Leap into Spring

20 September 2010

One thing I always feel absolutely comfortable in, is plaid.
On a lazy day, I automatically turn to my over-sized thrifted
plaid tops and pair them with jeans or leggings. In my book,
it has definitely become a fall/winter staple, and I do not think
it is an over-used trend at all.

Anyways... let's talk about Spring 2011! I had a great time last
week checking every collection, and have compiled a handful
of my favorites below.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Wow! I am absolutely in love with the femininity of this
collection. The knee-length dresses and skirts are what
I have been craving lately. The fact that these are done in
such a modern and young way is just perfect. But then
again, what else would one expect from Marc?

3.1 Phillip Lim

Let me just say- nude has never been done better before.
This collection left me dreaming about ways to pair
nudes into my wardrobe and incorporate it into my style.
I also quite love all of the separates and the way
they were styled. So lovely.

Jason Wu

One word: TURBAN! I am absolutely in love with this
accessory, and loved seeing it on the runway. I would really
like to find one that is more suitable for my style, perhaps an
open top turban. Also, the textures on the skirts here are
just so exquisite and detailed. I practically can feel their shape
by just looking at them.


And for my last obsession... Rodarte. I cannot even believe
how perfectly these various patterns have been cohesively
placed together on each outfit. The different textures
and prints make this collection so intriguing. It really
has inspired me to search through my closet and pair
the unthinkable together.

Well... those are some of my favorites from NYFW.
And of course, Happy London Fashion week!

source: style.com


Mila said...

You look great in plaid!Such a great pattern,for sure!

Closet Fashionista said...

Love the outfit! And gorgeous collections!! :D :D

Julia said...

The thigh highs look fab on you. In love.


Percy Owl said...

Mmmm, delicious collections.
And the best part is that it's spring here now :D

Maria Evans said...

Nice outfit bonnie.
I (L) Jason!!!


PS: Hope to see u in my blog! =)

Natalie said...

Plaid is definitely always a wonderful thing, haha. I quite like your shirt. :) And I love all of the looks from the collections that you picked out! They're all gorgeous.

Kate Rose said...

I love long socks to take through to A/W


L.D. said...

If I wore almost that outfit with different shoes, would it pass off as office clothes? heehee :)

Unknown said...

love your bag, and that Marc Jacobs collection is awesome!

eleanor said...

You look wonderful in that hat! And you suit plaid perfectly.


maggeygrace said...

OOOOHHH the marc is definitely my favorite. Loved all the pieces! now if only I could afford them...:)

Anonymous said...

I love your style!! I'm following you now, looking forward to more of your posts!


Anonymous said...

messed up my link there, wups!


Anonymous said...

messed up my link there, wups!


Daisy said...

I agree you can't go wrong with plaid! And I liked the same spring collections as you did! I especially liked Jason Wu! :)


Madeline Weber said...

great outfit! i love the over-the-knee socks, and are you wearing clogs? because they are SO CUTE
i have a pair in blue, they are so great

xx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

Amanda said...

Plaid is great! I agree, they really are so easy to throw on for school. Plus, they are so comfy!

Love your outfit lady. Fabulous as always :]

Rachel said...

I love your outfit especially your use of accessories. The hat and highsocks are the perfect additions.
These Colored Shadows

Vinda Sonata said...

i love your style here.
the jason wu one is very cool!!

Rio said...

I love the Marc Jacobs spring line too! Your plaid t is awesome, and I love how you paired it with edgy but girly pieces! So cute! :)

Anonymous said...

What a well put together outfit. It really suites you are that hat is so cute

Bright Green Laces

FashionHippieLoves said...

cool shirt and hat!


Isabel said...

I love how you effortlessly work plaid. Especially plaid that doesn't look like it was from American Eagle or A&F. It's stores like that that turn me off from wearing plaid, but I absolutely adore your outfit. It's so easy, yet polished. And I lust for your clogs!

Inez said...

Great outfit!
as always :)

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Bonnie, you look so cute with that hat!
I love plaid shirts as well. I usually like to borrow my brother's or bf's. They are comfy!

agnes said...

j'adore ta sélection, tout est jolie.
Super look, j'aime beaucoup ta chemise à carreaux.

Cet hiver je crois que je vais vraiment continuer à les porter mes sabots, car que se soit avec de longues chaussettes ou collants j'adore

Anonymous said...

I can never find such a gerat checked blouse like this :-(

Sue said...

Love your shirt!

and MARC & JACOBS is just perfect!

www.janetteria.com said...

U look so adorable on these pics!

Emma said...

lovely outfit, cute hat and clogs. just discovered your blog, its great :)

Scrapbook de la Emma

Phie Preston said...

I am crazy about the Marc Jacobs collection <3

Hope you can stop by THE FASHION SMOKE

Phiephie x

Violet E. said...

beautiful <3


That is a great outfit. Love your shirt. Oh, and great collections!! :)SarahD

Mikhaila said...

I tend to stay away from plaid for some reason but I love the way you styled it..makes me want to give it a try! :)

I absolutely LOVE Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 looks. I'm still drooling...how am I going to get through the winter now!? ;)

Anthea said...

I agree with you about plaid. I love it and it looks really lovely on you. I like how you glammed it up with your OTK socks and skirt.

Embracing Style

Venn said...

i love plaid too,, u done a greatt job! :))


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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I love your blog too :) <3


Maria said...

What a gorgeous outfit. The hat is so cute. *

Emilie said...

Great outfit!
Wow! I loved the RODARTE collection! Beyond amazing!

Lorine Mathers said...

I love your outfit!
and spring time is awesome
xo, Lorine

Anonymous said...

I love plaid as much as you do, it's so easy and always looks good! Those collections look great too, I'm especially fond of 3.1 Phillip Lim.

A. said...

these are some of my favorite collections, the mix of patterns in Rodarte were amazing

Anonymous said...

I love this post <3

Lots of Love xx.

Dylana Suarez said...

Love your plaid top and all those collections are my faves, too! I love Jason Wu. Those turbans!


(In)Sane said...

I love the surroundings on these pictures. The leaves on the ground are simply gorgeous. Gotta love Autumn.
And I love your clogs.


Iulia Romana said...

JASON WU is incredible :X And you did a really good job with the outfit - love the color combination :D

Ayanna Michelle said...

Gorgeous! I love your outfit. Looks good on you. Love all these collections as well. J'adore Maarc <3


Unknown said...

Oh I love your hat!!


Catarina said...

Love the outfit, simple but very cute.x

Lindsay said...

Your outfit is so cute and fall-ish! I'm excited to try wearing thigh highs this autumn, they look great on you!


Bernarda said...

You look so cute in plaid, and your legs look amazing in those overknee socks. Love it :)

LaurenSchoon said...

Love the hat and shoes!


Fernanda said...

Loooove plaid too! And you look so cute whith hat!
I agree, "nude" has never been done better before.

Tria Zaluska said...

I love your outfit, from head to toe!
very pretty..


Outofseasonface said...

Could that hat and plaid and pretty much your whole outfit be anymore perfectly matched?! You look gorgeous girl! :)

Agustina Selviana said...

really love your outfit! especially your shoes! and you look so beautiful with your hair! lovely blog here :)

check my blog! http://selviorselfish.blogspot.com/

Woods said...

very sweet outfit! you know plaid is soo easy not hard at all

marc joacbs jason wu phillip lim and rodarte is my favorite spring 2011 collection so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Cool outfit!
And I especially loved Jason Wu!

Becky Jean said...

Utterly in love with plaid!! And you in it, you know how to dress lady, i very much admire your style xo


Dressing Up For Me said...

I´m a plaid lover! You look so pretty in blue plaids with the over the knee socks. :)

I´m also glad that beige is still in for spring next year. ;)

Bella Nastasia said...

love ur outfit !
and u'r very beautifull :) !


. said...

It's like we are having holidays!! :) I love fashion week time! London was ok if you are asking me, but Milano is already amazing. Did you saw Fendi's show today?? So gorgeous<3

Move said...

great outfit!, I really love philip lim collection, the nude colors is very lovely and rodarte amaze me with the pattern, but my favs london fashion week, can't wait to see milan and paris


Rachel said...

love your outfit! super cute!!

xoxo Rach

June said...

great post!

noone said...

cute outfit! I love the thigh high socks! and those clothes are really nice, I like the rodarte the best too

Kathleen said...

aw you're so gorgeous! seriously lovee your style. beautiful urban chic look :).
following your blog <3.

Gilbert Ganda said...

hey Bonnie! thanks for your sweet comment in my travel blog! but I would love to invite you to my official blog! here : http://gandagilbert.blogspot.com

hope you would love to pay a visit!
and your style rocks! I really love that over knees!

bunches of kisses!
followed u through bloglovin. hope you will follow my blog back! If you don't mind!

o said...

I love ur outfit, especially with the otk socks:) I'm loving Jason Wu's collection and the Marc Jacobs dress! Gorgeous!


The Wonder Of ... said...

Amazing outfit...i love your background setting too (autumn is gorgeous!!) the pictures are great.

Long socks are a fav <3


allthatshewants said...

you make a simple look turn into amazing!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I love your color combos here! And the hat - i have been looking for a good one and this one looks great on you

Poison Oak said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the clogs. Where'd ya find em?

Anonymous said...

love it, as always! :)

StyleNonsense said...

I Wanted Clogs So Baad, Now Not So Much. Saaaad.

Zoë said...

You look great! good outfit & cool blog, lady.



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