1.) Leave your contact info in a comment below and what glasses you'd like.
2.) Subscribe to the BonLook newsletter here !

And for two extra entries:

1.) Follow BonLook on Facebook
2.) Follow me on BlogLovin'

Good Luck to all!

wearing: top & skirt c/o VJ-Style; Eyeglasses c/o BonLook

Outfit // Side Street Sitter

26 September 2012

Some of my favorite people watching ever has most definitely been done on the stylishly-walked streets of SoHo. I could just sit there for hours listening to music and observing the numerous people walking by about their day. The energy in this part of town is always abundant and I just love being a part of it.  Anytime I am having a bad day or feeling homesick I always come here and all those feelings are  simply wiped away. Doing this is basically my equivalent of long drives on the highway, windows down, blasting tunes... an activity I often enjoyed back in Texas. It's piece of solitude amongst chaos  and I'll never be too busy to set time aside for moments like this.

Anyway, enough rambling. I have been looking forward to showing you all this little mini dress I thrifted when I went back down south a few weeks ago. When I found it in the thrift shop it was anything but mini... it went all the way down to my ankles and was about ten sizes too big. But I saw the potential in it (I couldn't say goodbye to that beautiful print!) and took it home for some mending. Now it is one of my favorite itty bitty dresses to pair with rugged denim and boots. 

Hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday! 

wearing: dress & bag- Vintage; boots c/o Dolce Vita; hat c/o Block Headwear; necklace c/o Fred Flare; headphones- Urban Ears; Turqouise ring c/o Robyn Rhodes

Trends // Loves List

25 September 2012

The change of the season has definitely had me lusting after Fall essentials that I am dying to fill my closet with. Of course I have my staples from last fall that will be carrying over to this year but I am also in need of some refresher pieces. First thing on my list is oxblood, well... everything. I cannot get over this rich color and I can't wait to stock my wardrobe with this beautiful color. Here are some pieces I love:


Another obsession of mine are buckle boots! I just can't get enough of them. I wouldn't mind adding one or two of these to my collection:
buckle boots

From left to right: 1.)Topshop western boots, 2.) Madewell suede boots 3). jeffrey campbell boots 
4.) Asos Faith high heels 5.) Asos tan boots 6.) Topshop buckle boots

Next on my list is something shiny and new: the brocade dress. I am loving this trend and can't wait to pair one of these pretty little numbers with a tough moto jacket and beat up boots. 


 From Left to right: 1.) BB Dakota dress 2.)Kenzo dress 3.) Fashionunion.com Brocade dress

 And last thing I am really lusting for is a carry-all backpack, perfect for my daily adventures in New York. Books, cameras, beauty products and what other belongings I have would be perfect to carry in these backpacks: 


 From Left to right: 1.)floral backpack 2.) Canvas rucksack backpack  3,) Mint green bag 4.) Steve Madden bag

Hope you liked this edition of my lasest Loves List!

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outfit // Jump for Joy

24 September 2012

I cannot help it -- Wearing tights with hearts on the knees make me want to jump for joy. I have been wearing them about every other day now, and I have not a single run in them. As far as tights go, that is basically a first for me. Nonetheless, I plan on stocking up on these babies because I can't imagine not having them in my wardrobe now! Anyways, I have also been having fun transitioning  pastels into fall. There is no way I am saying goodbye to this dream color palette, no matter how dark and dreary it gets outside. 

Anyways, I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Also, I updated my layout a bit, trying to make it as easily accesible as possible. Hope you all like it!

wearing: top c/o Asian iCandy; dress (worn as skirt) c/o Line & Dot; booties c/o Dolce Vita; bag c/o Rebecca Minkoff; tights c/o ModCloth

Welcome, Fall

23 September 2012

Without a single doubt, fall has always been my favorite time of the year. The happiest memories that I can recall have happened during this season. There are of course the 'firsts' that have taken place. The first time I moved away from Texas for college and found myself with a sense of new-found independence, aimlessly wandering around campus taking in the Midwest's beautiful transition into the colder months. The first time I moved in with my best friends and had a house to call my own. The first time I fell in love. And of course there are the fall routines that I look forward to every year, like dusting off the box of my favorite sweaters in storage, or wandering around with a pumpkin spice latte in hand.  When October rolls around, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic about autumn's past and what it means to me. This fall is another first - my first time living in New York City. It is the simple things that make me happy and I am so eager to see what memories fall will bring me this year. I know that it will be nothing short of magical

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photos by me

Outfit // Red & Gold

21 September 2012

Aside from my pastel color palette obsession, a new favorite combination of mine is red and gold. I rocked this vintage over-sized gold brocade blazer with my Rebecca Minkoff lipstick red bag basically everyday this week. Couldn't ask for a better duo. The weather has been quite chilly here recently and I could not be more thrilled. Time to put my layering skills back into play.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

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wearing: top c/o SGC NY; shorts & blazer- vintage; bag c/o Rebecca Minkoff; booties c/o Modern Vice x Natalie & Dylana Suarez 

Shoe Love // Floral + Leopard

20 September 2012

I recieved these lovely wedges from Nine West as a little goodbye to summer gift the other day and I instantly knew what I was going to pair them with. Floral denim! I have been completely into pattern mixing these days (who isnt't?), and one that I have been dying to test out is leopard and floral. I think it is such a fun take on the trend and leopard has become such a classic it is pretty hard to go wrong with the combination. When trying out this trend, stick with a monochromatic floral pattern to avoid a print-mixing mishap. 

What are your favorite prints to mix?

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denim - Urban Outfitters; Leopard wedges c/o Nine West

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