Oh beautiful blossoms

15 April 2010

So I know that it is no surprise that I am not only
obsessed with floral patterns, but the actual floral
that surround me everyday! I absolutely had to
capture all of the lovely little blossoms around campus
and around town. Funny how they ended up matching
my dress. This dress is actually a skirt with an elastic
waistband. I simply pulled it higher and belted it, then
presto! Dress is made.

And now... a short little Q&A answer session!

Q- Where are you from?
A- I come from the great south! Dallas, Texas.
honestly not a place with a southern-vibe
at all really, but I like to pretend I am a southern girl.

Q- What do you do?
A-I am a student studying fashion. My interest
is in visual communications.

Q- Who takes your photos?
A- Typically its me and the ole' tripod. Every once
in a while I have friends/family take them for me. I
will not lie, I have definitely gotten several strange
looks/stares because I am not afraid to use self-timer
in public at all. If it makes a great photo, who cares!

Q-What languages do you speak?
English and farsi fluently ( I am half persian) and a little
bit of spanish and french.

Q- How do you style your hair?
A-My hair is very unruly, and has a natural wave to it.
To tame it/make it more presentable, I use a curling iron
and make a ringlet curl, them straighten the ends to turn
it more into a wave. It's a strange technique, but if you have
naturally wavy hair it works quite well.

Q- When is your birthday?
A- October 9th, 1988. I turned 21 this year and have
definitely been living it up!

Q- Are you still in London?
A- No, not at the moment. I studied there for a
semester and I am just DYING to get back. I studied
visual merchandising there.

Q- Do you have your own place?
Yes, I live in an apartment with two very very lovely
ladies, aka my best friends!

Q- What is your favorite movie character?
A- Hands down, Annie Hall from the Woody Allen film,
Annie Hall. I love how crazy and sporadic she is. Reminds
me of myself quite a bit.

Q- What kind of camera do you use?
A-a Canon G10 for digital, and a Canon Rebel film.

Q- How tall are you?
A-I'm a short 5 feet and 4 inches

Q- Have you ever wanted to become a professional model - or you have been/are?
Whoever asked this, youre so nice! But no and no. I don't fit the
requirements at all.

Q- What's your favori
te book?
A-Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. It is so beautiful!
Read it if you have not.

Q-A Perfect travel destination?
A- Scandanavian countries! Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Because they are beautiful and the fashion there intrigues me.

Q- Do you ever plan on leaving the town you are in now?
Definitely! I would love to move to either the East or West coast.
Cities I love include San Francisco, Boston, and New York.
Of course though... London would be my number one
dream choice.

And a lot of you asked so... about the boy:

Q- Where did you meet?
A- The dining hall on campus. We had no mutual friends, but I
just had to meet him! We also both eventually confessed
that we had been eying each other all year.

Q- How long have you been together?
A- We met in the end of April last year and have been
quite inseparable since. Minus that fact that we had to
move out of the dorms at college and had to do long
distance all summer, and of course all of last fall when I
was in London. It was well worth it though :) Plus
he's a swetie and drove to see me several times.

Q- What do you love about being with him?
A- Hmm tough question, there's just so many things! I
love that I can be myself completely when I am with him,
and that we can do just about anything together but it is still
fun. He encourages my creativity and inspires me with his (he
plays music, writes, and is always somehow showing me something new).
Basically I thought the "perfect person" didn't exist but I'm convinved
I've found him.

Well.... those are all of the questions for now! If anyone has any
questions they are dying to ask that I let out, just let me know.


Andrea said...

Very cute Outfit and beautiful Pictures :))

Megan said...

I love the idea of wearing skirts as dresses!
About your boyfriend you said "I just had to meet him", did you go up to him and introduce yourself?

Flashes of Style said...

Yes... I approached him. My ultimate moment of courage!

pumpkinseed said...

WOOW, you speak fluent Farsi? That's so interesting, and such a rare language to know ! great post : )

Camilla said...

i adore this post, you and your man look adorable.


michelle_ said...

love this vintagy outfit !

laetitia said...

you always look cute! :)
thank you for shearing a part of your life by answering questions
greetings from mexico


Lexie said...

i like how your broke up the answers with the pictures! beautiful.

Sher said...

I'm a fan of Murakami's works, in fact I just finished reading Norwegian Wood not too long ago. I also really enjoyed Sputnik Sweetheart!

Also I adore learning about you and your boy, how brave of you to have approached him first:)


Phyllis said...

loved learning more about you hun! i just finished norwegian wood a couple weeks ago - i love it! it's so sweet and simple and honest. def one of my fav murakami books!

Amanda Lee said...

i love those photos of you!
and also, i think you look absolutely gorge!!



Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Gorgeous photos, gorgeous you! I love the blooming of spring right now! I'm just obsessed with floral patterns as well! :)

Dylana Suarez said...

I loved getting to learn more about you! You are wonderful!

kate maggie said...

These photos are so pretty - and so are you. Thanks for posting these Q+A's. I was so intrigued reading them! I have often wondered about you and your dream boat aswell..such a cute story. You two are ridiculously cute together..and thanks for the hair tip.. I love your hair!! x

Julia ♫ said...

you are such a lovely couple!

wish you all the luck and love to your relationship.

Thanx fot the book tip, just thought what to read. :)

MiracleBox said...

I love to know a bit more about you :) Its really interesting for example that you speak farsi :O

You look lovely btw <3


Jade Andersen said...

love your answers, i feel like i know you better :) xx


The Fashion Cloud said...

Lovely blog I have just discovered it and you have great style!!


Bardot in Blue said...

beautiful blossoms!

Victoria said...

u r amazing and u look really beautiful; i love ur style !! :)

I love ur way of think when u said that u r not afraid to use self-timer
in public at all. U r completly right who care ! haha :)

I did the same thing than u with my hair :p


Mila said...

Oh wow,I enjoyed reading this!!!! <3

www.janetteria.com said...

U are so sweet. I love reading Ur Q&A.

Casey Lewis said...

Oh my goodness, cutest post ever!

Anna G said...

You are so adorable! I love your photos with your boyfriend. I plan on reading Norwegian Wood this summer.

Unknown said...

thanks for all the answers! I'm sure it took you a long time to fill all that in!
The photo from the chinese magnolia is soooo beutiful!


Tiny Quirks said...

cutest dress! and great interview. and for the record, you could totally be a model :)

Baśka said...

great post, lovely pics, stunning dress....!

Christina Caradona said...

such a great post. loved all the pictures

Mademoiselle Ruta said...

Oh you two look so adorable together. I sat there awwwing for a couple minutes, lol.

Lovely outfit and I love your answers.

Christine said...

I met my current boyfriend at the campus cafeteria as well :) We've been together over a year now!

blog said...

the dress is sooo cute!!
i like your blog!!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog and that dress with the belt is amazing!
you and your boyfriend are soo cute. its adorable great post lady!


thingsIlove said...

Your blog is great. The floral dress is lovely.

Unknown said...

Such a sweet Q&A, and i love the photos with it too, are they film or digital? (i feel silly for asking but i think the late hour is confusing me) x

Claire Nouveau said...

what gorgeous photos! so, so lovely!
m a m u s h k a m a r i e

Raquel said...

you look so pretty! and I love to read about you! glad you have such a nice boy with you :)

Jessica said...

Great post! I love learning more about bloggers. Love your dress!

Seriale-modeuse said...

Oh, you're so cute together :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos & nice q-and-a's. You and your bf are very cute together.


Marie-Louise said...

there is such a romantic feeling about all this floral print! lovely

bridierussell said...

your photos are amazing, your such a beautiful & stylish girl.
This gives me lots of inspiration!
Liz xx

HoneyBunny said...

Oh, what a lovely post! It's great to learn more about you and these photos are so cute! Love the dress you're wearing <3

Jenny Cindy said...

I looooove Magnolia trees <3! Seeing one always makes me smile. It's my favorite time of spring when I see the first magnolia blossoms.
Also I adore your dress - so perfect for this season full of blossoming flowers.

stylista said...

Amazing photos! And I love your dress!

Check out my blog at allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

wild love said...

I love reading this!! great blog

check mine out pleasee!!

xx, wild


Move said...

love ur floral dress, and I enjoy reading ur answer!


Women's belts said...

Love that dress!!

Kamila M. said...

love this blog post...I mostly just view peoples photographs..but I found myself reading through your whole post..ha..well nice to meet you by the way!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Thanks for sharing!! It's fun to learn things about fellow bloggers :) Also, I didn't think the "perfect person" existed either, but I recently met him. So wonderful :D

Maddie said...

love your style, love this blog, love your boy!

Unknown said...

Nicee flowers flowers and flowers!!!

Black Widow said...

lovely flowers and pics!

L1L2 said...

ur floral collection is pretty and they suit you so well!

Unknown said...

Amazing photos - hands down. And i totally share your floral pattern and general flower obsession. There's nothing better I think :D And half persian?! That's where you get you get your exotic looks from!

allthatshewants said...

that drees is perfection.
love the pic of the flowers

Carly said...

Your blog is adorable, i can't believe i've only just found it. I'm a Visual Merchandising Manager in London, i've never found another blogger who's done Visual. Wahoo, your my new discovery.


Charlotte Elise Jay said...

LOVE your outfit here

Love how you wear florals :) lovely prints

your blog is amazing

Please stop by mine :)

Char x

Victoria said...

Nice post ! And you look stunning ! Gorgeous pictures !

Plami said...

cute skirt/dress! love it! I do the same sometimes :) Great blog!
Following you now <3 Follow back if you like :)



Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your dress and your camera! :)

cellulite cream said...

You're not the only one who loves floral. I do have lots of floral stuff too... I have not used some of them though. :)

febrina utami putri said...

you guys are so cute and perfect for each others! and love the floral dress! summer feels so near!!

Anonymous said...

You are seriously beautiful! Just like your blog and your fashion sense!(;

Maybe check out my blog?

Gio Goi Shoes said...

Gorgoeus pics! Thanks for the insight!

Winnie said...

I have so missed your blog, glad to see you back in action! Yay! I learnt so much about you from this blog, had no idea you were half persian!

Courtney O. said...

so nice :] i'm glad you have someone you really enjoy being with. i liked reading your Q&A!

Anonymous said...

your dress is absolutely beautiful..
i love floral motif too.
i bookmarked your blog because it's so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

your dress is absolutely beautiful..
i love floral motif too.
i bookmarked your blog because it's so gorgeous.

Sophie said...

Hey :)
(First of all i'm french so sorry for the very likely mistakes!)
Sorry about asking you again about that, but i've just read this interview, and especially the part about your boyfriend and also the beginning of these comments, and i had a question: what did you tell him when you got to introduce yourself? Bcs i'm actually in the same kind of situation, everyday i see a boy at the cafeteria of my university and we keep looking at each other, and i think he's probably a bit interested in me (and what is sure is that i'm interested in him ;)!), and i was thinking of maybe going to talk to him, but what to tell: "hey, i think i like you, would you want to get to know me?"??
I know this is quite an awkward question bcs it is very precise and intimate, and perhaps you don't even remember how you began to talk with him, but when i read your story, i really made me think of me, so i needed to ask you :)
Thanks in advance if you've read everything and if you want to answer me, you can perhaps do it by my email (sophie.dln@laposte.net), but if you don't, it doesn't matter i would understand :)!
And finally i just wanted to say that i love your sense of style, so girly, this is all i love about clothes (i'm also mad of dresses and skirts ;)!)
Have a good evening! xx


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