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31 March 2011

Well it is safe to say that I have completely broken my fear of
experimenting with color! Not only have I worn shades of pink in
several of my last posts, but I have dipped my toes in a completely
new pool by wearing this shade of emerald green! Quite the break
through, I must say. Please excuse me if I sound very odd... I am
very sleep deprived and in much need of the weekend to come!
Just one more day Bonnie... one more!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week, and yay that it is almost
Friday! Stay tuned, because in the next week I will be having a
couple giveaways. Yippee!

wearing: thrifted top; f21 shorts; bag via ebay; Urban Renewal bow tie; Topshop brogues

Let's Get Ready

Getting excited for Spring. Despite the fact that it is 40 degrees
today. Hey, I'm a dreamer.

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Honey Rose

29 March 2011

I got lucky today and was able to sneak in these photos during the
only time of the day that it was not raining. As much as I love the
sunshine, a gloomy rainy day is just perfect sometimes. I have
kept a cup of coffee/tea handy all day, and have just been listening
to some calming tunes. Perfect day for catching up on school work.

I received this dress from Romwe, and I am so obsessed with it. It is
fit for a tea party or possible a little china doll and makes me want
to frolic. Qualities a gal like me always looks for in a dress.
Anyways, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! I cannot
believe it is in the last one of March. Oh how time flies.

PS- What do you all think about my hair pinned back like this?
I have had bangs in my face for years, so it feels so odd with
my entire face so... visible haha. Not sure what I think yet,
but I just needed a change!

Dress, tights & necklace courtesy of; bag via e-bay; Jeffrey Cambell 'Miracle' Wedges


27 March 2011

One of my favorite things about Spring, is the beautiful
blossoms that pop up throughout town. So far I have seen bright
pinks, purples and dogwood trees. I especially love living in a new neighborhood,
because it is a fun surprise as to what dead trees will blossom into
beauties. Anyways, these photos were taken on my town's square (one
of my favorite places). The whole square is covered in these beautiful
cherry blossoms! The only bad thing is that it was still pretty chilly for spring.

Well I hope you all had a lovely weekend I am totally not looking forward
to going back to school tomorrow. Take me back to Austin, I am not
really for spring break to be over!

Wearing: f21 top & scarf; vintage shorts; bag via E-bay; Flower ring courtesy of Calico; Tights courtesy of; Shoes courtesy of

Happy Friday

25 March 2011

Happy Friday! Not that it makes much of a difference for me, since
I have been on spring break, but I am sure the rest of you are
jumping for joy. I am now out of Texas, and went on a little
road trip to Missour-ah. My boyfriends family lives here, and
I just always love coming to visit. Today we are going to this
vintage clothing store that is also a cupcake shop! As
you can imagine, I am completely stoked. My boyfriends dad
actually just told me about it yesterday hehe.

Anyways about this outfit: this dress is a Japanase vintage
piece from the 70's, and I absolutely adore it. The pleats are
heavenly, and the ruffle detail is just perfect. Oh and this
polaroid camera that I used as a prop was purchased at a
thrift store for just a couple bucks. It still works too! Too bad
polaroid film is so hard to find these days. I am also wearing
this vintage watch, which is also hard to find these days. To find
more watches at a good price check out pre owned watches.
Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Summer in Texas Already

23 March 2011

Hola! It is mid-march in Texas, and it seriously feels like summer. Well,
definitely not a Texas summer, but more like a tropical paradise summer.
I picked up these shorts at my all-time favorite thrift store in my hometown.
I did not even have to alter them. The bag came from the same thriftstore
as well this trip. I really wish I could take you all there! Anytime you
go to Dallas, please notify me and I will give you directions :)

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a lovely week! Today is my
fellow friend/bloggers 21st birthday, Itty Bitty Bomb. Be sure to
head on over and wish her a good one! I'm off for an adventure
around town with the boyfriend.


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wearing: f21 tank; thriftes shorts, bags, shoes; Cooperative hat

Spring Cleaning

21 March 2011

Oh my goodness! I just got home from one of the craziest
weekends in Austin for SXSW. It was very fun, but I must
say I am very tired. It was go-go-go the whole weekend, and
I am ready to rest a little for the rest of my spring break. It is
now officially Spring, so what better to wear than florals? This
outfit is from last week and I am just finding time to post it now,
but I think it is better late than never! I really could not resist the
lace collar on the dress. Such a sucker for little details.

Also, I was featured in a really neat online magazine, called
Spilled Milk. It is wonderful for fashion inspiration! I feel
so honored to be featured in it.

Well I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and here's to a great
new week.


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wearing: vintage dress; cooperative oxfords; Kimchi blue bag; ASOS socks

Polka-dot Turband

18 March 2011

Happy Friday everyone! This Friday is especially happy for me, because
it is the beginning of my spring break! I will be visiting my home I have
really missed the ol' Lone Star State. First I will be going to SXSW in
Austin, and I am oh so excited! It is also looking like a meet-up with Amanda
from The Upside of Wonder is in the cards. :)

Anyways, on to the outfit. I got this
scarf from where I work and easily turned it into a turband. All you have
to do is tie a knot in the front, and tuck the loose ends in. Easy breezy.
And a perfect trick for solving bad hair days.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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wearing: f21 top & shorts; vintage scarf; BDG shoes

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