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28 September 2010

Another Fall lust list commences... Now!

Layering tons of jackets/slouchy sweaters over maxi skirts

I <3 br="br" dresses="dresses" else="else" is="is" new="new" quirky="quirky" what="what">

TURBANDS! I cannot wait to get the one I ordered from
Nasty Gal.

Powdery pink blazers.

sources: Avant-gardism, Aldonza


callie said...

I especially love the second photo and that pink blazer is rad!!


HoneyBunny said...

the first two are definitely on my list too! :)

Violet E. said...


Ale.Sanmed said...

great photos! I love the first and second! beautiful bags!

Julia said...

I'm going to be rocking a maxi skirt later this week, though it's always a bit of a trick for the short. No matter! I'll give it a try. Lovely picks here, and turbans are awesome!


Mikelle Jade said...

I totally bought a bag like the first one this week I can't wait for it come! and I love turbans too! Can't wait to see your posts on them :)

Yours Truly, MJ

Marinka said...

I like Alexa's look a lot, and that pink blazer is nice!

Unknown said...

oh I love the first picture, especially her lipstick!!

xxx (Suz) said...

i want a blazer like the last one and the girl in the first pic has a fab look!

Isabel said...

I adore this list! I can't wait to try out the maxi skirt/jacket combo. I don't know if I'm gutsy enough yet though, haha.


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