New Glasses & BonLook Giveaway!

13 May 2011






Blogger is back! That was a minor scare for a bit. Unfortunatly half of your
sweet comments got deleted on my last post, boo! Anyways I am glad it is
up now because I was really looking forward to putting up this post today.
First of all, I am a wee bit excited about this super high-waisted
shorts + crop-top combo. Definitely going to be a summer staple on mine
on super hot and muggy days. Secondly, I wanted to show you my new
glasses courtesy of BonLook! I have been totally in search of a new pair
for months and I found that this pair suited me perfectly. They have tons of
vintage inpired glasses and sunnies that are just amazing.

Not only werethey nice enough to offer you all a 15% discount on
their products when usingthe code 'Flashes15", good until June 9th,
but they offered a giveaway as well! Winner gets to pick out a pair
of their own. Here are the rules:

1.) Go to the BonLook page and pick out your absolute favorite pair
2.)Like BonLook on Facebook
3.) Leave your e-mail address!

Good Luck! Giveaway ends Friday May 20th at 10:00pm EST.


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wearing: Grey Dog Vintage top, shorts, scarf; cooperative hat; Glasses c/o BonLook;
bag c/o VJ style; shoes c/o Ruche


The Fancy Teacup said...

You are dolled up in the perfect combination, high waist shorts, contrast brogues, cropped darling!

I love any of the Catwalk styles from BonLook. Total eye candy. Thanks for sharing the giveaway, hun!

Mila said...

Half of my comments got deleted too.
Another beautiful look, Bonnie!

Unknown said...

omg. love the new glasses, they totally fit your whole style. and the polak dotted scarf is so cute.

so i checkout out their site, and i really love the "cocktail hour" frames. any color os amazing... tortoise is especially cute :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

NO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grace B. said...

Fun giveaway! I love the Smooth Criminal sunnies in Natural.

Mary M. said...

I liked the FB page under the name of Mary Maria or TeenFashionDiary (my page).

I would TOTALLY go for the "SMOKING HOT " pair, totally my faves!


This is beyond amazing ! :)

Anonymous said...

i like the glasses!

Agata said...

Glasses are great:)
Shorts beautiful!

Louise said...

I like the Barberella best! I am in desperate need of new glasses, so my fingers are crossed for this one! I like Bonlook on Facebook!

out of order said...

you look SO adorable! This is a wonderful new look :)

I hope you don't mind if I use this is my street style post on Sunday, with a link of course <3


Pure Wood Collection is my favourite!

Unknown said...

this outfit is incredible! i love how you paired everything together, and i love seeing midriff look classic and fashionable rather than super 90s pop (although if done right, that could look amazing too).

cute glasses as well. i don't think i will be entering the giveaway, but cute none the less!

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE this outfit! and ooh yayyy giveaway! :D
my favorite pair is the URBAN DANDY SUN
TORTOISE sunglasses
Liked on Facebook with Closet Fashionista

Beti ♥ fashiontazja said...

one word - amazing! :)

julie digs design said...


I love the J'adore style in small! These are adorable..I've been wondering of a place to get these dark rimmed glasses.

Imsu said...

My favourite is the WEEK-END @ BERNIE'S
TORTOISE. So cute!

Adel Vokounová said...

I love that scarf!

YinGSaran said...

love your outfit
sunglasses is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully people outside the US Can participate as well.
I'm from México.

I loved Cocktail the Hour Black & Tortoise pair, they look lovely!!!

My email:

Anaivilo said...

Yes, I got a bit scared with blogger, it was awful, my post was deleted.
Anyway, I love this look on you and the glasses are very cute!! :D

Kay said...

perfect combination! are soooo lovely with that pair of glasses <3 totally nerdy vintage :)

i'd like to have a similar look, so it could be funny enter this giveaway too even if I've never won !

i love the Week-end @ Bernie's
Tortoise from the urban vintahe collection :)

Dylana Suarez said...

You look fantastic!


maryse said...

Très belles ces photos ! et jolie tenue :) j'aime !

rebecca said...
rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

Deep said...

Love the cobo!
My fav glasses were Urban Dandy Sun Black

Kitsune-kun said...

love the cute scarf on your skirt!

Alexandra said...

I absolutely love the Ménage à 3
Turquoise sunglasses the color is just gorgeous.

Em said...

I love the catwalk style, little bit retro but still cute and simple.

As always you look wonderful


blythe said...

love these:

i liked them on facebook

Elena said...

I love the Genna glasses! Specially the brown ones. But everything they have is awesome :)
Thank you!



Jessie @ Sweet Thing said...

Love the glasses! I like the cocktail hour frames best.

Miki said...

Hi! i love the smoking hot tortoise

have a great weekend!

Sara said...

justbeyourself. said...

like your look and love this glasses!, follow me if u like

Grace B. said...

I adore the URBAN DANDY
TORTOISE eyeglasses!
My email address is
Thanks for the chance to win!

Megan said...

So jealous of your frames. Those are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway! My favorite shades would have to be
The catwalk in black a size small :) they are perfect for summer! P.s. I love that outfit you are wearing so cute!
<3 Becky

Amelia said...

love this look, you manage to do red, white & blue in a non-patriotic way. and these glasses are all adorable! love the smoking hot tortoise. (Suz) said...

nice give-away!

this is my favourite:

carmen said...

I love your shoes <3

Courtney Erin said...

Oooh, I hope I win...I was planning to buy new glasses this fall! I love the Couture Tortoise frames from the Urban Vintage Collection. I liked BonLook on Facebook.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Jo - Lost in the Haze said... These are most definitely my favourite! I love rounded frames! Blogger was so annoying! I was going slightly crazy not being able to look at my favourite blogs!


Natalie said...

You look so adorable! Definitely a winning combination with the high waist and crop top. :) I'm so mad about the whole Blogger issue... things getting deleting and not coming back... so frustrating!

Caitlin Angelica said...

Ohh you look lovely!

I love these ones!

Audrey said...

Love the hat from the lovely girl <3

Audrey ~

Anonymous said...

those are awesome for my blind eyes xD

Susie said...

Such cute glasses, Bonnie! I love the last pair! xoxoxo Susie @ Take-out in Couture

Emma said...

love the red scarf tied around those fab shorts bonnie, such a fun look.

~ Cee ~ said...

I just liked them on FB (won't add my full name here for privacy reasons!). I love the Urban Dandy in tortoise, and I also am in love with the Harry in tortoise. The Madonna frames are very cute as well!
ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

S.K. said...

I love your hat! (I'm a hat fiend--although oddly, I don't own even one). The red scarf is so cute!! :)
(yeah, I know.)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sian said...

very angsty anonymous comment above, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.
i think you look lovely!

what a great giveaway,
i quite like the "j'adore" eyeglasses in black or gold :)

GoldBlackMirror said...

I like yours outfit and glasses are so cute!!kisses dear.

Elizabeth Hope said...

I love the sunglasses in Catwalk! So cute!!
email -


Anastasia said...

Bonnie you look so beautiful.
My favourite is this one:
BLACK & TORTOISE' from the Urban Vintage Collection

jooleedoh said...

so in love with your outfit! love the midi shirts. and your glasses suit you so well! i've been looking for frames for months myself.

love these:

Nettie S. said...

You look really pretty!

Maggie said...

I love the J'ADORE frames in GOLD! So classic! I like Bonlook on facebook and my email is!

Anonymous said...
hope i winsyyy
liked on fb as Rory finn

Anonymous said...

Awesome outfit!! :)

I love those :)


Sarah said...

I have a pair of oxfords just like yours! Lovely look :)

Also diggin' the Ménage à 3 Natural pair @bonlook.

Daxia said...

I really like the Week-end @ Bernie's Gold glasses and the J'adore Gold glasses. :)


Anonymous said...

i really like their beetlejuice, hooverville, and smoking hot frames. they even have it in tortoise (:

thanks for hosting the giveaway!
elegant_storms at

lj said...

Love the Couture frames in Tortoise!

Linda June

Krystelle Joy Bajao Aquin said...

Hey, i so like you! i followed all your sites..

I super like the Week-end @ Bernie's
Tortoise collection!

wow! It's beyond amazing! ♥♥

Name: Krystelle Joy B. Aquin

Salazar said...

Too bad I don't have my prescription here with me so I can't get eyeglasses! Have to go with sunglasses then... either the Ménage à 3 in Natural or the Weekend @ Bernie's in Tortoise.

Lwee said...

I like the Folie à deux
Black & Blue but I also like the Urban Dandy Sun Black.
So hard to choose!
I have liked Bonlok on facebook. :)

Jamie Rose said...

I love your outfit so much! If I had a crop top like that I'd wear it with my high-waisted shorts tomorrow. Maybe someday I'll own one? Great giveaway too!

I think I'd go with the Simply Fabulous Havana glasses. They'd be so fun to wear!

- Jamie Rose

Anonymous said...

I love the J'adore black glasses!

Sarah said...

Oh I want new glasses so bad! I like the J'adore glasses, Ive wanted to try thick rimmed glasses like your wearing for awhile now :) Liked their FB too, my email is on my blog.

Renee said...

oh this outfit is so adorable, and I love the glasses!!

charmaine montes said...

I want exactly what you're wearing Bonnie! :)

Unknown said...

Your outfits are always gorgeous! I'm inlove with your oxfords & satchel :)

Wonderful giveaway! I'm definitely entering, and I'm already a fan of BonLook on FB.

I chose either this one or this one :)

Lubna | ELLE VOX

Unknown said...

I love this pair

great givaway!


Zofia said...

gorgeous glasses <3
i love your style, you allways look so beautiful!

Walk this way said...

I really love the Cocktail Hour, Tortoise

Fashion Gossip said...

Very very pretty :))
Again :p

Unknown said...

amazing outfit as always !

Unknown said...

Bonnie is the best evers :D

Cel Dayacap said...

How pretty. I like the Simply Fabulous Havana one :)

Blush and Flats said...

i think this would be perfect with my hair colour :)

Paulina Rutkowska said...

amazing:) nice:)

sweet harvest moon said...


I really like "Week-end @ Bernie's
Tortoise from the Urban Vintage Collection"

Unknown said...

omg these glasses are so cool!! totally my style!!

my favourite model is: cocktail hour - black & tortoise

my email:

Anonymous said...

So cute!!

I really like "Ipanema" in dark brown from the Pure Wood Collection :)

Gisella (

Maddy said...

Awesome shoes :)

Sammi said...

goodness gracious-what a great giveaway! i love the cocktail hour collection--especially in tortoise.

love your outfit :)

Friedl! said...

Probably the coolest giveaway ever! I adore those sunglasses! I REALLY LIKE the Smooth Criminal natural sunglasses.

Greetings from Belgium,


christy said...

I have been in search of the perfect pair of glasses. I love the harry's in red!! So cute.

Lianne said...

I love the petite bourgeoisie havana & black eyeglasses! email:

Unknown said...

Week-end @ Bernie's
Urban Vintage Collection

These are definetly my favorite!

Maria N said...

Such a cute outfit and their collection is awesome! my favorite pair were these:

The Color is soo pretty and pretty much goes with everything summery that I have.. I WANT THEM BAD!!


Anonymous said... this is probably my fav pair!

my email is dar.142173 at yahoo dot com

Yajaira said...

cute outfit
love the hat

Anonymous said...

Love the red polka dot scarf as a belt and your new glasses look adorable! Perfect :)

brittanykennedy1 said...

i liked on fb (brittany k)

my favorite pair is the Week-end @ Bernie's clear sunglasses

brittanykennedy1 at gmail dot com

Catherine said...

Their sunglasses are so awesome, I love the wooden frames they have... so cool. I particularly like the Catwalk frames in red! (


Unknown said...

Adorbz, Bonnie! Totally adorbz. I wish I could carry off crop tops like you do :) I definitely would en

Arice said...


I liked on fb: Arice InChains
e-mail ancabordeanu(at)yahoo(dot)com

I looooove


Cam said...

you look so cute ;)

Callie said...

I LOVE your glasses! Adorable!!

My favorite are the Smoking Hot in black and tortoise. Love them!

I also liked BonLook on Facebook.

Zoe said...

Do they do pescription lenses? I have liked them on facebook and I love the Smoking Hot in Tortoise!! Fabulous!

Zoe xx
Life of a Vegetarian Girl

Percy Owl said...

Honestly, can I just say the entire urban vintage collection? I clicked on about nine tabs...
If I had to pick one... smoking hot... and whisky... and. ok. enough.
Open to international readers I presume? Liked on fb btw. email on blog!

Adele said...

awwwweee, you look so cute! love your look! <3

Rachel said...

I really like the simply fabulous ones!

Ms.Fashionista said...

That's an amaz company!

My fav pair on BonLook is Week-end @ Bernie's
Tortoise. Liked there FB page!

Hoping to win! Xo

Unknown said...

this is so gorgeous! love your blog - just discovered it :)


Florencia Ascanio (RM) said...

Loveee those shorts on you and the hat! AMAZING look, congrats!!

On the Boonlook give away I must say is hard to choose only a pair, but these one caught my eye inmediatly Im always searching for organic clothes/accesories and this is perfect so stylish yet eco-friendly


Caroline Maire said...

Can your hat be more perfect? I'm in love with it!

As for the sunglasses, I'm in love with these:

They're perfect!

Unknown said...

Liked on facebook.

I love the Harry glasses in red

Bonnie, you look so lovely, I love this combination as well! :)

Meanz (Koi Story)

véčko said...

these are perfect:

liked on fb!

my belly rules my mind said...

loving "Cocktail Hour - Black & Tortoise - Urban Vintage Collection" and liked fb too.

You look lovely in those glasses.

Jackie L. said...

I have been itching for new glasses so this would be perfect! I love their Happy Tuesday piar- ( Thanks for the give away!!! jb.

April said...

Bonnie - I love your outfit! and also a great giveaway may I say. I am needing a pair of glasses soon and I am loving the J'adore Gold ones. I'm so happy to have found this shop! thanks!!


Iulia Romana said...

Oh, the glasses are AMAZING :) I adore their PETITE BOURGEOISIE
RED & BLACK glasses.

Lúcia said...

love this look, so adorable.
following your blog!

Bryce said...

I pretty much like all of the glasses in the pure wood collection. But I really like the Ipanema glasses!


Mihaela said...

It was hard to decide which ones are my favorite, but I love these one They're so cool and funky and stylish and I just love them.

Emma said...

since i don't have glasses :( i would have to go with these sunnies: --the Week-End @ Bernies, Tortoise
i love them and they are the epitome of my style.
if i had glasses then these would definitely be these: -- J'adore, Gold
they're so lovely and subtle yet they add an edge to ones look..of course i would need to try them on but they're so amazing !!! in fact every pair they have at bonlook are amazing just like your style!

here's my email:

Christina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claire Hart said...

bonnie you look darling in specs!! just adore this pretty little outfit :) the midriff top is just too sweet <3

and i would be crazy not to enter so i liked bonlook on fb and i would choose these pretty round glasses!


maggie lea @ type & title said...

oh man i can't pick between the dynasty and j'adore gold... i have been dying for a pair of clear frames.

maggie voss at gmail dot com

Frazer said...

It's so hard to find glasses as nice as these! I love the Week-end @ Bernie's.

Dominika said...

some of their vintage glassess remind me of Johnny Deep in Polanski's 'Ninth Gate' soooo much. Especially round and tortoise ones.

I love Smooth Criminal black

And you look stunning!

flowercake said...

my favorite is the first one

Stephani Janet said...

you're just too adorable. I'm new on reading your posts but I love to catch up

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