New Makeup Obsession: Temptu

14 October 2014

I want to introduce you all to a new favorite skin product of mine... TEMPTU at home airbrushing ! 

I have been very excited to share TEMPTU with you all for quite sometime! I have had it applied to me on various photoshoots, so when I was asked to review the kit at my own home, I was beyond thrilled. The first thing that shocked me is how easy it is to use. Now here, I only used the foundation in Warm Ivory, however TEMPTU even has blush as well as highlighter airbrush options as well (which I will definitely be purchasing soon!) .

So about the application process... the kit comes with an adapter, plus the actual airbrushing tool which is quite compact so you could even bring it while traveling. Anyway, the spray gun shown above is the main tool to achieve the look. It's easy to use on your own... you simple just press down on the trigger, softer if you don't want too heavy of foundation and a bit harder if you want to cover up blemishes a bit heavier. In the before and after you can see how much my blemishes are covered ( especially in the cover photo that is close up) . I am prone to acne, so TEMPTU is a great product for me. What are your thoughts?

Hope you enjoyed this little review!



make up c/o TEMPTU


Karen Louise Flynn said...

Bonnie this is so cool! I got my make up done with one of these recently and it stayed on perfectly all day and night - and it looked so natural too! All I could think was, man I wish I had one of these at home.

You look lovely as always!


Alice Young said...

Ooo, I can imagine applying makeup would be much more interesting this way! Would love to give it a go!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Melda Auditia said...

You look gorgeous!

Laura Mitbrodt said...

This looks so neat!

Rashgmaal Bloodman said...


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Michelle Lee said...

so cool!

focifo said...

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Heard about Senior Living Seattle Hearthstone said...

Temptu was a big purchase for me but it was worth it! It's definitely an investment but one or two weddings and you'll make your money back and begin to turn a profit. I love it and I think it's easy to use. If you do wedding or event make up and are looking for high quality buy this! It's worth it.

Fluent in Fashion said...

I love the look of Temptu I will certainly be giving it a try. Thanks for sharing.


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