Sophisticated Denim

28 September 2010

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love this denim shirt?
I am pretty sure that I have already paired it with about twenty
things in my closet. Denim is such a classic, and I feel that
the denim shirt can be perfect to dress up/dress down. I
absolutely cannot wait to pair it with this fall's favorite,

Oh yes! Thank you for all of your recommendations on lenses.
I have a much better idea on what to purchase now. On the
thought of pictures, I remembered to post these black
& white film photos from about a month ago. It was my
first time experimenting with it, and I'd love to hear what you think.

wearing: thrifted trousers/pants/bag; f21 shoes

Current Loves

Another Fall lust list commences... Now!

Layering tons of jackets/slouchy sweaters over maxi skirts

I <3 br="br" dresses="dresses" else="else" is="is" new="new" quirky="quirky" what="what">

TURBANDS! I cannot wait to get the one I ordered from
Nasty Gal.

Powdery pink blazers.

sources: Avant-gardism, Aldonza

Summer Floral Turned Fall

26 September 2010

Argh! I have no idea why some of these photos are clear, and
the other ones are not. It is very frustrating. Does anyone know
of a good lens to use for the Canon Rebel? I am in dyer need of one.
Anyways... as you all know, I am the queen of florals. With so
many great summer florals, there is just no way that I could
put them away all winter. I love finding new ways to mix
summer/fall attire. Of course there are a few failures along
the way, but finding the perfect mix can be so rewarding!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! The low tonight
is 45 degrees which makes me SO so happy. Cheers to

wearing: kimchi blue dress; f21 blazer; thrifted bag; Topshop oxfords.

Messy Bun

24 September 2010

Yikes! I think this top knot turned into a little more of a messy
bun than I'd like. Anyways... I have been dying to pair
these heels with some socks. It is just the perfect quirky
look that I was going for. Oh and by the way, this
lace shirt is not at all see-through. It just has a nude cami
underneath it. Ok! Glad I cleared that up.

Well I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! My best
friend is coming in town and I just cannot wait.

wearing: thrifted lace top; f21 skirt & heels; thrifted bag.

Leap into Spring

20 September 2010

One thing I always feel absolutely comfortable in, is plaid.
On a lazy day, I automatically turn to my over-sized thrifted
plaid tops and pair them with jeans or leggings. In my book,
it has definitely become a fall/winter staple, and I do not think
it is an over-used trend at all.

Anyways... let's talk about Spring 2011! I had a great time last
week checking every collection, and have compiled a handful
of my favorites below.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Wow! I am absolutely in love with the femininity of this
collection. The knee-length dresses and skirts are what
I have been craving lately. The fact that these are done in
such a modern and young way is just perfect. But then
again, what else would one expect from Marc?

3.1 Phillip Lim

Let me just say- nude has never been done better before.
This collection left me dreaming about ways to pair
nudes into my wardrobe and incorporate it into my style.
I also quite love all of the separates and the way
they were styled. So lovely.

Jason Wu

One word: TURBAN! I am absolutely in love with this
accessory, and loved seeing it on the runway. I would really
like to find one that is more suitable for my style, perhaps an
open top turban. Also, the textures on the skirts here are
just so exquisite and detailed. I practically can feel their shape
by just looking at them.


And for my last obsession... Rodarte. I cannot even believe
how perfectly these various patterns have been cohesively
placed together on each outfit. The different textures
and prints make this collection so intriguing. It really
has inspired me to search through my closet and pair
the unthinkable together.

Well... those are some of my favorites from NYFW.
And of course, Happy London Fashion week!


School Look

17 September 2010

It's friday night, I am on the go, and I do not have much time
to update this post! Haha. Anyways, This is my backpack
that I purchased this year for school, and I am absolutely
in love with it. I even wear it for fun sometimes when I
have a lot of things to carry. It is completely the perfect size.

Also- I hope everyone enjoyed fashion week. Next post
is totally going to be a re-cap of my favorites.

Have a lovely weekend dears!

wearing: f21 shoes; BDG skinny jeans; Lux top; Kimchi Blue backpack

blazer + florals

13 September 2010

Ah, sunlight and time at last! Rain and lack of time
have (inexcusably) made me the worst blogger
in the world. I apologize greatly about this! I am
however quite excited that the rain has brought cooler
weather, which means blazers,cardigans and more can
start coming out soon. Here I am wearing my favorite combination:
florals and a solid color blazer. Nope, I just cannot get sick of
this winning combo. Oh and I thrifted these little flats
the other day and decided to spice up my wardrobe
with the pop of red! Not-so-me to choose such a flashy
color, but I think it is really growing on me.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

wearing:f21 skirt& bag; UO top; thrifted flats

Pretty Pleats

09 September 2010

Wow! It has been raining non-stop this past week, and
I have absolutely not been able to take any blog photos. To
be honest, the lighting here was awful when I came back
from work and had time to take photos, but it was not
raining, so I decided to make the best of it! Anyways, I
have been looking quite hard for a simple black
pleated skirt. I will absolutely love layering it over tights
this winter and wearing it with chunky heels.

In other news... I was featured as Mtv Styles blogger looks
of the week! I was super excited to say the least. Thanks Mtv.
See it here!

wearing: thrifted bag,dress & skirt, f21 wedges

Treasure Hunt

04 September 2010

Oh my was today a successful shopping day! I found treasures
at my favorite thrift stores, like this dress & bag, and much
more that I know will be greatly cherished this fall. Finds
include velvet, see-through lace, pleats and dots! I cannot
wait to show them to you all. And... I got ever-so-lucky
to find these Miu Miu knock-offs at Forever 21 today! Obviously
fakes or not, this college student couldn't be happier.

Ps- in a month I turn 22 and I am totally freaking out. How does
time go by so fast? That is all. Have a lovely weekend!

wearing: thrifted dress & bag; f21 knee socks and shoes.

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