Summer Staples

05 May 2016

Strolling around on a beautiful day!

Pretty high-waisted skirts + off the shoulder crop tops have quickly become a staple in my closet this summer! When I like an outfit idea I kind of fill my closet with those items and they become a bit of a uniform! Boring, maybe, but I think I just know what I like! I have a few of these beautiful full skirts from Modcloth that I plan on pairing with tops like these during the summer heat!

Anyway, just wanted to post quickly and have a little hello! Hope you all are having a great week so far. It's almost friday!



wearing: top - H&M; skirt c/o Modcloth; bag c/o Skinnydip London; platforms c/o Swedish hasbeens


Natali said...

Looking gorgeous in this girly and retro chic combo!! LOVE your mini bag, it's so unique. :)

Maë Rzf said...

I love how you always look cute and preppy with your outfits. :)

Emmy Jake said...

I love love love that tattoo!!!

Inês Brito said...

Amazing, love the bag! ❤

ravenlocks said...

First off...your tattoo is beautiful. Secondly, I love this mix of prints! Very cute outfit.

xo Azu

Madison said...


Hope this message finds you well! I don’t know why my emails and messages are not reaching you because I have sent a few in the last couple of weeks and I still don’t have a replay from you.
Maybe my emails are going to your junk folder or something like that so please when you see this message do a little digging in your email to see if you can find my messages because I would love a replay from you.

Madison from Irresistible Me

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