Happy Sunday

11 May 2014

Sunday is one of my absolute favorite days of the week...

There is a sense of calmness about the day. I love to unwind and spend time preparing for the week to come and reflecting a bit on the weeks past. Attempt to clean my room, maybe go to the park with friends, pick up fresh flowers for the apartment... Ah yes, sundays are the best.

I hope you all had a good one!

photo by me


Juliette Laura said...

Such a lovely photo, I love sundays!


Panty Buns said...

It's been a gorgeous Sunday! The weather was perfect, everything is growing like crazy and the flowers are blooming. I love it. That's a pretty vase of Spring flowers you're holding in the photo. It was a beautiful day to relax and enjoy.


Kacie Cone said...

Beautiful picture! Happy sunday!


Unknown said...

Cute photo! Happy Sunday to you as well. They're my favorite days too. <3

x Kenzie

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Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more and the late evening sun is just making Sundays all the more lovely now! I like the excuse to slow down the pace and soak everthing in, do something mundane like a little bit of life admin and drinks lots of tea. BLISS. x

KamilÄ— said...

I used to just hate sundays a while back. It was the day when I had to stay at home and study all day. And I just hated that - but now I'm learning to enjoy the perfect sunday brunches and try to get outside as much as possible.


zoe said...

Sundays are my absolute favorite day of the week. They are reserved for lattes at my favorite coffee shop, a long trip to the farmer's market for fresh produce and flowers, an afternoon nap and a serious homemade dinner :) I hope your upcoming week is as wonderful as your Sunday!

The What's In Between

Vivian said...

Lovely photo, hope you had a relaxing Sunday!



Nikki Williams said...

sundays are the best :)


Temporary:Secretary said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm already looking forward to the next one, and it's only Monday! x


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