Folk music and Lattes

29 November 2010

Oh me oh my. The weather here has just been lovely
lately. Full of showers and gray skies. The sun usually
peaks out around sunset, making the sky a gorgeous
oil painting. And making the lighting for outfit photos
quite perfect as well. Anyways, I am just in such a good
mood right now. I do not know if it is Gillian Welch's soothing
voice playing on my stereo, or this delicious latte in my hands,
but I am just feeling happy.

These amazingly comfortable
wedges probably are adding to my good mood too. I
just got them recently (at a way, way marked down price)
and cannot wait to pair them with socks, tights and thigh-highs.
I can definitely stomp all around town in them without hurting my feet.

Anyways- I hope everyone is having a lovely start to your week,
and happy Gossip Girl day!

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wearing: TMD sweater; charlotte russe jeggings; f21 bag; Jeffrey Cambell wedges

Cut-out sleeves via Club Couture

27 November 2010

Well first of all, do not fret, I definitely wore a coat over this
outfit most of the time I was out in the cold. I just had to show
off these amazing cut-out sleeves on this top! I was given the
wonderful opportunity to choose some items from Club Couture,
an online shop with tons of great pieces. I just love
how unique this top is with the cut-outs, it definitely can
make an outfit. Also, the fullness of this feminine skirt
is just perfect. And because I loved my items
so much I want you all to have a 15% discount through this
code: CCBLOG15.

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving
holiday weekend! I am so excited it is Christmas season now.
So magical!

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wearing: top & skirt, courtesy of Club Couture; vintage bag; Hat via nastygal

Layered Look

24 November 2010

I don't know about you all, but I just LOVE layering in
the winter and fall. It basically opens up a wardrobe,
and adds a billion outfit possibilities to the table. Sure,
sometimes an absolutely crazy look can be created, but I
think the more unique the better! I wore this dress all the time
this summer and the fact that I can layer it up to wear it in the
winter is just amazing! Oh and the story on this bag- I actually
bought it the same day I got the alexa look-a-like. Minutes before,
in fact. Anyways, I tried to return it immediately after I found
the Alexa one but boo hoo, it was a sale item and could not be returned.
Oh well! I have grown to like it.

Well I hope everyone has an AMAZING thanksgiving! I have
to say that I am so thankful at this point. So many great people
are in my life as well as opportunities. Pumpkin pie will
taste extra good this year.

PS- the last photo is quite goofy, but I just wanted to show
off my rings, hehe ^_^

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outfit: thrifted dress; Cardigan via Nastygal; f21 tighs, shoes, bag;

Palest Pink

22 November 2010

I just cannot get enough of this pale pink color! It is so
subtle, yet it adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit.
I love creating different color combinations with it and I
think my favorite yet is paring it with denim and oatmeal.
I wonder what I will come up with next. Oh and also,
I do not think I ever want to switch bags again! I am officially

I do not have much to say today, besides for the fact
that I am so excited Thanksgiving is almost here. The
holidays are just so magical. I am definitely one of those
people who forces everyone around me to listen to Christmas
music haha. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a
lovely day!

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wearing: f21 top & skirt; Xhiliration wedges & knee socks; Second hand sweater; bag via Francesca's.

Comfy Knits

20 November 2010

Oh goodness, I am just addicted to chunky knits this winter,
especially thrifted sweaters. It is the best thing to just throw on when
you are in a hurry but still want to be unique. And that is basically
what my life has been like the past few weeks. I have just
had so much work/school work, I feel like everywhere I go is
in a hurry. Thank goodness the holidays are coming up soon.
A break will be nice.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I am
off to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with friends
coming over for a potluck. I made caramel brownies, yum!

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wearing: thrifted knit sweater; james jeans skinny jeans; f21 booties; Turband via Nastygal; bag via franchesca's


My life in November on film.


18 November 2010

Well I suppose I have just been over all lucky when it
comes to good finds. I purchased this camel coat
at a secondhand store and it was love at first sight! I
wish the lighting was better in these photos, but I paired it with
a black velvet dress and navy tights. I cannot wait to try
several other combinations in my wardrobe! I paired this
outfit with a red lip, because I knew the neutral color of
the jacket would make my lips pop.

It has been cold, overcast and raining of and on. I just
love this kind of weather! Not only does it remind me of my
beloved London, I feel like it is a great time to meditate and
have a clear mind. Just stare out the rainy window and think.
Anyways, I am rambling! I hope everyone is having a lovely

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wearing: Banana Republic Coat; UO tights; thrifted dress & shoes; Topshop Bag

Style Watch

Scarves, scarves and more scarves!

pretty jewels

fur done in a way I like- feminine, rather than bad-ass looking

Dainty yet still chunky shoes

photocred (in order): copenhagen street style, fashion gone rogue, we heart it

Treasure Found

15 November 2010

Thank you fashion gods! I went to this store that I
hardly ever go to, I haven't even been since summer.
Anyways, yesterday morning I went to my favorite
bagel place, Einstein's and since I was nearby I went to
it. Anyways, I found the perfect satchel I have been searching
for! Practically identical to the Alexa Mulberry one. I can't
ever afford that one, so this one will have to do. I know it
absolutely will. It fits into my wardrobe so wonderfully,
and I can even fit my giant cameras in it. Both at the same
time even!

I hope you have a lovely start to your weeks!

PS- I thrifted this dress a few years ago... You will never guess
where it is from! The answer is... Express! It is so strange
how much styles at certain stores have changed.

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wearing: thrifted Express dress; f21 blazer; Topshop oxfords; Francesca's satchel

Pretty Patterns

13 November 2010

Ooo! This is my favorite kind of day. Overcast
skies and chilly air. My favorite kind of light
for taking film photos. This kind of sky really makes
colors pop in photos. I have been waiting to pair these
tights with a very basic outfit as a quirky touch. They have
such a unique pattern! I am just hoping I do not rip them
anytime soon. By the way, if you cannot tell I am totally
obsessed with these shoes. I think I have finally mastered
how to walk in them as well.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend full
of rest/fun/inspiration!

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wearing: secondhand dress & sweater; f21 bag, shoes & tights; Hat from target

Vintage Look

11 November 2010

Does anyone else get a warm fuzzy feeling inside
when almost everything you are wearing is thrifted/vintage?
I know I do! It is just wonderful knowing that each piece is
unique and special. I found this top, skirt and a few
other things at my local thrift store for only five dollars.
It was just perfect, because I feel like I have been searching
for a color like this nude-ish pink for an eternity! I can't wait
to pair it with camel and denim pieces.

Oh and I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone
who reads this blog. Your kind words are so meaningful
to me, and I appreciate every single one of them. It is
so great to be part of a community that inspires me so much,
and I can give inspiration back. Hooray for fashion bloggers!

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wearing: thrifted top, skirt, bag,scarf; Hat via Nastygal; f21 wedges

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