Summer in The City

09 June 2014

Oh how I love summer in the city...

I am just so in love with summer in the city. It is my third one so far and boy let me tell you. It really never does get old. Everyone is in a better mood and even on gloomy days like today, you still feel happy knowing that soon the sun will be shining again.

Here are a few snaps from my instagram as of late. If you'd like, follow me here!




Natali said...

Last 4 photos are just so pretty and sweet, each in their own way :)

Veronika Novotny said...

Summer, is the best! The daylight, warm weather and days spent adventuring are my absolute fave!! Adore all these photos + you look lovely in them!! xo

Nikki Williams said...

you look so gorgeous in that pale pink dress! love it!


Rory said...

Lovely instagram! Thanks for sharing :)

ModeAmen said...

Love this post!

Fellow blogger,
Priscilla Ivette

Panty Buns said...

I LOVE the skirt you wore in the photo on the lower left! The blouse you styled it with is pretty and your hairstyle is beautiful!

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

amazing photos, dear :)

ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page
ChocolateFashionCoffee INSTAGRAM!!!

Kacie Cone said...

The summer is such a beautiful time, such adorable pictures!

Vivian said...

Love your straw clutch, so cute!



Zhcsyra hp said...

wowhhh..happy summer and i love all of this <3

c said...

what lovely pictures :) getting a total summer vibe!
xo, cheyenne

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