Farmer's Market/ CALICO giveaway!!

09 May 2011

What better occasion than the farmer's market to experiment with my new
panama hat? To be perfectly honest, I have absolutely no idea how
to style
this hat. A bit of an impulse buy, I felt that this hat was just too fun to
pass up. Now I am quite obsessed with it and I am pretty sure you will
find me in this hat all summer long. The wide brim keeps the sun out of
my eyes, which is perfect for those sunny days to come. This vintage top
from CALICO will most certainly be a summer staple for me as well.
The silk fabric is so thin and airy. I am in love! I wore this ensemble to
the farmer's market on Saturday in the midst of all the chaos of
finishing projects. Totally worth it, and I even got a jar of honey!


A huge edit to this post! CALICO is giving one of you lucky readers a
$75 gift card! Below are a few lovely items from their shop. They carry
new & vintage items, and also have some amazing jewelery! Here
are the rules:

1) Go to their website
HERE and tell me how you would style your fav
item and leave a link to it.
2.) Follow their twitter (they always have funny tweets)
3.) Leave your e-mail!

Contest ends on Monday May 16th. Good Luck!

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing start to your week!
May is already flying by.


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wearing: top c/o Calico ; thrifted skirt; ecote sandals; Mint by Goorin hat; bag c/o VJ STYLE


amanda said...

love the fayetteville farmers market! and i love the hat with the blouse. i think it's a perfect combo :)

Claudia said...

you are a flash of style :) this is perfect outfit for market!

Beth De Jour said...

gorgeous outfit looks like a lovely day. I love how you styled the hat :) xx

Conny said...

I love how well stripes and floral look together! And of course you look great! I need to find me a cute hat just like yours! have an awesome week!

Miranda said...

SO loving this outfit, the shirt with the stripes and the floral skirt are great together.

Your whole look is amazing!


Carolina Hardy said...

so adorable outfit! I love it!


The little world of fashion said...

Love your stripe shirt!!

Unknown said...

i am in love with your glasses and the floral skirt/striped shirt combo is precious!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Kristin said...

love it girl. your so amazing love your style. :)

Anonymous said...

VINTAGE VIBES. loving it! <3

Meg said...

very pretty mix of stripes and florals

Fat Aus said...

i love the mix of the striped shirt and floral skirt!

BECKY MAY said...

Your hair is absurdly perfect! I love the stripes on you too Bonnie!


Cara said...

Love that hat, you styled it perfectly ;) Love your sunglasses too ;)
xo Cara

maryse said...

i love this pictures !! veru beautiful =)

AzaharaJStyle (lost in Palma) said...

I love stripes and flowers


Sara said...

I like this outfit.

The Fancy Teacup said...

That panama hat is the perfect summer accessory for you. Adore the stripes + floral combination on you, as well. Going to farmer's markets is one of my top ten things I like to enjoy on the weekends. I especially love the ones of the southwest/south, they have such a lovely, rustic charm to them.
much love.

Bre said...

so cute! that top sounds so perfect for a hot day. :)


Maria N said...

I love the contrast of the stripes and the florals, I recently tried out that look on my blog too :)


Ria said...

Love the mismatched prints on the shirt and skirt xoxo

Pearl said...

So pretty!!! Just discovered your blog & i'm lovin' it:)

Michelle Loreto said...

I love farmer's markets! All the produce looks so fresh and appealing.
You look wonderful! I love how you've mixed patterns here. And the hat's adorable.

x Michelle |

eat.sleep.wear. said...

loving the stripes and florals! You look amazing girl. I can't wait for you to be in Philly! xoxo Kim

Closet Fashionista said...

I love the hat! You look amazing as always, you styled it great :D :D

Kirstin said...

Oh this looks like such a fun day! I love how you styled the hat, you did it just perfectly! That honey looks delish!

EevvaStyle said...

I really love this outfit! Great skirt:)

TFP said...

I love your hat!! xoxo

Raquel said...

Looking lovely once again Bonnie! I like when you wear long skirts but I'm truly glad you«re wearing a shorter one here :)

Lo said...

I think you wore that hat quite perfectly! i die for farmers fantastic!

Petra said...

Love your sunglasses and skirt !
you look really lovely !

Anna S said...

I love this outfit! :)

Jackie L. said...

i am loving the stripes and floral combo you have going on! I wouldn't have even thought to pair those two together... going through my closet to see if i have anything similar =)

Michelle Loreto said...

Ooh, entering the giveaway!

I quite like the Cream Wave button-down, the colour is really lovely and on my palette for the warmer months. I'd weare it tucked into a cute knee-length skirt and a great pair of wedges.

x Michelle |

sohirach said...

what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love to see what your opinions are! :)

follow me?

oh! and ps: entering the giveaway!
i liked it - @rachgent

and my favorite thing is the tropical punch skirt! so, so cute! :)

Callie said...

I'm in love with the Awesome Aztec Dress! I'd wear it with some incredible Jeffrey Campbell platforms (if I owned any) and a sweet little cardigan.

Callie said...

I follow them on Twitter- I'm @BrightEyesCals


I follow them on twitter and my favourite item is Sheer Feather Print Crop Tank. I would wear it with skinny jeans and platforms!

ximie said...

i actually do like the hat with this outfit! n_n
and hey i was wondering, whens the next v-log coming up? :D really enjoyed the last (or should i say first) one!

Maria N said...

Such a gorgeous outfit.. I just checked out their shop, so beautiful and individual, my favorite item has to be their wild weave earring. so bright and such a beautiful staple piece with any outfit. definitely pair it with a simple dress to brighten it up.


Anonymous said...

great pics! i like this outfit!


ximie said...

oh, and i love the Lotty Circle Sunnies! i imagine myself wearing them with just a springy floral dress in pastel colors. i adore both versions.

so you can count me in:


Anonymous said...

WOW great giveaway!
i absoluetly love this
leopard prints are so in and i dont have anythign leopard yet! I would wear it with a bodycon black skirt and some wedges. Also, if i had a hat like the one you're wearing...hahaha
i dont have a twitter my parents wont let me :( hopefully if i win i can still win?

Ms Janet said...

I love the Watercolor Wrap Dress, I would wear that with a Grosgrain Floppy Hat wearing a fishtail braid and a braided rope belt, either strappy flip flops or wedges.

I follow with twitter! @janetxplanet

Leah Harrison said...

I like the "Mad for Madras" skirt. I would style it with a cute eyelet blouse, a fedora and some chunky sandals.

I'm also following them on twitter.


Anonymous said...

Beautifull <33
I love your blog.

I invent you to my blog:

mess-around said...

wow, your skirt is so wonderful... I'm in love with :):) If you want to, drop in:


Elizabeth said...

your stripes are wonderful! great hat too.

Jamie Rose said...

I love the Cape Cod Wicker Handbag so much! I'm not usually into bags as I hate to move my stuff from one bag to another, but this one is so adorable I can't resist. I'd style it with a breezy sun dress and wedges. And perhaps a cute hat too!

- Jamie Rose

Anaivilo said...

Great giveaway!
Here is what I would style :
I would style it with a orange blazer and a wide hat and a pair of suede summer wedges :D I follow them and you on twitter with the name Anaivilo

My email:

Angi said...

I love your Skirt! Where did you get it?

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment! Nice photos!

Great giveaway! So one of my fav item is this blue blazer
I'd wear it with a long skirt & a beautiful bag ! With great jewels big necklace , rings , ...

Fingers crossed
I follow their Twitter


Magnoliaxx said...

My fave item ever are
Lotty Circle Sunnies.
I've been looking for round but yet not too hippi like glasses the whole spring and they are perfect!

On a perfect day, i'd wear them with a a cream white soft dress, a beige vintage scarf and a black hat with my hair combed to one side.

email :

taxi Toronto said...

nice ring;)

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt and the skirt too, they look so good together!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Very cute bag and hat! Looks like a great day at the farmer's market :-) xoxoxoo

Imsu said...

I would wear this with EVERYTHING!
Twitter: @Knightinn

ice pandora said...

Lovely outfit photo's!
I think the original state of the hat is good enough already ^___^ otherwise you can decorate it with flowers?
Silk = love
The jar of honey looks nice ^^ love the glass!


Shirley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said...

You have an amazing blog! I love your outfit here, the mix of patterns works perfectly xx

faith said...

i'd wear with some nude heels, leather belt, and a dark cardigan. maybe with a weird ring and my hair in beachy waves :)

email: OR

Natalie said...

I absolutely love that last picture! The combination of the hat and the sunglasses and the stripes... you just look so glamorous. :D The farmers market sounds wonderful!

I really like the Ivory Palace Party Dress ( and Coach Olive Leather Satchel (

Followed! And my email is
Thanks for another marvelous giveaway :)

Joy said...

This is fabulous! I love all the prints so much!

The Robyn Diaries said...

Lovely hat, I think it would work with most things! Is the comp open to those in the UK?! x

Emma said...

love how you mixed the floral with the stripes. i have a very similar blouse to that one too so you've given me a new idea on how to wear it ;) enter meee to this amazing giveaway, i love the claire mini dress, id style it with some little frilled ankle socks, tan loafers, a straw bag, retro sunnies and maybe a cute hat in the spring/summer.

valentina ♥ said...

i absolutely love all they vintage items expecially dresses and pants!

Sandra said...

Hi, I really love your blog, your photos are so beautiful.
For the giveaway:
I would pair this dress with pale pink tights and a denim jacket or a cropped jumper and some flats.

My twitter is Sandraruth92 and I'm following you both :D


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grace said...

Ahaha, you look so fit to be at the farmer's market! I always dress down, but maybe I should turn shopping into an occasion to dress up for.
I would wear the mad for madras skirt with some polka dots and camel heels. I try not to get too into the schoolgirl look, but plaid makes it so hard to resist~
All of their stuff is so fierce! I followed on twitter, and I think I'll go back later...

Nettie said...

I would pair this Rhinestone Studded Blouse with this shorts

Ciara Jade said...

This outfit is great! Love the pattern mixing! Can't wait to steal it. ;)

I love the 'Ivory Palace Party (Dress'! I have an upcoming concert that I'd love to have it for. I'd either wear nude heels and pearls for a proper lady look OR toughen it up by adding ripped tights, a motorcycle jacket, and my combat boots. Here's hoping I win! (:

Flo said...

Great outfit, gorgeous girl! You're always so fashionable.

Haha thanks for your comment dear :D check out my new blog post! Hugs!

bestie said...

You are always so, so lovely Bonnie! <3

Here is my favorite from the shop:

How will I wear it? With everything, of course! (;


Romwe Online said...

Hey Bonnie S. Barton,April here from romwe.I have created a group on facebook for romwe fashion bloggers.Here is the link,just inviting me as friends then I can add you into the group.!/profile.php?id=100001033078727

sorkii said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sorkii said...

I would pick the spring blush skirt with a brown studded belt, chiffon button up and polka dot espadrilles :D
Email is:

Awesome :D

Novia Indrianti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Novia Indrianti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Novia Indrianti said...

I'd style the Claire Mini Dress with a skirt (I'd worn the dress as top), a tiny belt, a sheer cardigan, a hat, sunglasses, and wedges.

I've already followed their account. My Twitter account is Novsyy.


Percy Owl said...

I've been looking for a pair of sunnies like the Roxi ones (prob black) for ages. Sooo versatile I think they would spice up a floral dress in summer, but as it's winter here it would definitely add that 'edginess' to a short dress with legging and a big coat. I'd be pretty tempted for the YSL dress, if only it weren't a large!!
Email on blog :)

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered you thanks to lookbook and I like!! I find your really very very fresh style you manage to make associations which seem formidable and which I would like to try but I do not dare... I am going to follow your blog it is really top!


Emily said...

So glad I found your blog! It's so cool, now following.
Love your pictures and what you're wearing. You are so beautiful, wow.
Thank you for your lovely comment.

Maybe you'll have the time to visit my blog.


Leah said...

Love the farmer market, so real.

xx, Leah.

Ria S said...

I really like this outfit! Love every piece of it :)

Clare Tea said...

oh my god! Finally! Thank you for helping me find my dream bag, at such a reasonable price! i've been looking to buy the bag in your outfit for the longest time, and i've finally found it! wohoo!!!

in other news, i'd style the rosebud tunic dress with a straw sunhat, an offwhite cute bolero, and cowbow boots! following their twitter @icitea.

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Flaviana Boni said...

I like this look!

Check out my new post!

Anonymous said...

I can see myself with this bag at a's very..picknicky...reminds me of it. So I guess I'll unpack my sandals and jeans hotpants with a sheer blouse. I'd also pack biiiig sunglasses, food and drinks, and a blanket =)

Christy said...

ohhh I love your new hat. So perfect for summer!

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Chebab said...

I really love the silver elephant ring, I'd probably wear it with some navy high waisted shorts, a cranberry tank top and a cropped black sweater.

I follow on twitter: @chelseababin
and my email:

Lwee said...

My favourite item will be the Leopard Print Pocket Sundress. (I just love leopard prints!!)
I will style it by adding my sunhat, dark purple tights and black booties!
Followed Calico's twitter!

Natalia said...

My favourite outfit is Neutral Floral Shift with a black heels an a black handbag.

Mary Lee said...

omg i'm in love with the circle sunnies, would defo pair them up with a good old pair of levi's.

YinGSaran said...

really love your style
such a beautiful skirt


rebecca said...
so cute!
rwvanvoorhis at gmaild ot com

Unknown said...

such a lovely hat, adore the look

Amanda said...

you look adorable!!!

i have a quick question if you could email me with how you got freepeople and modcloth as ads...i want to do that for other brands, my email is


Elaine said...

Love it! You look amazing!

kaitlyn said...

Your hat is lovely - it looks great for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

my favorite item at Calico is the Rafaella Blouse. Try as I might, i always pick darks & neutrals. This would be great with for camping & hiking - just throw it on with cute jean shorts, hiking boots, and grab your walking stick. It would also look beautiful and dramatic with a deep blue maxi skirt and lots of bangles and necklaces and simple sandals.

I haven't a twitter :/

Anonymous said...

fav item:

i'd probably wear it all the time in the summer. i'd probably add sunglasses, straw hat, and a scarf on my trip to santa monica (:

elegant_storms at

Gems said...

I would style this skirt with the black american apparel body suit with the low back (that I cut to be a midriff shirt), with a vintage black leather belt that has a big gold buckle, and my forever 21 imitation Miu Miu Mary Jane black platforms.

Grrenadine said...

Great match between flowers and stripes. I really like your style!

Unknown said...

gorgeous as always x

Tristana said...

Wonderful, very cute

Kay said...

lovely hat :)

but..talking about a giveaway... what about the other two giveaways?

Candice said...

I typed a whole chunk about my love for denim but Blogger decided to be mean and disallow my comment from being posted.

So anyway, here's two very different types of styling that I have come up with over the past few minutes for Calico's Wrecked 80's Skinny Jeans from the vintage section.


& I've followed Calico on Twitter! My username is @boneslikeglass


s. said...

I love this top with some shorts and boots. Perfect for summer!

I follow you on twitter (@siilenti)

siilentii27 at gmail dot com

nicole said...

My favorite item is the reptile racerback tank:

I love that it's lightweight and loose; I would style it with dark skinny jeans or with a black pleated skirt, if I wanted to dress it up.

I am following Calico on Twitter. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Didn't realize there was a giveaway, so here's my second comment :)

I am totally drawn to this dress:

Following Calico's tweets as well!


Thanks hun!

Anonymous said...

loving this bag:

I follow on twitter as kittenhoods
my email dar.142173 at yahoo dot com

Anash said...

I follow them on twitter @anashct
Thanks for your giveaway!
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anash said...

Mandatory Entry: i would wear the Lacoste Ringer Hoodie with my best pair of skinny jeans
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

Project Curve said...

cool necklace

becky said...

Line Drawings Jacket
would be so cute to throw on on a chilly night!

amberly said...

What a wonderful giveaway! :) I also love your ensemble and what a great way to take a study break!! Nothing like getting a fresh jar of delicious honey at the market :) Hello afternoon tea!

I had a hard time not thinking of you as I looked at every dress and skirt, hehe, but I love the Navy babydoll vintage dress! maybe paired with a creme blazer and chunky wedges! What do you think? Oy I don't know what I would do if I won this giveaway! Calico is such an amazing shop!


Anastasia said...

I like the Greta Gauze Romper.
Wondeful colour!
I would wear it with scandals and a hat like yours..:)


vick_happiness said...

i loved the color of this robe dress!!
i will wear it with white converse,a hat like yours and a mom's vintage bag in light brown.
i dont know if they fit together but it sounds good in my mind..

kisses from Greece


Violet E. said...


Sophie said...

Followed on twitter!
The Leather and Tapestry Belt is fantastic, would pair it with a short linen sundress and awesome round shades, heeled sandals, and a thin flowy floral chiffon jacket in the evening.



Ariel said...

i love the expensive look of this shirt. i would wear it either tucked into some jeans or a nice pleated skirt. i have purchased from Calico in the past but this would be a great opportunity to buy some more!


Chal said...

I really like the color of this dress, very feminine. I would match this with polka dots tights and nude pumps. To put extra oomph, I will put an orange belt and some vintage bangles.

Walk this way said...

I'd wear it with brown wedges and a white blouse and a cross-over satchel bag :)

Following them on Twitter: Jazza_C

Tori said...

my fave item on the Calico website is this lovely basket bag I'm going on holiday in a few months to italy, it would look amazing with bright coloured sandles, Denim high waist shorts a simple oversized white blouse and lots and lots of jewellery! :D

I'm also follwing calico's twitter and your blog :)

brittanykennedy1 said...

i would style this dress with a black leather jacket and black heels!

Tonya said...

I love the claire mini dress! It would be perfect pair with my vintage shoes, and hopefully by then I will have an adorable straw hat!

Margaret said...

I love the Leopard print blouse on your website and the Coach Satchel. Would love to have both of those this Summer during business meetings.

I follow you on twitter @maggiep48

and my email is

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway I love their store :) my favorite item would be the snake cuff
I would style it with a black maxi dress and my Jeffrey Campbell Litas :) give it an edgy look!
<3 Becky

Florencia Ascanio (RM) said...

Im loving this beautifull spring blush skirt! I would wear it in so many different ways, I can imagine it with a bright pink or orange vintage blouses I have from my aunt, I love how they are very in this seasson and also I would try with a withe blazer I have from my mom for a more soft look


Caroline Maire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caroline Maire said...

I love the silk jade shirt, personally, I would probably style it tucked into a midi or maxi skirt with a neon or neutral double wrap belt around my waist and Jeffrey Campbell foxy shoes. Or just with the front tucked into my jeans and foxy shoes. They sound like my dream outfits already!


Love the shirt you're wearing! I follow them and you on Bloglovin!

Maggie said...

I love this silk blouse!
I would wear it tucked into high waisted jean shorts and clogs!
I follow them on twitter and my e-mail is:
Great giveaway!

Miki said...

I love these shorts

my twitter name is PlaygroundLoove.

véčko said... i love these shades!

my twitter name: svartsvanur

jooleedoh said...

thanks for sharing this shop with us. instant love!

this skirt blew me away:

i would pair it with a black belt, peachy-neutral midi shirt, and strappy wedge booties.

Unknown said...

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