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13 April 2011

Can I just say how happy the weather has been making me lately?
I feel like a such a sun child and all I want to do is bask
in the light wearing shorts and sundresses. Definitely need to get
out of that mode though, because there is still a month of school.
Speaking of school though, only one month until I graduate college!
I really cannot believe it. Anyways, these shorts were trouser pants that I purchased
from the thrift store during the winter months. I never wore them as pants,
but today I cut them into shorts, I definitely love them a million times more now!
I was inspired to cut them because I really wanted to pair a camel with my cream
Romwe top and pale pink VJ Style bag. Neutrals+pink=my favorite color palette

Anyways...as one giveaway ends, another giveaway now begins!
The winner of the Blowfish Contest is Anaivilo from Wonder
. Yay for her! But those of you who did not win, do not
fret. Another giveaway awaits. The lovely ladies over at Les Jumelles
have offered you all a giveaway. The winner will receive one item out of
all of their beautiful goodies!

The rules:

1.) Become a fan of Les Jumelles on Facebook.
2.) Follow me on BlogLovin' / Google Connect
3.) Leave your e-mail address so I can contact you.

Good Luck everyone! Below are a few lovely pieces from the shop. I
have the cute little vintage whistle.


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wearing: Top courtest of Romwe; Bag courtesy of VJ-Style; thrifted shorts & belt; Necklace
courtesy of Les Jumelles; platforms courtesy of Blowfish.


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Meg said...

Yay another giveaway


jooleedoh said...

classy look, lady!

jooleedoh AT gmail DOT com

martacanavan said...



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