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01 September 2012

Happy Saturday folks! What better to wear on the weekend than overalls? I thrifted this lovely dress in Dallas (along with many, many other treasures) and have been living in it since. Adds the perfect boy-ish touch to an otherwise super girly outfit. I think I'll try and collect more of these babies. Anyways, today I am actually headed back to NYC, hooray! I will miss my lovely home in Texas so much, but it will be good to be back. It's funny having two places I associate with as home. Makes coming and going just that much easier.

Have a wonderful day!

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wearing: overalls & loafers- vintage; top c/o Stylemint; Legacy Penny Shoulder Purse c/o Coach


Unknown said...

you look SO adorable! i love that bow!


Monse Fuentes said...

super cute outfit!

El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse

Unknown said...

Really nice outfit, have a nice saturday!

-Victor xx


Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I love this!! Wish I could've seen you in Texas, but we will be reunited at Christmas :)

- Karissa

Unknown said...

i really love your outfits! it really defines vintage element! and you really look like a student in this post :)


Unknown said...

Love your overalls! Amazing mix of feminine and masculine!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this outfit.....this borrowed from the boys look is great on you :)
Brooke @ what2wear

Natali said...

Looking gorgeous and girly!! Beautiful dress!


Camilla said...

This reminds me of Pippy Long Stocking! haha (in a good way), I love the dress

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

ps, win a pair of Rayban sunglasses on my blog!

Becky Bedbug said...

This is super cute! I love the red, white and blue!


Roos' notes | Roos said...

Such an adorable outfit!


Anna Wesołowska said...

Lovely look :)

ahoymichelle said...

Your outfit reminds me of Mario! I love it!


LittleMissLee said...

Such a cute dress, it's soooo adorable. Gorgeous as always



Unknown said...

I love that bow!!


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Kinda reminded me of chucky lol no but really you look absolutely adorable, love the bag :)

Alexia Mickens said...

I love overalls. Trying to figure out how to style them for fall/winter!

xx, alexia > In The Meantime

Kass DeBoer said...

Just lovely!

xoxo mama wolf.

Jing Pei said...

So adorable! Perfect for a lazy Saturday :)

Gaby Doris said...

Soooo cuteeeeeee!


Andria R. said...

I like this look...you look like a doll



Indie Punk Goddess

Anonymous said...

You look so cute!

Noelia B. said...

Your really cute outfit! I like your makeup!


Eva said...

You look adorable! Im so jealous of those loafers, I've been looking for a pair for ages!! :)

Eva x

Bodil Loïs Huisman said...

awesome outfit. Love those shoes and that dress!


Cassandra Too said...

You don't look like a boy! You look so cute! I love your red lips as usual! :D

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FashionFlirt said...

Love your style, so cute! X



telma said...

I love the oufit, like I kinda love every outfit you show us :p
I've been following your blog since a while and I just have to say that you're one of my favourites fashion bloggers. And it's really nice to see I little more of USA in your photos :)


Natalie Suarez said...

ehhehe ur not a boy!! love it :))) overalls forever!



Marti said...

You look so cute and lovely! :)


Two Happy Hearts said...


Oriane said...

You are way too cute Bonnie ! I love this dolly outfit (and the rest of your sweet blog too).

I send you love from Paris xxx

Eryn said...

Adorable outfit!


A Mode World said...

Super cute look. xA

GiGi said...

Love it!!!


Unknown said...

supa cute outfit, doll!
I think I know what I want to make out of this denim fabric sitting around :)

Tim Mcgraw said...

love your blog x


Unknown said...

Tomboy style, absolutely fantastic. I have a lonely dungaree on a coathanger in my room which I never feel like I could wear.

Ms.Fashionista said...

So schoolgirl friendly-love it! The striped top is adorable under the blue.



Collections said...

I ADORE that jumper. I've been looking for one myself. So jealous.


Jennifer said...

Um you look super adorable!

xo Jennifer


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