November Playlist

03 November 2013

Never really had the chance to properly welcome November, so here goes. It is definitely one of my favorite months so I made this little playlist along with inspiration photos for you all to enjoy on these chilly fall days. Perfect music for a walk in the woods, or a warm cup of coffee in your pajamas.

Hope you all enjoy!

photo source: Tumblr


Vivian said...

These photos are so lovely~ will definitely chill to your playlist now~



Charisma said...

I'll definitely be listening to this all month! So relaxing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So relaxing!
I love it!
And the pictures are beautiful!


Unknown said...

so many lovely fall photos


Unknown said...

I love posts like this, and I love your taste in music!

xoxo, Kenzie

Taimemode said...

J'aime all those pics, so autumnal, so colorful, so full of orange leaves and orange color :)

New on Taimemode:

Jumper worn as a dress!

Merci! said...

Fantastic <3

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!

Michelle Lee said...

happy month for you!

Debra Townsend said...

Beautiful Photos! An I'm always looking for new music to bake by. I'll be checking out your suggestions! Thanks!!

Shawnee said...

this is perfection .

Aliyah said...

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