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08 November 2009

So, literally I have locked myself away this entire weekend doing projects upon project,
and papers upon papers! Well... okay... I did go out at night a few times, but other than
that, there has been absolutely no time for outfit posts or anything like that!
Anyways, I had to work on my portfolio for fashion styling, piecing together
clippings of things that tie in to represent my "style".

I think I made about a trillion
collages, but here are two that I think depict my style perfectly. Girly
by nature, inspired by edge. I find myself constantly pulled towards
dresses, bows, hearts and bows. It's been this way ever since I was a little
girl. The glamour of a dress was something I fell in love with even before
grade school. My mom tells me I insisted upon wearing dresses, and dresses
only, and for as long as I can remember, this has been true. My curiosity
though gravitates me towards more bold pieces, molding my thoughts
and ideas every day. Ah, one's personal style. It's such an ever-changing thing,
isn't it?

What inspires your style most?

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend, I have yet another busy week again.
I shall try my best to outfit update, but with Paris in a few days I may
unfortunately be too busy :(. If not, expect Paris pictures soon!


Georgia said...

I love the collages, especially the second. What inspires me most?
Thats a big big question.. I guess mainly the atmosphere around me? London in general I think.
It would be mine

Mila said...

Wooooooooow,gorgeous collages,my dear!!!
I dont know what inspires my style.I am mostly inspired by streetstyle...And looking at the new fashion shows...But just normal people,students like me(not celebrities) have really the biggest part in inspiring me!Like you,you inspire me! :)

Little Lost Treasures said...

Love the collages! the first one especially. I'm inspired a lot by my music, and since I do mosly classical music and opera Ive always been drawn to classic and feminine pieces with an old vintage feel to them. Now I'm inspired to write a post about it!
Can't wait for the Paris pictures! hope you'll have a fabulous time over there!

Mai said...

Love the pictures so much! Mmm.. I don't know very well what my style is inspired in, I think that in music or photographs I see on the internet!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the collages!
very inspiring ^^!

Megan said...

Love the dress with the cut out heart back. I would say everything lovely and everything grimey and grungey inspires me. I like to mix and match with the two different ends of the spectrum :)

Megan said...

Love the dress with the cut out heart back. I would say everything lovely and everything grimey and grungey inspires me. I like to mix and match with the two different ends of the spectrum :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful collages.. I'm so inspired by pretty colour palettes!

MJ said...

Awesome collages. I wish I did things that fashion-ey for my course... sadly I think geology is the least fashoinable subject ever! :P


Camilla said...

Beautiful photos! xxxx Camilla
Everything inspires me :) xxx

Camilla said...

Beautiful photos! xxxx Camilla
Everything inspires me :) xxx

Aida said...

Bonitas fotos :)

English Rose said...

ohmygoodness i love the collages - beautiful. My style reflects the stages im at in my life - its constantly evolving, maturing. I get inspiration from everything from friends to tv to music - strangely enough celebs have no effect on my style whatsoever. Enjoy Paris =] Nice blog btw


Brown and Cappuccino said...

good luck honey with your projects :)

kiss from Portugal***


Anonymous said...

love both of the collages. and when i was in kindergarten or so all i would wear was twirly dresses.

Phyllis said...

gorgeous collages... good luck w/ all your projects!

Unknown said...

blogs inspire me pretty much, but also a walk around the city, looking at people or window shops.


Raez said...

very sweet collage:) iam loving those black and white ones, so surreal!

hope you dont stay busy for long--i am missing your rad outfits!

xx raez

Libertad said...

Nice collages, you've made a good job! Everybody is busy these days, don't worry!
I'm planning of starting a sketchbook just for me, in order I can manage all my thoughts about fashion! And I guess that I would do something like your collages!
Have a nice week!

Molly Gertenbach said...

beautiful collages! very romantic. I'm sort of audrey hepburn elegance, meets polished parisian grunge.

indigotangerine said...

great collages! i love the contrast between them, yet some of the softness from the first can be seen in the second, and some of the eeriness of the second is reflected in the first. two halves that make a whole. What is your major?

Jenna said...

I NEED that heart-back dress. Lovely choices here, love. =]

Amelia said...

At least the work keeping you busy looks intersting. I wish I could make collages like these for school, since it's mostly what I do for fun, anyway. These are incredible!

www.janetteria.com said...

I really love this colleges!


iris said...

Great collages!
A lot of things inspire me! Many things around me, pics and music, feelings, reading books...

Hope you have a nice week, even if we all are busy:)

Laia said...

I don't know if I can really say what inspires my style the most..... I love a plenty of different things but I think I can say that my truly style is something very vintage-ish, granny and classic clothes mixed together to make something out of norm, although I haven't really been following that recently xD

I am curious, what and where are you studying???

Sandra said...

Love all the pics, specially black and white ones :)

Nice week

Ashley Dy said...

I love your blog!!!

Added you to my blog roll! <3

Valencia Lia said...

I love love both the collages so much !!

Hearts and bows and velvets are really what inspires me now. Plus diy projects to in reconstructing old clothes.

Can't wait to see Paris photos and your outfits toooo.

big hugsssss

captain kimi said...

These are awesome pics! Well done :)

I think it's so hard to name your main fashion inspiration or describe your own style.
I think I'm mostly inspired by feelings. I dress how I feel. Especially the colours I wear are influenced by my feelings. I also get inspiration by bloggers and high fashion shows (though I mostly don't wear cloths which are similar to the showed stuff)

Laura Mullins said...

love the collages! i guess what influences my style most is my mood. that might be a crazy answer, but it's true. i think that's the only thing i can say for sure.

have fun in pariiiis! oo

Tights Lover said...

Love these collages...they're both awesome! Enjoy your week!

miriam said...

what inspiring collages!
friends inspire my style the most.

Federica Bea said...

♥ ℓﻉﻻ٥ ♥ ℓﻉﻻ٥ ♥ ℓﻉﻻ٥ ♥ ℓﻉﻻ٥ ♥

Winnie said...

Have fun making that portfolio. It sounds more fun than my projects at the moment!

Have fun in Paris, you'll have a wonderful time I know it!

For the last few years, Japanese style has definitely influenced me a lot, I love skirts, dresses, belts and brightly coloured tights!

Seriale-modeuse said...

Lovely pics <3

Jenna said...

Love every single one of these photos. You have such good style!
xo JR

Yuka said...

great photos! you just gave me some really good ideas!

Lydia O'Connor said...

Oh my goodness I absolutely adore that heart cut-out back. And I'm sorry you had such a work-heavy weekend :(

Piter said...

I love your blog! i'll follow you! :)

Rand said...

aaah lovely collages!!!love the heart dress
people and words inspire me

Miss Head Over Heels said...

Hi. thanks for visiting my blog. such a nice blog you have here.


Masha said...

it's really interesting to READ you. you know, it's a rare occurence.
i keep following you with pleasure.

Anonymous said...

your style has no essence of those collages you bitch

M said...

Hi Bonnie... Loved those collages and pay no atention to the anonymus :)
What inspires me? Well i think mainly is some of street style but with a spice of guatemalan fabrics and colors =)

Funny Girl said...

I absolutely love love your sense of style, it's very inspirational!


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