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02 March 2015

The snow is finally melting and I'm waiting for the sun to come out.

Like I promised, I am finally back with outfit posts, kicking it off with this schoolgirl-inspired look. It's no secret that I am an absolute sucker for any sort of statement collar. I particularly love a sweet peter pan, however a crisp pointed collar like this one is a close second. The dress is so simple so I styled it up with these polka dot tights and cute little bow flats. Also I couldn't resist adding this red hat... I pretty much always have to have at least a little bit of color in all of my outfits. As for this polaroid camera, I found it at a thrift store the other day and couldn't resist giving it a try. Who knows if it will work, but I've always been a glass-is-half-full girl, so I am hoping for the best! Plus it made a whimsical little prop. 

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!



wearing: dress c/o Asos; tights c/o Hue; hat c/o Otte


Mindy said...

I loveee the pop of red! That hat is amazing!
Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

Live-Style20 said...

so amazing ; >>


new post


Natali said...

Looking as beautiful as always! Also, your outfit is so cute and unique, just as before. Welcome back to the blogging world. I can't wait to see all of the inspiring and interesting posts that you'll publish in the future. :)


Cheyenne said...

This looks so cute, love the red hat!

xx Cheyenne

Holl JC said...

So so beautiful Bonnie, you look gorgeous! I just love your hat x


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it!

Vivian Yuen said...

Loving the polka dot tights with this dress!



Jessie Alaimo said...

I love it ! Your hair are so long now, you're so pretty ♥


Nikki Williams said...

love that hat!

xx nikki

Sarah said...

Sweet as ever! You wear hats so well and I love the polka dot tights. :)

Inês Brito said...

Aw so beautiful ♥

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Thentent said...

Your simple black dress and polka dot tights are a great match. You are so beautiful. Love your outfits.

Yonosoyunaitgirl Sandra Cuiña said...

Great look! XX

Panty Buns said...

Your dress is lovely and I love how you styled it with the polka-dot tights, white collar, red hat and always pretty red lipstick. Your hair looks pretty too.


sienna ana belić said...

so pretty!
xoxo Sienna

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RLStars said...

I love the outfit! where are your shoes form?

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