Hello March, Hello World: 35mm series

01 March 2015

A new month, is a fresh start...


Hello again, lovely blog friends! It's been a moment, hasn't it? I apologize for my long pause from blogging, but I decided to start fresh with the month of March for many reasons.

On the lighter side, t's one of my favorite months. If you're lucky, the weather starts to get a bit warmer, trees start to blossom, and flowers start to bloom. Winter's gloominess begins to fade away and things all around seem just a bit brighter. On another note however, the reason for my pause is not-so-fun. I am not quite ready to get into the details of it all yet ( I swear one day I will ) , but what I'm willing do delve into now is bluntly this: After seven ( has it really already been S-E-V-E-N?!) wonderful years of blogging, I hit some sort of wall. My inspiration was fading for some inexplicable reason... a writer's block if you will. The truth is, I am only human and I was mentally exhausted. Life's stresses got the better of me, and keeping up with the blog I have loved for so long just was not at the top of my priority list. When I invite people to my page, I want to fill your eyes with beauty. I want to share life's wonderful moments and leave you feeling happy with those warm fuzzy feelings. But alas, life is not always that way and I am just like all of you. Boyfriends, break-ups, being completely broke, fights with friends, questioning my life's existance... as a 20 something, these are problems I face too. So while I was, let's say 'figuring my life out', I decided to take a break from blogging since my heart just wasn't fully in it.

A month later it's crazy for me to even write this because after my little hiatus, I've taken a step back, traveled back to Texas for a bit, spent the month reflecting on what i DO have. I traveled around the state with friends, reviving my mind, body and soul. No, things still aren't perfect, I am still figuring things out ( I don't know if I ever won't be) , but I feel completely refreshed. Like after a long pause my whole spirit finally hit play again. I can genuinely say that I feel happier than I have in a long time. And with all that happiness I want to share it all with you, the way I used to! I have many things planned to share with you all this March. Including two exciting trips that I plan to document fully, my beauty routines, 35 mm photography, music I am currently into, my thrifting secrets, and of course my daily outfits!

I've always said that I am trying to find beauty in everything. What I have been doing this last month is finding beauty in myself. 

photos by me


Alix said...

The pictures are great ! Cool blog ! x


RLStars said...

lovely flowers and tones! I'm glad that the spring is amost here and to see you again in this world!

Jessie Alaimo said...

Oh Bonnie... I'm so sad to read all the sad things that happen to you. You're my favorite blogger, you're a real inspiring person and you deserve to be happy ! I'm glad you feel a little bit better now.. I hope everything will be fine for you.

You're pretty and amazing, please don't forget that. ♥


Kathleen Weaver said...

Welcome back Bonnie! I'm sorry you're having a tough time, but I'm glad it sounds like it's turning around. Cheers to the beauty in the everyday, even the less than ideal moments.


Mindy said...

I'm so happy you're back! I've missed your posts! I know exactly what you're going through all too well because I'm going through the some of the same issues. At least you have Texas as an escape! I'm stuck in NY forced to face my issues daily. Just remember this, as cliche as it sounds, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. The photos in this post are beautiful! I'm excited about your future posts! :)
Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

Anonymous said...

So glad youre back! Everything happens for a reason and you will make it through this!

Sheila Joy said...

beautiful photos! glad to hear you are back, and that taking a break got you all refreshed. sometimes that is all we need.


ruth said...

I wanted to say you've been beautifully absent through this time and it's allowed me to realise too that being absent in writing whilst being present in living is too important. (Of course, glad we're seeing the world through your eyes once more!)

Jasmine Cibrian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jasmine said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. I can honestly say you've been missed Bonnie! I'm glad to know you're doing better <3
you have all the support from me, you are my biggest inspiration (:

Nikki Williams said...

welcome back! :D

xx nikki

Anonymous said...

Bonnie!! It's good to see you again! <3

Shelby Rae said...

Lovely photos :]


pengobatan kelenjar payudara secara alami said...

Informasinya sangat menarik sekali untuk di simak nih,
terimakasih sob !

Mackenzie Mancuso said...

We've missed you!

xo Kenzie
Girl From the North Country

Taylor Mary Jean said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel better now! I can't wait to see the new things you have planned for the blog!


Elisha said...

Was so happy to your post, welcome back Bonnie! Glad to hear you're feeling better after the time away.

And can't wait to see you take on Spring (through outfits that is!)


Sarah By The Sea said...

What a beautiful lens! Lovely photographs and DOF ♥

Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspotcom

Appermak said...

I like the fashion clothes

Claire S said...

The pattern of this dress is stunning :) Glad you back to blogging now and hope everything is okay <3 Gisforgingers xx

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