Spring is in the Air

16 March 2015

Spring is on it's way and I could not be more excited! 

Tights were totally not needed for this look. I am the worst at looking at the forecast and presumptuously assume that the weather will be the same as the day before (silly, I know). Anyway, I wore this outfit while exploring the Bishop Arts District in Dallas with one of my friends. It is such a cute neighborhood with the best coffee shops, book stores, record shops, delicious restaurants, and an all around chill vibe! We found some cute houses on these side streets and I couldn't resist snapping a few photos.

Anyway, hope you all are having a great Monday! It's a busy week for me, but I am ready for it!



wearing: dress c/o Missguided; boots c/o Seychelles; bag c/o DailyLook

Photos by: Greg Moran


Mae RZF said...

Really love your dress!

Maë from

Natali said...

You look so pretty in this girly and retro outfit!


Mariel Parton said...

gorgeous Bonnie, you look lovely and that dress is so pretty <3


Inês Brito said...

Lovely dress and pics ♥

Cheyenne said...

This dress looks so pretty.

xx Cheyenne

Unknown said...

Such cute photos- you are adorable! I love your fashion sense!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with this look & your photography style! How have I never come across your blog? I love the boots ❤️
Bee xxx

Unknown said...

Beautiful dress, love the colour.


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

cute dress :)

ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

LIVforstyle said...

Love the color of the dress. YAY for spring!



Mindy said...

Pretty dress! Can't wait for Spring!

Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

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Vivian said...

Hooray for Spring! Love the lace dress~



Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Beautiful dress! Love the colour! x

Ary said...

Lovely dress ♥

Nikki Williams said...

love those shoes!

xx nikki

Laura Jones said...

i'm like that as well and just think the weather is always going to be the same as yesterday, haha! wish it was warm enough for no-tights weather here:-) also, i love your dress! xx

Tusks and Tails said...

Such a cute dress! Lovely color!


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Emma. said...

gosh this dress from MissGuided is so beautiful ! They really have some beautiful dresses !!
Also, about tights, i do exactly the same thing, i actually never check out temperatures and just go with the flow which always cause me "problems" (=rain and no umbrella or appropriate shoes)

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Hoda Katebi said...

Such a cutie! Even with the suburbs in the background, haha. I feel like you are one of the few people who can wear so many dresses and still make the look interesting! Red is definitely your color, Bonnie!

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

Michelle Lee said...

i loveee lace dress :)


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ThisLittleStar_ said...

Cute pics! You Americans have such lovely houses! *jealous sigh* love the red dress - very pretty!


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Unknown said...

The dress is so lovely.

Diary of Elegance

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