Studs all over

30 July 2009

Say helloooo to my new favorite party dress! It is a little hard to tell, but these are not just polka dots, there are little gold studs all over the dress. This is another product of Goodwill. When I said I am saving money all summer, I was not kidding! Luckily this has guided me to many gems and treasures at my local thrift stores. ^_^

Wearing: thrifted dress; f21 tights and purse

Fly, Fly away

28 July 2009

This piece was just way too gaudy and crazy for me not to purchase. I was wondering through the depths of Buffalo Exchange when I found this little number. Originally I wore it to a party, but I've been trying to think of whatelse I can do with it. Any ideas? This baby is too great to lave sitting in my closet!

wearing: Vintage sequined top

Fairy Princess

26 July 2009

I must say, that in the midst of all this crazy 80's and 90's inspired fashion, I have found myself as of lately to be drawn to more simplistic feminine options. This may be a phase, but skirts and dresses have been prevailing as my number 1 choice in my wardrobe.

This skirt was purchased to fulfill days where I feel like a fairy/princess. Seriously, I am not kidding. I've already caught myself prancing around in it twice. Thumbelina and also inner-child-Bonnie have their stamp of approval.

wearing: f21 skirt; random tank; h&m wedges.

Longing for...

In preparations for my up coming semester in London, I have found myself obsessing with all things Europe related. Constantly browsing street style, planning shopping trips, day trips, museum must-sees, and watching this video in hopes of creating something similar.

Change is good

21 July 2009

Say hello to new bangs! After much decision making, I decided to cut them.
I've had them like this before, and decided it would be nice to change things up a bit. Sooo, tell
me what you think! My life as of the past week has been nonstop fun with my two best friends from school, one of which who came to visit us in Dallas. Hence me being the worst blogger ever. Anyways... more to come shortly :)

wearing: f21 dress, vintage boots

Sun Shines Bright

13 July 2009

I think it is safe to say that this is the very first time I have woken up before 8am and taken an outfit picture, hence the out of control bright lighting I did not adjust for Anyways, an outfit like this is definitely a summer staple for me. It's flowy, floral, and light. Boring? Maybe. Does it make me happy? Yes.

Wearing: f21 romper; thrifted boots.

criss cross

09 July 2009

Have I mentioned how much I love Goodwill? I found this dress and bag both while on a mission to find reasonable and inexpensive clothing in the deep depths of endless garments. I do not know what it is but lately I have had the best of luck when thrifting. Maybe it's fates attempt to tell me to not spend money and save, save, save for London!

wearing: thrifted dress and bag; f21 necklaces

tea anyone?

08 July 2009

I just looove this photoshoot styled by Julie Williams, that I had to share it with you all. I would have to say this is a tea party done right. Also, check out the rest of her work, it is quite great.

tiny bits and pieces

06 July 2009

So I finally have accepted my fate of living in Texas in the summer, and have invested in a few rompers/dresses/shorts and have finally decided that I will put start putting my creativity to use, even though I hate the heat so much. Oh and yes, I am aware that I sound like a big baby.

In loo of this new found inspiration, I have made the conscious decision to get back in the routine of outfit posts. I have missed doing it quite so, and I would definitely not say this if I did not mean it.

Hope everyone is having a lovely monday!

wearing: f21 romper, UO flats, thrifted clutch.

London Bound

02 July 2009

Hello All! I would like to first apologize for my absense in the blogging world. Much to my dismay, I have been the busiest bee with work and school and have not been active in the blogging community. I promise though, that I will soon have consitant outfit posting very soon. I miss it to much and I currently feel as though my creativity is cumulating, compiling and ready to over flow. There's only so long a blogger/fashionista at heart can go without expressing herself!

After much confusion and uncertainty, my fate has finally brought me to the decision that I will most definitely be living in London this fall! I will be leaving in September and I am ecstatic beyond belief! I will be staying in Camden Town, and I'd love to hear any recommendations/thoughts about this area. Let me know my favorite British bloggers. And since I can't contain my excitement, I insist on pouring my London style inspiration on all of you.

Photo cred:
flickr , face hunter


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