Four Eyes

22 December 2015

I have terrible vision so when asked me to collaborate with them, I was more than excited! They have tons of luxury brand glasses at a reasonable price. 

I chose these Celine glasses that I quickly have become obsessed with! I love this simple yet classic style of round glasses- they look good with pretty much about everything. I paired it with this holiday sweater, vintage bag + ripped denim for a cozy/comfy eclectic look. Be sure to check out SmartBuyGlasses for other cute styles!



wearing: sweater c/o ASOS; denim c/o Hudson; bag- vintage; glasses c/o SmartBuyGlasses; 


Ana Vieira said...

Your sweater is so cute <3 beautiful look! xx

Blog - Coco made me do this

Isabella said...

Very cute glasses. I can't help to notice how unhappy you look in your posts lately, though. Is everything okay, Bonnie?

Anonymous said...

Your christmas sweater is very cute, love it!

Maë -

Holl JC said...

So cute Bonnie! I love your jumper, it's fab x

Inês Brito said...

So adorable!

Unknown said...

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Elizabeth J. Robbins said...

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Robert Smith said...

The weather is looking great and you are also looking awesome.

Unknown said...

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Lisa Resnick said...

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William Thomas said...

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