Dots, Dots, Dots

23 January 2009

Thank goodness for the weekend! It is only the second week of school and I happen to be swamped with piles upon piles of work. Many projects coming up soon, but I am eager to start them. I am in a textiles class, which I find it very interesting to learn what fibers makeup the fabric in our clothing. I may be a nerd, but I find the science of it all fascinating.

I am also finally in a sewing lab class, and the first project is making a bag. I already have my sketches ready to go. My teacher is wonderful, plus she is teaching me how to knit! By next winter I'll be a pro. Hopefully.

These pictures were taken by my lovely boyfriend right outside of my class. His help makes my photos so much more interesting. The buildings here are beautiful.

Wearing: F21 shirt as dress, cutout patterned tights,; UO flats; AA gray tulip skirt


Anonymous said...

This is a darling little outfit, love the tights. Seeing that this blog has just begun I wanted to say hello being new to the blogger world myself, haha. Hi!

Lydia said...

This outfit reminded me how much I love girly sillouhettes... and inspired my outfit today! SO gorgeous. Ha, I need plain black flats :P

So said...

I like your tights, nice outfit! :)

ryder said...

you look very sweet in this dotts.

STARR said...

Glad to find your new blog!
Which school are you in if you don't mind me asking?
I took a textiles class already too lol. Are you using a leather sewing machine for your bag? :)

Unknown said...

Hi there...
Thanks for visiting For The Sake Of Fashion! As I promised I've linked you in my new and improved blog 'Medium for Fashion' and I hope you like it. I'm still working on it, so don't expect to much at the moment ok!!!!! hopefully I'll see it linked here too.

I love your style and have also added you to my computer favourite list.

Keep in touch, ok!!!!


medium for fashion - Grazi

Larissa said...

Lovely tights, are they the ones you're wearing in your blog header photo? Also - you have great hair!


Alice said...

It's my first time here. You have great blog! I like your outfits and pictures. I will be visiting you often;)


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Selerit said...

I like that black and white dot dress. I also recently bought a black and white polka dot skirt. I feel comfortable wearing it. Also, your hair looks great.


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