White Christmas

25 December 2009

First of all... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This is
probably the second White Christmas I have ever experienced in

Second of all, I think ugly sweater + brogues= perfect Christmas outfit ever.
And I guess lastly, please excuse me from my long absence! Time just
flies buy at the time of year, doesn't it? Before I knew it I had realized
that it had almost been a month since I updated. Tisk, Tisk on me,
but I promise to never let it happen again. I am back home in the states
and re-united with my tri-pod ( I did not have one in London)
which means outfit photos will once again be so much easier to take!
Goal for the new year: update atleast 3 times a week.

Oh and yes... I attempted at my first video blog. Sadly, or more
like thankfully, my mother barged into my room and stopped
me from what would have probably been painful ramblings
of my inner thoughts. Ah, I hope you enjoy this short little clip,
and I hope your holiday is truly wonderful!

Wearing: Vintage sweater & Bag; Topshop brogues; f21 jeans


Anonymous said...

Well, i love the outfit. Thought that was cute, and the vlog kept me wanting more! So post something soon! (:

Maybe you should do a closet tour when you get back to london.. I'd love that. Or a whats in your purse kind of thing.

Anna G said...

You're pretty adorable. Glad to see that you came back home. It seems like almost everyone is having a great Christmas. :)

Unknown said...

haha funny
what happenned???
comment back!!

Ann. said...

great outfit.

merry christmas. :)

Ann. said...

great outfit.

merry christmas. :)

stylefrontier said...

the sweater and oxford shoes are fab!
merry christmas and happy holiday!

Victoria said...

cute outfitt! i'm from texas too and it snowed where i liveee too! ahhh (:

Anonymous said...

Yep I agree must be the perfect Christmas outfit! I love the blog! You look really beautiful! I've had a lovely Christmas at my grandparents but a bit deactive on the blogging front because I do not have my computer to blog from so I'm just commenting from my iPod!
Tomorrow x

o said...

happy holidays! glad u're back:) ur vlog is too cute!! love it:D let's see, as for my question...how many pairs of shoes do you own?:) hope u're enjoying all the festivities! merry xmas!


Camilla said...

Love it!


Brown and Cappuccino said...

Merry X-mas :-)
Your video blog are so cute eh eh eh

kiss from Portugal***


evelyn said...

merry xmas!
i actually loved the vlog! haha
and it was funny when ur mom walked in xD

Anonymous said...

i love the brogues!!! so cute. i love the bag as well. for your next vlog, you should do something like a closet post or a diy.

Jessica said...

haha, aww- i feel like what happened in your video blog is what would happen to me. actually, my mom barged into my room the other night when i was trying to take some pictures, ha!

I do have a question:

You use a tripod, right? Are you using a self timer on your camera? or do you have a remote control? I have to use the self timer on mine and it really stinks...i think i may start looking for a replacement camera as mine does not support the ability to work with a remote.


cute shoes/sweater!

Anonymous said...

cute video!!
thanks for the comment
wishing u the same
hope u had great days


Sher said...

You look adorable in that ugly sweater:)

And your v-log is so cute, can't wait to see more!!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!!


... said...

ooh! I love that sweater! Its adorable!

Fashion Wh0re said...

Love your Blog too and your outfit is so cute ;)

Merry Christmas to you!!

Mila said...


Courtney O. said...

hahha you're still adorable when making a 15 second appearance=] your eyes looked so pretty in it! and i love the christmas sweater!

Jenna said...

Ohhhh that is such a cute outfit. =] PERFECTO!

Hmm a question, eh?

What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Dreams intrigue me. =]

aldonza zúñiga said...

happy Christmas¡¡¡
i love thes hoes and the handbag
one kiss

kelley said...

Hahaha bonnie you are insane! Love the 5 second video. Reminds me of our video chats. you should include your mom in the next one that would be the best! haha. Anyways, i have a theory that "ugly sweaters" aren't, weren't, and never will be ugly. Evidence right here.

Dylana Suarez said...

Glad you are back! Love the sweater and that video clip was just adorable!


The F Word Online said...

this is a really cute outfit ! I perused through your other photos as well and u have a great selection of outfits. love it. Hope you had an amazing Christmas !

xx lue

Amelia said...

I love the brogues. You're so cute in the vlog :)

Iulia Romana said...

Thank you for the comment,dear!You have a great blog,and I'm going to follow !
Happy holidays,everyone!

Valencia Lia said...

I'm so happy you're back girl!!

I love love your gorgeous sweater with those brogues,it is indeed a perfect combination together:)
Adore the side zipper jeans too.

Ohhhh,I surely love your first vlog! Even though it was short but you are so adorable! Can't wait for the next one.

I've got questions for your next vlog!
hmmm,what is your favorite thing to eat when you were in London?

What do you do on a bad hair day?

Kikiiii said...

Thank you for your comment
loving your outfit!
Merry christmas

$ouLphate said...

happy holidays to you too! and the christmasoutfit is lovely haha i love the prints on the sweater <3

Unknown said...

oh ur video is too short! I was just beginning t register the sound of ur voice in my mind and decided whether it was the one I supposed you would have lol
Don't know..next time u could talk about...ur Xmas presents? about the sales?? about London and ur life there?


Chelsea Finn said...

i love your outfit! very christmas-y.
cute try on your video blog!

whos youyr style inspiration?

Raquel said...

snuggly chistmas outfit! you look so cute and comfy!
hope you had a great Christmas!

Angie said...

Merry christmas :) I like your sweater (it's not ugly at all)I like to wear big jumpers when the weather is really cold.

I have questions ^^... what was your favourite christmas present? which is your favourite city and why?



Taylor Sterling said...

I love the sweater and the oxfords together!!

MJ said...

Awesome ugly Christmas sweater. I really want someone to knit me one!


iris said...

love that sweater!

and lol for the vlog, can't wait to see more:)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Your vlog was hilarious. I love your sweater.
Now...a question...when did you first become interested in fashion? Is your family stylish as well? Do you consider your mother a fashion icon/has her style made an impression on yours?

M. said...

i Love your jeans, and shoes so much!
so cute

Merry Christmas!

Raez said...

ah! your sweater is the cutest:):) glad to hear youre having a great xmas, cant wait to watch your next vlog!

xx raez

Anonymous said...

Oh ok ok here\'s my questiona:

why are you such a trend whore/slave to trends?
why are you such a hoe?
why don\'t you just give up already?
oh and how much do you weigh?

hearts & kisses

www.janetteria.com said...

Wonderful Xmas, doll!


Penny said...

It is really an adorable outfit! I'm excited to be hearing more from you :)

M. said...

Bonnie, I just gave you an award on my blog! :)
hope you had a good holiday!


Molly Gertenbach said...

adorable outfit! i love your shoes.

MalibuMara said...

i agree with everyone and their mom,
your outfit is AMAZING :)


Mademoiselle Ruta said...

Love the outfit. maybe you could talk about your trip to London.

Btw, are you going back or was it for only a semester?

Phyllis said...

love the vlog - glad youre back!
what was your favorite thing about your time abroad? any future/career plans?

The Voguette said...

it must be so nice being in texas during xmas, its not freezing and you dont have to worry about catching pneumonia!

you look nice and cozy!

Arijana Šuman said...

Love your shoes so much :)

xoxo A.

The Owl Diary said...

love, love, love these photos.

Mai said...

Love the jumper :)

NADINE said...

great post!! just posted that i love pics of people in the snow haha good one!


morena said...

love this outfit!! Those shoes are perfect

Anonymous said...

the outfit is adorable. so envious of the white christmas! must have been fab (: merry christmas!


indigotangerine said...

You are too adorable. Can't believe Texas got a white christmas and washington didn't. Back from london so soon? Well I guess it HAS been a semester...

Tatiana Fogt said...

cute blog
love it
come check both of mine outt :))

Elaine said...

Such a great Christmas outfit! I love the vintage feel of everything. I can't see your video because my parents' internet is a little too slow... :(


Gorgeous Clara said...

hurrayyyy!!! your back!!!

can´t wait to see more of your great outfits...

the one in the pictures is perfect for the season yeah!!!

le blog de leen said...

hey there long time no see :)

your video's really funny, no need to speak much actually :)

love that winter jumper and the brogues! lovely outfit


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

merry christmas bonnie! i love this outfit, especially the shoes and the sweater! =)


marian said...

hope you are having happy holidays honey

Rebecca said...

Yay for snow! When I moved to Tennessee from Texas I thought I'd get to see more snow, but I haven't seen any yet (at least not this winter). :( Hope you had a good Christmas! Awesome outfit, and what a funny video. Haha, I'm sure I'd do something similar the first time around...

Taiwo said...

Its funny I was just looking at a pair of shoes like this on Aldo, but was hesitant as to how I would wear them.
Now I see. Thanks for the idea!
Very cute!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but you have the coolest blog evvaaa :D
Gorgeous outfit, love the little sweater!!
Panda x

*follows you*

Seriale-modeuse said...

Your oxford flats are adorable !

shang li said...

I love your style! And you have beautiful clothes. Your vlog was funny although you din say anything.

P.s Could we exchange links?

Winnie said...

Looove the Xmas outfit and I love the short video blog...haha but yes next time don't let your mom come into your room.

Ok my question: How was Italy? What do you think of shopping in London? What do you miss most about home when you're away?

Wear Necessities said...

I love the outfit you posted, and your vlog was cute! Hope to see more!! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

Anonymous said...

i just love your outfit...i'm actually looking for a similar jumper myself :)

Sylvie said...

LOVE YOUR SHOES! The video made me smile :)

Unknown said...

U should try another vblog and learn more about editig the video . love u <3


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