My Fitness Routine!

09 April 2020

Now more than ever, my at home fitness routine has become a crucial part of my sanity. I'm a firm believer that staying active is medicine for the soul. I have always struggled with anxiety and nothing quite improves it like moving my body. In fact, doctors used to tell me that working out would substansially help with my anxiety struggles. For the longest time I brushed it off, until I found FUN workouts that truly made me happy. Even days into having a solid fitness routine, I saw a major improvement in my anxiety/mood. So seriously for the sake of my mental health, having this routine is SO important.

 I always get questions about what workouts I do from home, how often, equipment I use, and where my outfits are from. So let's get right into it! I am by no means "athletic". Like at ALL, y'all! So beginning was definitely a bit intimidating for me. My best advice is to jump right into it, and find a workout that you truly enjoy. For me, I personally love using apps to guide me. My number 1 favorite it the Peloton app. The cycling classes are such an endorphin booster, and their strength classes keep me toned. They also have yoga, cardio and meditation. Plus it's free for 90 days! I've also used the Sweat app, which I recommend as well. Another tip: Youtube! There are so many free at home workouts on YouTube. 

I typically workout 4-5 times a week. Here is a little break down of what a typical week looks like for me:

Day 1: 20 min cycle, 10 min arms, 10 min abs
Day 2: 30 min cycle, 10 min arms
Day 3: 20 min cycle, 10 min arms, 10 min legs/glutes
Day4: 30 min cycle, 10 min arms
Day 5: 20 min cycle, 10 min arms, 10 min abs

What works for me may not work for you, but I've found a routine that I love and that makes me so happy! I've linked all the equipment I use + outfits below. A cute look isn't essential, but it sure does help me stay motivated!




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