13 May 2014

Things have been quite eventful in the city as of late...

Things have been quite busy in the city as of late, but wonderfully great as well. Lately I have been....

1.) Eating mr. softee like it's my job
2.) Loving my kitty tights and rocking them every second I can
3.) Getting sick of my short hair and playing with clip-in extensions. as weird as that sounds,
4.)Admiring the spring blossoms before they quickly disappear
5.)Loving pastels, as usual.
6.)Hanging out with my boo, Jordan anytime we are both free in our busy schedules
7.)Enjoying the seasons freshest fruits
8.)Roaming around in my neighborhood, East Village, and loving every second.

Hope everyone has been having a great week as well!



photos by me


jennifer said...

'Tis ice cream season!
I hope you are still planning on doing your FAQ post. I am looking forward to it :)

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

Cute photos!I love your instagram!

x Kenzie

c said...

lovely photos!
xo, cheyenne

Tündéri Lonka said...


Vivian said...

wonderful shots! Who doesn't love Mr Softee?



Holl JC said...

Your photos are always just so gorgeous Bonnie! Those ice creams look so so so scrummy too x

Styleinheart said...

Great pictures! <3

Panty Buns said...

It has been a busy but wonderful week so far for me. I LOVE this time of year. Your photos are wonderfully uplifting and beautiful. The Mister softees and strawberries look delicious. The kitty tights, your hair, the blossoms, and your feminine clothes all look lovely!

Unknown said...

i love the aesthetic of your photos! those strawberries look so yummy!


Claire (G is for Gingers) said...

I always love your instagram :) Its perfect Gisforgingers xx

CoolAllure said...

Great pics! The kitty tights are so cute! And your wardrobe is really cool! Have a great week ahead and can't wait your next post !

Kailey said...

Your instagram posts are always so amazing! Those tights are precious <3

Kamilė said...

These pictures are so nice!
Also you two look adorable!



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