Hello Again youtube + My Red Lipstick secret!

15 April 2014

Hello, hello! It has been quite sometime since I have made a youtube video. I have gotten several requests to get back to it, so here I am! This is just a little hello + a tutorial of my red lipstick I always wear!

Hope you all enjoy! Soon I will be posting a Q+A video so feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. :)


Panty Buns said...

Your new YouTube video "Hello There + Easy Red Lipstick Tutorial" is a lot of fun to watch!
I drink a half a pot of coffee in the morning myself (with flavoured creamer).
I love your winged eyeliner, your lovely blouse, your hair (it looks great), the flowers, the (Navajo?) patterns behind you, your adorable cat, and, of course, your lipstick and super-fast lipstick tutorial! Is that your email dinging in the background? I keep re-watching your video and then checking my email.
I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/bonnieeecakes. My YouTube is at http://www.youtube.com/user/misterpantybuns
I'm always extra happy when a fashionista YouTube user I follow has a blogspot blog so I can comment (I don't want Google+).
Love your blog and YouTube channel! How do you style your hair? It looks pretty.


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Celestina said...

Do you have any style icons you look to for inspiration?

Elliementary, My Dear said...

You're so cute :) Do you have any tips on transitioning to living in a new city? I'm going to be moving to a new city soon so it would be great to hear how you adjusted to living in New York.

Bivisyani Questibrilia said...

Tell us your blogger story! How did you first start and how was the journey since then? Do you see blogging as a different thing now? That kind of stuff!

Vivian Yuen said...

Thanks for sharing, Bonnie! Your lipstick is always flawlessly applied~



SweetCandyDreamer said...

Cute video :-)


MD Ayomi said...

Aaaa..Really nice color..I love it..


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Nikki Williams said...

love this! you pull off the red lip so well it's great to see the secret behind it!



Desirae Smith said...

I love that you're making videos again! It's so cool to hear you talk after so long of just reading your words! I'd love to hear some of your photo editing tips in a video!


Mary Andrikus said...

My question is, what's your motivation?
And btw, you look so pretty!

Hannah said...

What advice would you give to people with negative body image? What do you do to you feel more confident? Love you, Bonnie! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie! So nice to finally hear you. Btw, what was the lipstick's brand? And I'd also like to know what do you do for living, whats your routine.

Hope youre having a great day.

Alaina M. said...

Have you ever tried NYX brand's soft matte lip cream? I have several shades and though I'm still getting used to wearing a bold lip, I think it's a nice formula. Maybe a bit less expensive than the Sephora brand too!
Cute video!

KamilÄ— said...

I always loved your lipstick colour! I can't believe that it comes in that package! haha


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Pumped that you're making videos Bonnie! Been reading your blog for years and it's my favorite! Keep being awesome, lady! :)

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Pumped that you're making videos Bonnie! Been reading your blog for years and it's my favorite! Keep being awesome, lady! :)

Nelson Security Systems said...

Beautiful red lipstick. You look so gorgeous on that video. Keep vlogging.

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Pumped that you're making videos Bonnie! Been reading your blog for years and it's my favorite! Keep being awesome, lady! :)


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